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The ABCs of Low-Cost Employee Perks

Not all companies have the luxury of spending lavishly on employee perks. Here is a summary of the ABCs of low-cost employee perks just for your viewing pleasure.

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The ABCs of Low-Cost Employee Perks

  1. 1. The ABCs to Low-Cost Employee Perks
  2. 2. A Allow employees to work once a week from home if possible. Away From Office
  3. 3. B Celebrate special occasions, such as personal achievements or a new client. Bring on the Celebration
  4. 4. C For those who walk or ride to work, be flexible with hours. Cut Some Slack
  5. 5. D Reward employees with a company discount, such as 20% or 30% off your goods and services. Discounts
  6. 6. E Show gratitude to your employees by rewarding a star employee periodically. Employee Awards
  7. 7. F Close the office earlier on a Friday and treat employees to a fun group activity such as bowling or a bar gathering. Fun Fridays
  8. 8. G Invite guest speakers to talk for free about a variety of topics. Great Seminars
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  10. 10. H Seek out discounted gym club memberships for employees. Health Lifestyle
  11. 11. I Take employees on a short, simple walk, a picnic lunch or even a trip to the museum. Interesting Excursion
  12. 12. J Host a stand-up comedy event for employees to feel the benefits of fun and laughter, like reducing stress. Jokes and Laugh Out Loud
  13. 13. K Schedule company events outside to take advantage of nice weather. Kick Off and Get Outdoors
  14. 14. L Integrate games into the office for some healthy co-worker competition. Like Working Hard, Like Playing Hard
  15. 15. M Provide employees with an enjoyable group movie outing or free movie passes. Movie Days
  16. 16. N Ask the new employee to plan or organise the next team or company event. New Employees = New Adventures
  17. 17. O Hire an in-house masseuse once every six months to reduce employee stress levels. On-site Spa Session
  18. 18. Want more great company culture or employee engagement ideas? Visit the 6Q blog www.6q.io
  19. 19. P Allow employees to bring their pets to work for a day. Pet Day
  20. 20. Q Give each employee a turn for a free car wash each month. Queue for Free Car Wash
  21. 21. R Purchase pedometers for each employee and the one with the most steps each month gets rewarded. Run Forest Run (Or Walk it Out)
  22. 22. S Celebrate major holidays with employees to bring everyone closer together. Share the Holidays
  23. 23. T Provide a simple breakfast for employees once or twice a week for a nice start to the day. Through the Stomach
  24. 24. U Take the employee of the month out to lunch to reward them and get to know them on a more personal level. Ultimate Bonus
  25. 25. V Encourage employees to get involved in community or charitable events and activities. Volunteer
  26. 26. W Vote for the employee of the month and reward them with a trophy to show off on their desk, along with a few extra perks. Work the Perks
  27. 27. X Choose one afternoon each month and have some fun with board games, foosball or table tennis. ‘X’ Marks the Spot
  28. 28. Y Bring in a yoga or even Zumba instructor twice a week for an afternoon class. Yoga Classes
  29. 29. Z Provide a rest area for employees to take a break from sitting and staring at their computer and perhaps even take a short nap. Zzzz
  30. 30. Enjoyed these tips? Read the full article at http://inside.6q.io/abcs-low- cost-employee-perks/