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“TOTA L C U S TO M E R E X P E R I E N C E ”   1
Richard Hamilton, founder of Hamilton International Holdings,

Hamilton intl.
                   design          Hamilton International Design consists of a
Hamilton intl.
   fit-out       Hamilton International Fit-Out offers high
                 quality fit-out service throug...
Hamilton intl.                                                                                                        Tota...
Total customer
experience        The ‘mantra’ at Hamilton International Holdings
                  is to deliver a ‘Total ...
Our key
                                                           people      Richard Hamilton (Partner)
key                                                                                           Staffing &
people    Managem...
Capabilities                                                                                                        Office...
Hamilton International were truly
EAA   HI was tasked with creating a unique 7 star
      interior for this very high profile client in Abu Dhabi. All areas...
MOORFIELDS   Moorfields Eye Hospital                       is the first NHS venture outside of the UK.

we driven…
to be“the best at what we do”

What is
                                      VE?  VE (Value Engineering), is a continuous
Why do
receipt of

Value Engineering
VE Success
“our ultimate objective is to deliver great value”

         Hamilton International Design & Fit-Out, Hamilton Internat...
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Hamilton International brochure

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Hamilton International brochure

  1. 1. D E L I V E R I N G “TOTA L C U S TO M E R E X P E R I E N C E ” 1
  2. 2. Richard Hamilton, founder of Hamilton International Holdings, arrived in Dubai in 1992 and formed Hamilton Design Studio. Over time, he realised there was a gap in the market for qual- Hamilton’s story… ity fit-out contractors to ensure good delivery on Hamilton’s designs. Hamilton began offering Clients a total design and build service. Hamilton International has grown into a respected diverse inte- “ W H Y W E A R E T H E B E S T AT W H AT W E D O ” rior design and fit out business. The dynamic interconnected specialist teams focus and collaborate to deliver exceptional DESIGN AND FIT–OUT customer service to Social Infrastructure, Corporate and Leisure markets. Hamilton International Holdings blend creativity, experience, innovations and sound commercial principles to create projects that shape businesses. The mantra to deliver a ‘Total Customer Experience’ reflects in the work ethos and process of delivering projects that have a profound influence on people’s experience of the spaces Hamilton design and fit-out. Hamilton International – An over view of our company 1
  3. 3. Hamilton intl. design Hamilton International Design consists of a team of dedicated professionals providing innovative design solutions for a broad range of projects; First Gulf Bank studio corporate affairs, banking, social infrastructure, hospitality, healthcare, industry, retail and showrooms being some of the sectors Hamilton have worked on in recent years. Hamilton International Design prides itself on a fresh and unique approach to all projects. The Design team at Hamilton bring a wealth of worldwide expertise enabling the team to explore ideas from other cultures and push the design limits by thinking individually and collectively, always arriving at a point that challenges creativity and design limits and also exceeding clients’ expectations. The team at Hamilton International Design have a vast knowledge of the Construction process and an unrivalled knowledge of the GCC market. This has allowed Hamilton to develop expertise in Value Engineering projects. Value Engineering is a systematic method to improve the ‘value’ of a design by using an examination of function and form. This method involves examining the materials, construction methods, and locally sourcing alternative products and materials to deliver a building, which is identical in look and feel to the original design but significantly less expensive resulting in massive savings to Hamilton’s clients. At Hamilton the focus is primarily on the ‘Total Customer Experience’ and through a series of debriefing sessions, Hamilton review all aspects of the job and take on board comments and feedback. This allows Hamilton to constantly upgrade and improve their services Hamilton International – Design studio 3
  4. 4. Hamilton intl. fit-out Hamilton International Fit-Out offers high quality fit-out service through the UAE. Hamilton International Fit-Out has the ability to deliver all services and trades using Hamilton’s clients. (Refer to the section on Value Engineering starting on Page 23 for a detailed overview of how we successfully implement this process and achieve substantial cost savings of 30% – 50%) in-house resources guaranteeing high qual- An important project for 2009 was the Design ity, efficiency and delivery ensuring the needs and Fit-Out work for the new Formula 1 venue of the client are met at each stage of the – Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. This has allowed project. Hamilton to showcase its’ capabilities to the world. Hamilton’s Fit-Out division were instrumental in the ultimate success of this very challenging project. Hamilton International Fit-Out offers a complete service including Gypsum, M.E.P, Painting, Tiling, Glazing and Civil Works. This combination of services reduces the need for external sub-contractors and therefore mitigating risk. Hamilton International Fit-Out has delivered a number of prestigious projects for the Abu Dhabi government and its subsidiaries, such as ENEC (Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation), ADCED (Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development), EAA, Emirates Foundation and many others. Hamilton International Fit-Out has also carried out a large number of banking projects – FGB, UAE Exchange, ADIB and Noor Islamic Bank were all clients in recent years. These projects have all highlighted the quality of work that Hamilton is capable of. The team at Hamilton International Fit Out have a vast knowledge of the Construction process and an unrivalled knowledge of the GCC market. This has allowed Hamilton to develop expertise in Value Engineering projects. Value Engineering is a systematic method to improve the ‘value’ of a design by using an examination of function and form. This method involves examining the materials, construction methods, and locally sourcing alternative products and materials to deliver a building, which is almost identical in look and feel to the original design but significantly less expensive resulting in cost savings to EAA Hamilton International – Fit-out ser vices 5
  5. 5. Hamilton intl. Total customer joinery Hamilton International Joinery is a 27,000 sq ft. specialist Joinery facility located in Dubai. The Joinery has an ultra modern machining facil- ity with state of the art CNC machines which solutions Today, there are three distinct business units at Hamilton International Holdings; Hamilton International Design, Hamilton International Fit-Out and Hamilton International Joinery. are linked via a comprehensive CAD CAM Hamilton now offers a seamless integrated approach and each business unit system, plus three dedicated spray booths. at Hamilton can be employed individually by Clients or integrated as a ‘Total Customer Services Solution.’ Hamilton International Joinery are capable of producing the highest quality, bespoke joinery items such as reception desks, counter tops, boardroom furni- HAMILTON INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS ture, wall claddings, desking, retail furniture fittings etc. The manufacturing process combines time served craftsmanship and tradition- Empathy HI Design HI Fit–Out HI Joinery al skills with modern CNC technology. Hamilton International Joinery only use Passion the finest selected timbers and veneers sourced from reputable suppliers. The team are fully trained with emphasis on finish and detail. Project Management Self-Confidence At Hamilton International Holdings we fully ensures timely deliveries and installation, completion on time and that no detail embrace the following core values in each has been overlooked. Achievement business unit; Empathy - Passion - Self-Confidence - Achievement - Optimism - Adaptability. Optimism One of the major projects in 2009 for Hamilton International Joinery was their producing quality “bespoke joinery” involvement in the Fit-Out of the new Formula 1 venue – Yas Marina Circuit in Adaptability Abu Dhabi. One challenging piece was where Hamilton International Joinery manufactured a feature element of wall cladding over 6 meters high using the lat- est technology in CNC routing to carve the name of every F1 driver through the years. The cladding feature formed a stunning backdrop to the media centre main recep- tion, which drew rich praise from all of the worlds’ assembled press. H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – To t a l c u s t o m e r s o l u t i o n s 7
  6. 6. Total customer experience The ‘mantra’ at Hamilton International Holdings is to deliver a ‘Total Customer Experience.’ Hamiltons Mission Statement… We are pathfinders, we break boundaries, we are decisive – we get things done. We are easy to deal with, we simplify complexity, and we are transparent. That’s why working with Hamilton is a Total Customer Experience. Hamilton delivers state of the art, high quality design and build projects and what Clients treasure the most is the straight-talking, transparent customer experience. The team at Hamilton pride themselves on being ‘easy to deal with.’ The team at Hamilton are sensitive to the vision and perspective of their Clients and spend time to clearly understand their objectives. The team at Hamilton constantly monitor feedback and experience stories allowing continuous evaluation to improve the day to day customer experi- ence. In the event that issues arise on a project, Hamilton strives to move the project forward at all times while proactively dealing with issues as they arise. At all times, the needs and interests of all clients are paramount. Hamilton is aggressive when it comes to keeping projects on track and does everything within their power to mitigate delays and potential cost overruns. H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – To t a l c u s t o m e r e x p e r i e n c e 9
  7. 7. Our key people Richard Hamilton (Partner) than 17 years experience in the interior design industry and GCC markets. He studied Interior Design and Management at Brighton College of Technology and Polytechnic. He was previously employed at A Hart Ltd and Rayner Otter Richard Hamilton has more and Associates in Dubai before founding Hamilton in 1992, initially as a free lance consulting firm. At Hamilton International Holdings, Richard is responsible for the overall performance and strategic direction of the company. He brings entrepreneurial and managerial capabilities, business development and conceptual skills, in addition to extensive design experience. Richard Mitchell (Partner) Richard Mitchell is an experienced professional from a construction background. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Building with a Certificate in Construction, Economics and Law. In addition, he is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and a Fellow of the Faculty of Building. He started his career as project manager at a major UK hospitality and leisure group and then took up assignments in Oman and Saudi Arabia. He joined Hamilton International in 1999 as partner to Richard Hamilton. Richard Mitchell is responsible for the construction function of the firm including the production facilities at its extensive joinery shop he brings considerable experience in the construction industry, project management, regional business expertise and capabilities in managing large teams. Stephen Duggan (Managing Director) Stephen Duggan has over ten years of management experience spanning over 4 countries. Stephen graduated from Waterford and Trinity University’s with 1st class distinctions in Construction Management, Contract Law and Contracts Administration and acts as a guest lecturer for Trinity College, Ireland’s foremost university. Steve has successfully established overseas divisions for both British and Irish Companies in Germany and the UAE. Stephen is responsible for the FGB HQ SZR • ADCED • Noor Islamic Bank • Noor ‘Infinity’ H a m i l to n I n te r n a t i o n a l – O ve r v i ew o f o u r key p e o p l e 11
  8. 8. key Staffing & people Management of all divisions within Hamilton International Holdings as well as the direction of the company. Stephen brings incredible commercial and contractual expertise as well as Senior Management skills. philosophy We are a multicultural organisation with over 250 professional staff in a central office location with separate country and project specific support where required. We promote a true team ethic where the sharing of best practice initiatives is encouraged and Yahya Al Tahan (Design Director) Yahya Al Tahan is developed throughout the organisation. Our key professional staff have gained responsible for the Design team, development of design business opportunities. considerable experience working in GCC countries as well as Europe, Asia UK educated and graduated as an Architect from The Architectural Association America, Africa and Australia. School of Architecture London in 1995 and a Member of RIBA. Total of 15 years experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design extending from UK Hamilton International also boasts more than 850 operative staff and a to Europe, and in the past five years been resident in the UAE with Hamilton 27,000 sq ft joinery factory where our interiors are made to measure. Additionally International establishing a strong Design base in the GCC and in particular we have two more offices across Dubai, regional offices in Abu Dhabi, regional Qatar. He has wide experience including Master Planning, Retail, Mixed-Use and office in Qatar. We also undertake work in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Residential Developments, Commercial, Hotel, Educational, Hospital, Healthcare Arabia, all leading to a true ‘Gulf wide’ capability. and Automotive. As a company we are advocates of a multidisciplinary work environment where our design and project management teams have the ability to inter-relate and Ted Nightingill (Operations Director) Ted Nightingill, eliminate communication trails. We have the flexibility to operate effectively as a has more than 30 years extensive experience within the construction industry. total integrated creative team. Commencing his career as a carpenter in New Zealand, Ted then moved to the United Kingdom where initially he started as a Project Manager for HMT Hamilton’s commitment to excellence means Construction Ltd. In 1997 he became Contracts Director and after 12 years of that as a company constant investments are service with HMT, decided to move to the Middle East where he joined Hamilton made in; International in 2007 as Regional Manager for the Abu Dhabi region. In 2008, • Outstanding staff Ted was appointed as Operations Director for the UAE. Ted has a wide breadth • Committed support teams of knowledge and experience and ensures the construction, commercial and • Global Sustainability contractual processes of all projects are administered to with a consistent level • Ongoing training and development of quality, accuracy and efficiency and therefore delivering projects on time, within budget and to the highest standard. Hamilton International Holdings are driven by developing creative and imaginative environments that will provide all clients with a profitable return, whilst ensuring meaningful places to go about the business of everyday life. Hamilton International – Company philosophy 13
  9. 9. Capabilities Offices & & sectors & facilities Specialising in the interiors sector: Our in-house consultancy Abu Dhabi capability includes: Office: Mussafah • Interior Design T: +971 2 551 4045 F: +971 2 551 4345 P. O. Box 127737 Commercial • Conceptual Design 27,000 sq. ft. Warehouse facility: Offices, • Space Planning • Logistics and support services Financial Retail Banking Outlets • 3-D Rendering • Stores • Concept Architecture Social infrastructure • Building Evaluation/Feasibility Studies Government Buildings • Mechanical, Electrical and Dubai Schools Plumbing HIH Head Office – Sheik Zayed Road – Interchange 4: Hospitals • Master & Strategic Planning T: +971 4 399 0011 F: +971 4 399 0013 • Workplace Standards Development Design & FFE / Commercial & Operations / Business development Hospitality • Custom Furniture Design Hotels • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Selections & Budgeting HI Joinery – Dubai Investment Park (DIP): Restaurants • Furniture Management & Inventory T: +971 4 885 3036 F: +971 4 885 3061 • Bespoke furniture manufacture and finishing Residential • CNC machining Luxury villas Our in-house construction services • Laminating Apartment blocks, include, but are not limited to: • Spray paint finishes • Dry Wall Partitioning / GRG • Glass works • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Qatar • Civil Doha • Joinery T: +971 4 399 0011 F: +971 4 399 0013 PO Box 32522, • Facility Management and Small works Hamilton International – Capabilities, sectors and office locations 15
  10. 10. ADCED Hamilton International were truly CBD Commercial Bank of Dubai was the first corporate bank honoured to be given the responsibility of the branch in the region to have been designed and specified to International internal ‘design & build’ contract for the CEO’s personal standards – a joint venture project between Hamilton International and Design office, he is a very prominent figure in regional business Effects Intl. The project has been nominated for a variety of design awards and development and HI have managed to develop a represents true ‘Timeless Design.’ An extremely tall interior ‘art glass’ wall depicts successful long term working relationship with ADCED the historic growth of Dubai. through Mubadala and Aldar. Hamilton International – Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development H a m i l to n I n te r n a t i o n a l – C o m m e rc i a l B a n k o f D u b a i 17
  11. 11. EAA HI was tasked with creating a unique 7 star interior for this very high profile client in Abu Dhabi. All areas consisted of executive quality including feature areas such as art galleries and fully functional AV boardrooms. HI completed the Full Design, MEP and Build works provided from shell and core. Hamilton International – Executive Affairs Authority Hamilton International – Executive Affairs Authority 19
  12. 12. MOORFIELDS Moorfields Eye Hospital is the first NHS venture outside of the UK. Moorfields is at the forefront of the ophthalmic field and have on their staff some of the worlds leading specialists in their fields. HI are proud to be part of their success. In 2007 Hamilton International Holdings were awarded the Middle East Institutional Award for the design and build of the Moorfields Eye Hospital in Dubai, which was inaugurated by HRH Prince Charles. Hamilton International – Moorfields Eye Hospital Hamilton International – Moorfields Eye Hospital 21
  13. 13. we driven… are to be“the best at what we do” Value Engineering OUR PROCESS It is a primary tenet of value engineering that basic function and feel of the design and form of the building be preserved…and not reduced as a consequence of pursuing value improvements. H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – Va l u e E n g i n e e r i n g 23
  14. 14. What is VE? VE (Value Engineering), is a continuous review and refinement process of design and specification to improve performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life-cycle cost, which augments the design efforts from initial concept up to the issuance of the last construction variation. It is normal that the integration of a VE program will result in a project savings of 30% to 50%, and a functional design constructable within budget. Yas Marina Circuit – Formula 1 H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – Va l u e E n g i n e e r i n g 25
  15. 15. Why do VE? 30% – 50% SAVINGS IS TYPICALLY ACHIEVABLE AGAINST INTERNATIONAL DESIGN SPECS. ACTUAL COST SAVINGS WILL DEPEND ON CLIENT 60% CONSTRAINTS AND THE ORIGINAL DESIGN. Goal Utilizing a systematic approach, Value Engi- 50% neering identifies and provides the required functions of a project at the lowest possible possible cost, keeping the design intent unchanged, Value additional which will result in the following: Engineering 2 0 % SAVINGS • S A V I N G S savings on construction costs in construction phase • lower life cycle costs 30% • improved operational performance • reduced maintenance costs Further savings may be • identification of risks and mitigation strategies possible once we begin 25% work on site. Estimated savings over the original costs could typical reach 50% S AV I N G S 3 0 % + 0% FS CS D. D ev DD Construction… FS – Feasibility Stage CS – Concept Stage START of the VE process at concept stage (CS) D.Dev – Design Development DD – Detailed Design P R O J E C T D E S I G N S T A G E S Const – Construction H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – Va l u e E n g i n e e r i n g 27
  16. 16. receipt of documentation How we VE… check review documentation docs & design THIS METHOD STATEMENT ASSUMES THAT A CONCEPT DESIGN EXISTS AND THAT THE COST meet client to understand the project OF THE COMPLIANT DESIGN HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED. 1. Receipt of information guidance on design & lifecycle 2. Check for completeness requirements from client 3. Review documentation and design Hamilton Design have undertaken numer- 4. Meet with client to understand constraints and objectives for the project ous projects where the cost of constructing ensure functionality is fully 5. Take guidance on important areas of the design and life cycle requirements understood 6. Ensure functionality of the project is fully understood a project has been significantly reduced 7. Understand how the design interfaces with other elements of the overall through examining the materials, construc- understand design interfaces project with other elements 8. Internal works shop to cover construction issues, design , program and tion methods and design of a building, commercial factors using locally sourced alternative products and materials to deliver a result, hold internal workshops 9. Review of the design to agree the areas of design that should remain untouched to cover all aspects which is identical in look and feel to the original design, but significantly less and the areas most likely to effect a cost saving. This selective approach ensure the design integrity is not compromised in the recommendations expensive to construct. It is a primary tenet of value engineering that basic review design integrity 10. Stakeholders on the VE process make recommendations which are tested in function and feel of the design and form of the building be preserved and not the market as required to ensure validity. be reduced as a consequence of pursuing value improvements. value engineering 11. Recommendations and report is prepared for issue to the client for review. recommendation Provisional costs and delivery details are prepared to provide a guidance on ball park potential savings A major strength of the Hamilton Design Team is their knowledge and issue VE recomendation 12. Workshop is arranged with the client and other stakeholders in the project to to client review the preliminary VE recommendations. understanding of the construction process and international standards, 13. Actions agreed and in principle agreement to the approach is provided. client VE workshop having completed hundreds of D&B projects. This, coupled with an unrivalled At this stage the procurement methodology must be agreed as this could potentially affect further cost saving opportunities experience of the GCC market has allowed Hamilton Design and Hamilton 14. The agreed VE approach is then validated and a preliminary elemental cost provide VE report Fit-Out to develop expertise in value engineering projects. plan is prepared to demonstrate overall project value. A high level program is agreed in coordination with the main project program. The high level program will indicate the date required to order to comply with the project time frame cost plan and program to client 15. Samples are obtained of all VE option materials along with proof of specification compliance. The samples are signed off by authorised person in obtain samples of VE options the clients’ project team project team. and obtain sign off from client 16. The cost plan is signed off by the client and other project stakeholders. 17. Design and other activities proceed as per the project plan sign off of cost plan There are other processes that can be followed and the process will largely be dictated by the clients requirements and the overall project set up and objectives. The procurement strategy will determine how the VE is approached as the methods will change depending design & other activities upon whether this is done by the designer and the work is subsequently tendered or if to proceed the project is a design build. H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – Va l u e E n g i n e e r i n g 29
  17. 17. Value Engineering workshop PHASE I PRE-STUDY PREPARATION Coordination of the VE effort is vital to a project’s success. Clear communication between Design Consultants and the Owner’s representatives, well defined shared responsibilities and a constant focus on the goal of the VE effort will produce results. PHASE II VE STUDY VE Workshops are conducted using a multi- Value Engineering is a systematized approach for isolating high cost areas in design disciplined team approach which include and arriving at the best balance between cost, performance and quality. The basic VE such professionals as design, architectural, job plan consists of the following five stages: 1 Information Stage structural, civil, mechanical and electrical • Gather all available facts engineers as deemed relevant for the • Build a cost model disciplines being studied. • Select components of the model having the highest potential cost savings Analyse functions of selected items This structure allows the involvement of the Owner, Design Consultant and • Allocate the current estimated cost to each function and determine the basic Construction Manager. The team approach used for VE studies are comprised function worth of three specific phases: 2 Creative Stage Generate a wide variety of ways to provide the basic functions and any required PHASE I PRE-STUDY PREPARATION PHASE secondary functions by using brainstorming techniques. PHASE II VE STUDY PHASE 3 Analysis Stage PHASE III POST VE STUDY PHASE Alternative design proposals are evaluated on a life cycle cost basis utilizing cost estimates approaching the same level of detail as the current cost estimate for the existing design. 4 Development Stage • List all alternatives or combinations of alternatives which have a significant cost savings potential. • Obtain additional information on remaining alternatives such as Life Cycle Cost analysis. • Seek technical assistance from suppliers and specialists. 5 Presentation Stage Select the best alternatives to meet the basic functional requirements. PHASE III POST VE STUDY Prepare a formal VE report summarizing results of the study including the following: 1 Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Project Goals and Objectives 4 VE Study Methodology and Analysis 5 VE Study Recommendations DIFC H a m i l to n I n te r n a t i o n a l – E N E C m e e t i n g ro o m H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – Va l u e E n g i n e e r i n g 31
  18. 18. VE Success story… Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi One example of VE was where the original construction cost of a major recently completed Hamilton project was in excess of 165 million. However, following a detailed study of the original design and construction processes, designers at Hamilton’s were able to save the Client over 50 million Dirhams without compromising the design intent of the building. The most important project in 2009 for HIH has been design and fit out work for the new Formula 1 venue,‘Yas Marina Circuit’ in Abu Dhabi. This has been a tremendously prestigious and exciting project.Yas Island staged its first race at the beginning of November – the final round of this year’s Grand Prix circuit. CWCT had the main contract and appointed Hamilton International to fit-out 25 separate buildings on the track, including the main administration building, media centre, team buildings, race control and the prestigious Shams Tower, from where the Royal family viewed the race. At the peak, we had upwards of 2000 operatives on site at any one time, including around 1000 of our own staff. We met a very tight schedule and budget and completed the project on time. One area of F1 which was a great success was the quality of the joinery work, which was manufactured at Hamilton’s joinery in DIP A particularly challenging . piece Hamilton’s manufactured was a feature element of wall-cladding, over 6 meters high, using the latest CNC routing technology to carve the names of F1 drivers throughout the years. The cladding feature formed a stunning backdrop to the media centre’s main reception. H a m i l t o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l – Va l u e E n g i n e e r i n g 33
  19. 19. “our ultimate objective is to deliver great value” Hamilton International Design & Fit-Out, Hamilton International Holdings Head Office Sheik Zayed Road – Interchange 4 T: +971 4 399 0011 F: +971 4 399 0013 Design & FFE • Commercial & Operations • Business development P. O. Box 50861 Dubai UAE G ra p h i c d e s i g n , p h o to g ra p hy & p r i n t i n g by : Th o r s e n D e s i g n & P h o to g ra p hy e r i k @ t h o r s e n d e s i g n . c o. z a – e r i k i n d u b a i @ m e. c o m


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