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Donation Page Best Practices



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Learn the top 10 best practices for developing your donation landing page. From security to storytelling, to utilizing social media, to learning how to ask donors for their support with clarity, this presentation provides you with many resources and tips for converting donors.

Donation Page Best Practices

  1. 1. wifi: effortlesslyhealthy pw: effort14624 Donation Page Best Practices Presented by: Amanda Gorman Twitter: @amandagormn
  2. 2. Amanda Gorman @amandagormn Bachelor Degree in Marketing from SUNY Brockport 10+ years of experience in WordPress Yoga Teacher and Owner at Flower City Yoga in Irondequoit Customer Success Manager at Expertise: ● WordPress ● Online Donations ● Search Engine Optimization ● Social Media ● Content Marketing ● NGOs
  3. 3. ● Preparing for success ● The top 10 donation page best practices ● Donation landing page examples ● A quick look at GiveWP ● Q&A OVERVIEW
  4. 4. Preparing Your Campaign for Success
  5. 5. Preparing for Your Campaign’s Success “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, writer and pioneering aviator ● Take the time necessary to understand your donors as deeply as you can. ○ Keyword research ○ Competitor analysis ○ Map out donor demographics & qualities ● Goal Setting ○ Be clear and specific ○ Set dates to review success and make improvements ● Measure Your Data ○ Set clear metrics you can track & improve upon
  6. 6. Top 10 Donation Page Best Practices
  7. 7. #1: Secure Your Site with an SSL Certificate Resources ● Learn more about all different kinds of SSL certificates on Give Live: ● Make sure your site is secure with an SSL. ● An SSL certificate allows your domain to display the https:// in the URL bar instead of the less secure http:// prefix. ● Google will like you more if you have one. ● Gives your donors a sense of security when they visit and make donations on your website.
  8. 8. #2: Own Your Donor Data “When you work with an online donation system like [GoFundMe and Classy], you are effectively sharing all of your donation data with them. They store all the information about your donors. They are co-owners of that information.” – Matt Cromwell, Partner and Head of Support and Community Outreach ● Owning your donor data = improved donor trust & security. ● Review the terms & conditions of the donation provider you’re working with. ● GiveWP allows you to own and manage your donor data safely and securely.
  9. 9. #3: Tell a Story That Inspires Donors Resources Check out our Customer Success team’s video on Elements of an Excellent Donation Landing Page: ● After safety comes inspiration. ○ What can you do to engage and aliven your campaign, inspiring donors to contribute? ○ It’s about creating a community. ● Include your purpose, mission, goals, benchmarks, what you need to accomplish your goals, etc. ○ Consider adding graphics to display data, metrics, and other important insights your donors need to make a decision.
  10. 10. #4: Use Social Media for More Than Just Fundraising Resources ● Social media for nonprofits: ● Nonprofit Storytelling: ● Use the Zapier add-on with Give to auto-tweet: ● Consider utilizing Facebook Ads to tell a story about your organization (rather than only promoting a fundraising or event campaign) ● Be strategic. ○ Research which platform will serve you best ○ Have a plan & stick to it ○ Use social media tools as necessary & train team members
  11. 11. #5: Master Asking for Donations with Clear Wording Resources Give LIVE on best practices to encourage major gifts to your organization. ● Again, an emphasis on storytelling is crucial. ● Clarity is key. ○ Use middle-school level language ○ Speak plainly and clearly ○ Communicate all giving options ● It’s all about reducing donor friction.
  12. 12. #6: Send Fundraiser Emails & Use Direct Mail Fundraising Resources ● 12 Giving Tuesday Email Campaign Templates: ● Utilize email marketing to continue the conversation with your donors. ○ Update them on the campaigns they’ve engaged with. ○ Invite them to join you in person at live events or online (webinars). ● Direct mail works best with well crafted letter and brochure that captures your organization’s needs. ○ Make sure to include a link where they can donate! (and where to mail a check)
  13. 13. #7: Enable Mobile Giving Resources Make your own mobile app with Give using AppPresser: -givewp/ ● Half of overall website traffic is mobile. ● All modern WordPress themes are built to be mobile responsive. GiveWP is mobile responsive, too. ● Stripe allows for Google & Apple Pay. ● Check all donation landing pages on multiple devices before launching any new campaigns.
  14. 14. #8: Make Your Donations Page Easy to Find Resources Where to place donation buttons and forms: ● Don’t hide your Donate button! ○ Use words like Donate, Support, Contribute, Give ● General giving form should be visible all year long. ● Seasonal and other campaigns can be organized differently, but consider the donor’s experience on site. ● Link to your Donate page in your main navigation & footer. And maybe a sidebar on your blog!
  15. 15. #9: Retain Donors with an Email Opt-In Resources Give’s MailChimp newsletter opt-in add-on: ● Add an email opt-in to your donation forms & follow-up with donors sooner after they make their donation. ● Opt-ins are a great way to gain permission from your donors at the time of donation, where it might be missed elsewhere.
  16. 16. #10: Say Thank You Resources 12 Tips to Optimize Your Thank You Page for Better Donor Retention: Automate a Hand Written Thank You Note: ● The first thing that your donors see after they complete a donation on your website is the donation confirmation page. ○ Make sure to thank them appropriately! ○ Edit the donation confirmation page to be filled with valuable content to keep donors engaged, post-donation.
  17. 17. Donation Landing Page Examples
  18. 18. Donation Landing Page Examples ● Love Button: ● Niels on Wheels: ● Learning Plunge: ● Nate Maingard’s Virtual Tip Jar: ● Paws of Coronado: ● Closed form example:
  19. 19. A Quick Look at GiveWP
  20. 20. GiveWP vs. GoFund Me A Case Study on GoFundMe vs. GiveWP: case-study-memorial-fundraiser/
  21. 21. Q & A
  22. 22. Thank you! Contact Amanda for a demo of the GiveWP plugin: