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Digital PR on International Market

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This presentation shows how to do Digital PR on the international market:
- what is Digital PR
- the difference between Traditional & Digital PR
- main Digital PR channels
- how to leverage available tools on the market
- how to measure the results

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Digital PR on International Market

  1. 1. Digital PR on international market 101
  2. 2. Speakers today What is Digital PR? Meri Chobanyan, PR & Content Manager at SEMrush Ksenia Shults, Head of PR & Communications at Evapolar Anna Lebedeva, Head of Media at SEMrush Digital PR Tools How to Measure Digital PR
  3. 3. I. What is Digital PR?
  4. 4. PR objective is to enhance a company’s reputation and increase awareness/visibility among target audiences.
  5. 5. ★ Target audiences are now mainly operating online ★ Customer journey starts with search or interaction on social media ★ Offline activities are brought online Communication goes digital
  6. 6. PR has changed massively. It isn't just about media relations and churning out press releases. To do PR you only need a laptop and WiFi.
  7. 7. Public Relations Traditional PR Digital PR Difference ● Offline visibility ● Connected to business goals ● One way communication ● One-to-one channel approach ● Corporate crisis and reputation management ● Limited to format and style ● Long-lead time ● Difficult to measure ● Traditional media outlets Difference ● Online visibility ● Directly impact sales by driving traffic ● Dialog and Feedback ● Holistic channel approach ● Online crisis and reputation management ● Diverse in style and format ● Short-lead time ● Easy to measure ● Online media
  8. 8. DIGITAL PR = ONLINE VISIBILITY ★ Your presence in search results ★ Quantity and quality of your mentions ★ Quantity and quality of backlinks ★ Positive online reviews / commentaries ★ Popularity of your own channels/ coverage (blog, website, social accounts, podcast and etc)
  9. 9. Digital PR directly impacts sales by generating traffic Digital PR Traffic Traffic = Potential Sales ★ Direct traffic ★ Referral traffic ★ Organic ★ Social + Dark Social
  10. 10. Digital PR connects directly to the audience by ★ direct outreach to the target audience ★ creating direct dialog ★ engaging audience ★ getting and responding to feedback ★ building trust and relationships Company Immediate direct conversation Target audience
  11. 11. What do digital PR profs? They develop digital public relations strategies to achieve business goals by integrating various online channels at the time be visible → engage audience with your content → drive sales
  12. 12. How Digital PR works: main processes and channels besides classical media relations Digital PR SEO Online Media Relations Social Media Content
  13. 13. Digital PR + Content ★ Content creation & repurposing ★ Efficient content distribution
  14. 14. Content creation Share Share Content repurpose New content Rule of 20/80: 20% creation 80% distribution
  15. 15. Data-driven approach: find what content is consumed and engaged by your target audience ★ Discover trending topics - Google alerts ★ Check what audience share and mention the most - Buzzsumo ★ Check what people search for - SEMrush source:
  16. 16. Ways of repurposing content A single piece can be repurposed into: ● SlideShare presentation ● Infographic ● Guest Blog Post ● Downloadable ebook ● Linkedin news update ● Pitch for editorial article ● A series of social media posts ● Interactive piece ● Video
  17. 17. Content distribution: 80% of your efforts - find where target audience consumes information online - use right channels to help you grow - use different channels for integrated brand awareness campaign PPC Paid content placement Social media ads Paid influencers Blog Email Social profiles Earned media coverage Guest articles Social shares Online reviews/comments Owned media Earned media Paid media
  18. 18. Check traffic sources of your competitors SEMrush Traffic Analytics
  19. 19. Check the backlink profile of your competitors SEMrush Backlink Analytics
  20. 20. Digital PR + SEO ★ Search engine optimisation
  21. 21. Everything starts with search: exposed people to your brand by higher ranking in Google ★ Control your Google ranking with quality content and links ★ Generating positive online reviews visible in search ★ Generate online mentions in quality media which highly ranked Fight for online real estate - higher Google ranking - more people find you - higher online brand awareness/prestige
  22. 22. Digital PR + SMM ★ Use right Social Media channels ★ Bring offline to online
  23. 23. Understand popular social networks in a specific region Check the amount of shares with BuzzSumo
  24. 24. Choose the right social media for the specific region SEMrush social accounts structure
  25. 25. Bring offline to online ● Using hashtags at the events ● Live broadcasting to social media (Facebook Live, Instagram Stories) ● Live tweeting
  26. 26. Digital PR + online media relations
  27. 27. Online media relations: ★ More mentions you have higher your brand awareness ★ Online mention + link = brand awareness + traffic ★ Always ask for a link Content on demand Guest bloggingMentions processing Influence Marketing Classical Media Relations Online Media Relations Content on demand
  28. 28. Media support of Ranking Factors Study by SEMrush ● 33k downloads via landing page ● 5,2 million people reach on social media ● 220 mentions in Media ● 1170 new backlinks
  29. 29. II. Digital PR Tools
  30. 30. Who is a contemporary Digital PR professional? Digital PR pro BAU (press releases, media relations, influencers) Business Strategy (brand message) Creative (marketing campaigns)
  31. 31. Is it possible to do it all? Yes, if you automate many processes and have the right tools for it.
  32. 32. Where Digital meets PR ● Analyse competitors’ PR strategy ● Define what efforts are worth it ● Create an outstanding pitch ● Find journalists & influencers ● Get access to new media platforms No need to reinvent the wheel
  33. 33. Digital PR Tools V.1 ★ When you want to pitch your own story
  34. 34. Analyse Your Competitors ★ Discover most shared content on your topic & analyze it ★ Find influencers and authors who are potential mentioners ★ Monitor brand mentions, keywords, backlinks & authors ★ Measure share of voice Buzzsumo BrandwatchSEMrush
  35. 35. Evaluate which efforts are worth it ★ Measure websites’ traffic ★ Check where most of that traffic comes from ★ See if the source’s audience’s interests are relevant to yours SimilarWeb FREE!
  36. 36. Dress to Impress with Prowly Make sure your PR pitch is hard to miss: ★ Make each story a personal one ★ Get the freshest content to support your pitch and add some interactives ★ Create a massive send out -> measure results ★ Based on results, create and organize your media lists
  37. 37. Find and connect with journalists & influencers Based on the keywords and topics, find out which authors are already covering your topic of interest. Track what they share on their Social Media - that’s a signal they’re interested. Get their contact details (SM profiles and more) Muck Rack Anewstip Hey Press
  38. 38. II. Digital PR Tools
  39. 39. Get access to new media platforms You need journalists, but they also need you. Get daily alerts from journalists who need your insights & expertise. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) Journo Request SourceBottle FREE!
  40. 40. HARO: Entrepreneur Case Monthly Total Reach from HARO - 800M Traffic
  41. 41. Bonus: Quick wins with Quora ★ The least time-consuming (and free) way to mention your business in front of a huge crowd ★ A real opportunity to bring your company to #1 page of Google FREE!
  42. 42. Quora Case Study
  43. 43. III. How do we measure results?
  44. 44. Traditional PR - In the past One of the Most Popular Metrics - PR Value (PRV): How much we would spend if this was paid advertisement BUT editorial pieces ≠ advertorial ≠ ads Such metric does not give us ANYTHING
  45. 45. Value of Digital PR can be measured! Metrics depend on business goals This means: ★ You can define Return of Investment (ROI) - benefit#1 ★ You can adjust your strategy and action plan - benefit #2 No special services required
  46. 46. What can we measure? Step 1 Certain activities: an article about us, a round-up, an interview, a review etc. Step 2 Campaigns Step 3 Overall results QoQ or YoY
  47. 47. Every Activity/ Piece of Coverage Online Media Website Traffic (Similar Web, free) Impressions (rarely possible to know) Social Media Shares (Buzzsumo, paid)
  48. 48. Similar Web Estimated Traffic Buzzsumo Social Media Shares
  49. 49. Every Activity/ Piece of Coverage Traffic to Your website - links (Google Analytics, free) New Visitors Customers Leads ...
  50. 50. Google Analytics Number of New Visitors Number of Purchases
  51. 51. Every Activity/ Piece of Coverage Impact People Interest (Google Analytics, free) Direct Traffic Organic Search
  52. 52. Google Analytics Boost in Search & Sale Brisbane Times >> +5 pieces in Fairfax newspapers
  53. 53. Campaign Backlinks (SEMrush, paid) Mentions (Google Alerts, Buzzsumo etc.) Growth in Google Trends
  54. 54. Overall Results QoQ, YoY Share of Voice (with Competitors) Sentiment (special tools needed, in dev-t) Prominence (special service needed) QUALITY QUALITY
  55. 55. But still... Yes, you can measure many things in Digital PR and this puts it way ahead of Traditional PR. But there are still no metrics that can measure brand awareness, trustworthiness, and brand loyalty properly and accurately. You build them brick by brick.
  56. 56. If you’d like to receive this presentation, please send an email at: You can also find us on Facebook: @AnnaLebedeva @MeriChobanyan @KseniaShults Thank You!
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This presentation shows how to do Digital PR on the international market: - what is Digital PR - the difference between Traditional & Digital PR - main Digital PR channels - how to leverage available tools on the market - how to measure the results


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