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The Minimum
(forget MVP)© Aha! 2014
A can of cat food
is a Minimum
Viable Product
(MVP) when you
are starving© Aha! 2014
But it’s highly
and unlikely to
generate a
loyal following
(of humans)© Aha! 2014
That’s one of the
problems of the MVP
approach. It strives for
‘barely enough’ and
never great© Aha! 2014
It results in
products that
mostly work
but never
delight© Aha! 2014
The MVP is a new
product with just the
necessary features to be
deployed, but no more© Aha! 2014
But will that make
customers love you?© Aha! 2014
from long-
happiness© Aha! 2014
And long-term customer
happiness comes when
customers adore your product
and want you to succeed© Aha! 2014
What would it take for
customers to love
you—not tolerate
you?© Aha! 2014
What would it take to
create a Minimum
Lovable Product
(MLP)?© Aha! 2014
While the true
adoption of the
MVP is a
approach to
getting product
out the door…© Aha! 2014
applied, can
yield to
products© Aha! 2014
Rather than asking what do
customers really want, or what
would delight them© Aha! 2014
The conversation always
returns to what’s the
minimum viable product and
when can we get it to market© Aha! 2014
The problem is that the
two major principles
driving the MVP are
flawed© Aha! 2014
1: The MVP
reduces waste© Aha! 2014
The MVP never reduces
waste because it never
delivers what the
customer really wants© Aha! 2014
2: The MVP
accelerates time to
market© Aha! 2014
The MVP may very well
get you something to
market first but even in
an emerging market you
will not ...© Aha! 2014
• Helpdesks before Zendesk
• Tablets before iPads
• Electric cars before Tesla
• CRM tools before Sa...© Aha! 2014
Chasing the
MVP forces
you to
sprint faster
and faster
fool’s gold© Aha! 2014
Assuming you
want to start
thinking about
creating love and
others are willing
to give you a
chance …© Aha! 2014
Here are a few
ways to
determine if you
have succeeded
in identifying a
Lovable Product© Aha! 2014
Find the big idea
(The more of these characteristics you can
check off for your idea, the more...© Aha! 2014
At least one person tells you
it’s never been done© Aha! 2014
Customers visibly smile
when you describe it to
them© Aha! 2014
Someone swears
when he hears the
idea (in delight or
disgust)© Aha! 2014
You dream of using it and all
of the features you could
add© Aha! 2014
Only your CTO or top
architects think it’s possible© Aha! 2014
People start contacting you to
learn about what you are
building© Aha! 2014
The top industry analysts
are not writing about it© Aha! 2014
We hope
this inspires
and excites
you© Aha! 2014
Interested in learning about
what customers think of your
product today?
Use our interactive tool to...© Aha! 2014
Check out a free trial of our
lovable software
at Aha!
the new way to create
brilliant product
strat...© Aha! 2014
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Download to read offline© Aha! 2014 Chasing the The Minimum Lovable Product (Forget the MVP)

Download to read offline© Aha! 2014
Chasing the
MVP forces
you to
sprint faster
and faster
fool’s gold

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