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! Changes to data sources, Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview (January 2020) v01

Changes to data sources, underlying data, and reporting methodologies mean that various figures
in this report will not be comparable to similar figures that we published in previous Global Digital
Reports. Wherever such changes affect data in this report, we have included a  COMPARABILITY
ADVISORY in the footnotes of each relevant slide. These changes relate to either (1) a source change,
where we have substantially changed the data sources that we use to inform data points; or (2) a base
change, where either we or our data providers have made material changes to the ways in which we
and / or they collect and / or report underlying data. Wherever such changes occur, we have also
endeavoured to re-base the historical data we use for annual or quarterly growth figures, but where
we have been unable to re-base historical data, we have included an advisory in the footnotes of each
relevant slide. Please see the complete list of data sources at the end of this report for further details.

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