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The Contract Paralegal Fear Factor

With the constantly evolving legal industry, attorneys are seeking efficient and innovative ways to meet the needs of the client, but one thing often stands in the way - FEAR. Contract or virtual paralegals are a viable option for attorneys and law firms to increase productivity and efficiency.

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The Contract Paralegal Fear Factor

  1. 1. THE CONTRACT PARALEGAL FEAR EGTOII by DIGITAL PARALEGAL SERVICES, LLC® Of reported fears. .. ‘M, have happened in will never take place the past and can't be changed are considered to be insignificant issues FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN UNCHARTED TERRITORY ° Do your research! - Professional blog articles, social media and internet are good tools. ° Use networking to your benefit. ° Request consultation to discuss your FEAR 0.: 1-RUST practice needs. NEVER MEETING FACE ° Seek out contract paralegals that exhibit TO FACE leadership qualities and take initiative. ° Interview contract paralegal candidates that are both experienced and tech sawy. ° Evaluate the paralegal's education, training, work experience and certifications. ' Ask for references, if necessary. ° Make note of professionalism in email correspondence and phone conferences. ° To help build trust, request weekly status updates or calls to give you peace of mind. ° Communication is key. Keep the contract paralegal informed. FEAR OF COST ° Rates vary according to the level of paralegal specialization required. ° Negotiate the fee. In some cases, flat fee pricing may be available. - Ask for weekly invoices to track expenses as they are incurred. . . FEAR OF SECURITY ° Contract paralegals provide their own --------- computers, office supplies and other tools. Access To SENSITIVE MATERIAL ° Question contract paralegals about their ethical obligations regarding security and confidentiality. Those certified voluntarily through an organization, such as the National Association of Legal Assistants, are required to complete training and CLE in protecting attorney and client confidentiality. ° Ask about a conflict of interest check. Contract paralegals who have sound FEAR OF GETTING business behavior will provide this C°NI3éc%BFg}3FgEIbEGA'- information prior to the start of a proiect. ° Discuss file and information exchange. Also determine your preferences for communication. Most will utilize email and cloud-based solutions. - As with any in-house staff, it takes time to build trust in business. 0 Adopt the ”team” mindset. Contract paralegals want to contribute to your success. ° Don't wait until the last minute to find help when your deadline is looming. - Test the waters. Identity one proiect or case. 1 ° Assess the pros and cons. Don't neglect to refine the process. Understand the Opportunity. Embrace the Change. Conquer the Fear. 0 @DigiParalega| Ii Digital Paralegal Services 3 ) . I ) u DigiPqraIegaI www. Digita| Paralega| Services. com fear. (n. d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer. Retrieved September 20, 2015, from Dictionary. com website: http: //dictionary. reference. com/ browse/ fear http: //www.2knowmyself. com/ Quotes/ famous_quotes/ fear_of_fai| ure_quotes http: //www. statisticbrain. com/ fear-phobia-statistics/