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Sales Partner Channel or Direct Sales - The Business Case



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As a CEO or decision maker in a software product company, how do you decide if working through sales channels partners makes sense for your business? This presentation presents a practical evaluation model and some discussion points to help you evaluate how a partner may or may not help your business sell in selected regional markets.

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Sales Partner Channel or Direct Sales - The Business Case

  1. 1. Partnering or Direct The Business Case
  2. 2. About Tenego Partnering Driving sales for high growth technology companies in international markets through partnering. Acting as an executive of your company, we work to make current partners effective and to secure new partners that are ‘best-fit’ to sell your products or services in your target markets.
  3. 3. You are here because, 1) You will need to partner in the future 2) You have been approached by potential partners 3) You are actively seeking partners 4) You have partners and want to make them more effective and/or grow your network
  4. 4. The Question Direct or Indirect : The Business Case (it’s not that simple)
  5. 5. What is Direct and Indirect? • Who sends the Invoice/Bill to the Customer? Vendor Vendor Direct Sale and Relationship Partner Customer Customer
  6. 6. Partnering for Indirect Vendor • • • • Partner Customer Partners: Reseller, Distributor, OEM/White Label can have: Industry Organisations, Referral Partners… Reseller Partner Bills the Customer Reseller Partner pays the Vendor
  7. 7. Partnering Direct and Indirect? Direct Sales Lead Qualification Generation Sales / Closing Referrals Resellers… Complementary Services Strategic Partners / System Integrators … Delivery Support
  8. 8. Direct or Indirect? Factors Affecting • Access to the Region / Market – All along the sales and delivery process • Access to the target customer base – – – – – – How many prospective customers are there? Are they easy to identify? Are they easy to contact? How important is relationship/credibility in the deal? The strength of your brand How do you increase your credibility?
  9. 9. To Find out the Rest of the Factors – Download the full webinar hosted by Tenego Partnering’s CEO & Founder, Donagh Kiernan – Or email: