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6 Apps to Improve Learning in Higher Education

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Apps can really enhance the learning experience for both students and professors. Take a closer look at 6 apps that can be especially beneficial in higher education. Content by Elizabeth Muckensturm, design by Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki.

6 Apps to Improve Learning in Higher Education

  1. Classrooms are becoming more reliant on technology, and these six apps use that to further learning in higher education. . _ , V _ 7 ‘j": —I*' ‘ ‘ “R ‘l '4 g “L. ' Y“. ‘a —. '. ,. J I ‘ ‘ ' r (‘V ‘Kw. ix 3. x . ‘I ‘'f«: ‘'’‘. ‘Y ’ r_ ‘ _. i, . 4' .7 7' 1* in _i « ' " '7 1 L} -
  2. - Professors can send students 140—character U texts to remind them of upcoming events, - exams, homework, etc. remind I All Mnunovs Yngonomctyy Geotnuuy World History Hendrick l<. ' H: , ii Global Studies Elvtfl Scnmca Your Book Clun hack K Field
  3. — Free App — Smartphone and desktop compatibility - Messages can be pre-scheduled at the beginning of the week or semester - Professors have to remember to send out reminders Connect instantly Teachets 5 msly sin" us. Ceate a cuss, add s!"fs. and start rnessuc W1 Students d"Cl -. )ti'e. uts o; _): —i': top '1 ('. "uix. Eu(-. ‘S Va; .5 u" que c: i:a: ».s c<>d; —2. Once <. ‘t; s,ses set up, Ie:3:: "£= .r: » can COrTr7OCZ'w‘". " t'1erc‘asses; _and go: nstan: feedsack on trceir "nlC‘55c3gC'S with Sta. m:: s
  4. _. .;31.£ ' , ,1Ib"Ht: i . /’ Simple tools that let you study anything, for free Sign up with email LIVE‘ Map " l . aw ~. P.i1‘, r. -,i -- '! ~'nee'-'*ae'. A-’n .15
  5. .§'ll}A= l'§lCf-‘lI| l‘_. ij'I mt-Peé iE: :;‘t, r': <:! '“i i, .l the ability to access anatyze evéiluati: and ClL'dlL‘ mi. -uiti in a powertul influence to tell me people what issues are Menu U-u-4 wan mun MP. (ll3 Literacy Agr-naa Sir-ning V3'| El)' at lorrris important Desensillzation g.1Tlr, “. main means at mass communzcation Mass cornmuri scatlon — Free App Mm - Smartphone and desktop compatibility - Professors can make flashcards for class terms lrir: imparting or exchanging at inturrnalion on a large scale to a wide range at people — Students can create their i own study materials and post for others to use — Games make it fun
  6. A collaboration tool that helps organize projects into boards Simple on the surface, with more under the hood. A lrello board li a list of lists, filled with cards, used by you and your team, l: 's a lot more than that, though. lrello has everything you need to organize _DFOjCC[S of any SlZC M onu ‘ Members ZHBER I! * Add Members. . Activity 6 Adam Simrru : ' : f, -J', ‘‘-TiJJ'.2 '" '- 6 Adam Sirnrris , '._ ’L. 'lL' i‘. ‘l. '~. ]'i‘ it‘? ! : ':~ r u Tracey Marlow ~ ' .01 via
  7. I‘= ?=I is, I:: =I l'r i Ifi I: i 1, r: |ii1' tlligv 1: ill ’i= +:iI~. l I, i= k'$:1=J-: i rzi ta 1 (Ira: ,', I"| I; Wei ‘: i: _| t I | _l-" - 1:25: :1 it i= i:1lti= it; : I I" I I It . ‘:Iit i = i l : i:s: i’i_I is ii: i :1: it Inna: I31 i’ 131": l l«' ‘. ’ , Install pot rack over the island Add FW Members C3 ) Labels The pots ard pens are 9 ng us on the ground and I'm always tr oping oi/ it-r checklist them. I would say should get r (1 Ci’ :1 'té‘-V‘, but I love every ’ rye Do‘. arid can we own! We reed 3 :30: rack. It i. -aouid go great owe. ’ the s‘.2nt1.n the K: '.Cfleil. Due date Attachments A“3°“""“"‘ Dot-WCK-.99 Actions " . (.5 Move
  8. App for recording sound (lectures, _ speeches, discussions, etc. ) RECORDING 0'18 I miss TO srop Jam Session Geometry lecture Untitled Conference Untitled 1.50 MB Best Quality 12:-‘M PM GRIFFIN
  9. 4.9ta£& - Free App — Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Recording can be exported to various apps like Dropbox, Soundcloud and email — Professors can use it to record lectures for students
  10. Polls to measure _: 4 engagement, 3 opinions and attitudes ® Poll Everywhere nmnmcing ‘hkeetaour I-| elpLFAQ Ilypolll Logout Live Audience Participation Poll Everywhere lets you engage your audience or class anywhere In real time (run your flat poll O Word: our I min video ‘l’a| res30 seconds. No sign up required. Use your phone i to text :4 vou- : : Where will you take your Valentine this year? QR; -.L— : i'Po| lEv. corn/ ballot I vr-rnALLo1'~~22333r urn A. a.c. n.ovE ' Home E‘: mm: 331% . . 4:! " A Cabin 14’: 7 .
  11. - Free depending on what features and how many responses are needed — Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch — Multiple choice, true or false and short answer questions can be created, then students can either access the polls on their phone or go to the live link - Great tool to measure student comprehension This is how it works Ask your audience a question with Audience answers in real time using See your response live on the web or the Poll Everywhere app mobile phones, twitter, or web in a PowerPoint presentation browsers
  12. 6 ; 1 Learning platform that comes with app . DOCUMENTATION DOWNLOADS DEMO TRACKER DEVELOPMENT TRANSLATION MOODl_E. NET Q Community driven, globally supported. Welcome to the Moodle community and discover the value of an open, collaborative efiort by one of the largest open—source teams in the world. COMMUNITY FORUMS
  13. — Free (generally) — Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (and other smartphones) — These apps make taking attendance, uploading documents and other features much more accessible if not around a computer - Helpful for professors in and out of the classroom
  14. illm corweuwui/ : lzlw Apptul Apps and new technology can make learning fun for both students and professors and can allow for more time and attention spent on the enhancement of student education.
  15. GROU enveritasgroup. com infocaenveritasgroupcom lt:
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Apps can really enhance the learning experience for both students and professors. Take a closer look at 6 apps that can be especially beneficial in higher education. Content by Elizabeth Muckensturm, design by Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki.


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