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Top 10 Email Tips for Financial Advisors

Read our top 10 email marketing tips for financial advisors! Learn how to improve your communication and efficiency with both current clients and potential prospects.

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Top 10 Email Tips for Financial Advisors

  2. Image courtesy: blog.mailchimp.com/ Email marketing system.Invest in an Outlook doesn’t shine when it comes to efficiency or deeply understanding client behavior. Upgrade to a more powerful system for greater control.
  3. for greater relevance. Segment audience Divide your overall list into groups based on shared behaviors or personality traits.
  4. Test open times. Find out when your clients are paying attention. There’s no golden rule.
  5. Always send the email “from”you. Emails coming from real people vs. corporate identities are more likely to get opened.
  6. SUBJECT LINE. Spend 50% of your time crafting a subject line that will get your email opened. Create a killer
  7. Use email to build relationships, not sell products. don’t sell. Serve,
  8. ONE SECOND. State a clear purpose in the first 7 words of the email. You have
  9. Less is more. Don’t write a novel. It won’t be read, and your purpose will be lost in the clutter.
  10. Develop your Email signature. Email signatures are no less important than business cards. They speak volumes about your competence.
  11. +social channels. Include your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or other profiles in your email signature. Add your
  12. Email Tips TOP 10 FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS 865.243.8000 Local 877.819.2188 Toll Free Finworx.com