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4 True Stats that Show We Need to Rethink the State of Digital Marketing by Ryan Stoner

People find meaning and connection through the stories they tell one another. If you want to truly connect with your audience, the best way is through using a brand story to engage people’s emotions and inspire them to action. Good stories make people think and feel and remember why something is important. Quality storytelling makes products and services relevant, which in turn makes companies successful. Learning how to craft a quality brand story causes people to stay loyal to your brand.

A brand story helps people sincerely care about whether or not your business succeeds. It helps them cultivate an attachment to it and shows them how they’re a part of the brand’s story. Your customers experience the brand’s story for themselves and can truly see the value you’re providing for them. I’d like to give you some examples of how brand’s have successfully used story to tap into something people care about and also promote their business in the hope that you’ll take away something valuable to use for your own brand story.

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