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World in 60 Seconds (February 18, 2016): Can the Saudis and Russians lower oil prices?

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Can the Saudis and Russians lower oil prices? Watch the World in 60 Seconds, and I'll tell you.


Will there be a real cease-fire in Syria? Absolutely not. Conditions are nowhere close to being ready on the ground.

Will Turkey invade Syria? I actually don’t think so. I think more artillery, more bombings, definitely in response to the terrorism we’ve seen there. But the Americans and NATO really don’t want them to invade.

Will Scalia’s vacancy be filled before the election? There’s a different question. No, Obama will put someone forward probably, and the Republicans in a majority will say no, ‘we’re not doing that.’

Can Saudi Arabia and Russia stabilize oil prices? They certainly can. The question is, will they? And I say, yeah, a little bit they will. I mean, I don’t think we’re going down to $20, and I think the Saudis and the Russians are going to not produce anymore. They’re not going to pull back.

Is Ukraine’s government falling apart? By the moment. There’s no way the Ukrainian government can stay together by the end of this year and, boy, that’s going to hurt the IMF deal. Russians are enjoying watching them on the sidelines. Well, not quite the sidelines.

Should we expect big things from the US and ASEAN? Little things. But more countries joining TPP. More military engagement by the Americans.


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