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Generation Z - What you need to know!



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This presentation explores our current generation of college students, what makes them tick and how we can reach them as marketers.

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Generation Z - What you need to know!

  1. 1. Generation Z What you need to know John Oles Social Media Manager Office of Communication and Marketing SUNY New Paltz
  2. 2. Today 1.Who is Gen Z? 2.Activating Gen Z’s Minds 3.Stereotypes 4.Gen Z & Social Media 5.Marketing to Cross-Cultural Gen Z 6.Summary
  3. 3. Who is Generation Z? - Born between 1996 and 2005 - 26% of U.S. population at 82 million - Largest cohort yet
  4. 4. #Socialnomics The value created and shared via social media and its efficient influence on outcomes [economic, political, relational, etc.] “Simply put: Word of Mouth on Digital Steroids” ~Erik Qualman
  5. 5. • News & concise messages • Engaging, high-impact stories • Beautiful images • Event coverage, announcements
  6. 6. Brand Strategy Prospective Students Current Students Alumni, Donors, and Friends
  7. 7. Strategic Plan Market New Paltz Internally and Externally Increase impact of outreach activities to enhance visibility and quality of public perception about New Paltz as the public university in the region. Situate New Paltz in terms of our price-to-value proposition. Increase awareness to sustain undergraduate and grow graduate enrollments. Through an integrated, centralized marketing effort, engage and support departments in marketing of the College through its programs, lifting the profile of online and graduate programs, and stressing the College’s distinctive identity; gather and make better use of the voices and experiences of students, faculty members as scholars and mentors, and alumni in these efforts. Expand alumni communication materials and connect to philanthropic efforts.
  8. 8. Current Social Landscape Announce - Remind - Recap
  9. 9. Ideal Social Landscape Listen - Interact - React
  10. 10. Social Hub at New Paltz
  11. 11. Financial Aid Campaign Schedule tweets and Facebook post for the semester
  12. 12. Financial Aid Campaign Not everything is made for social
  13. 13. Financial Aid Campaign Someone is already doing it for you!
  14. 14. Enrollment Campaign #NPaccepted banner was included in accept packets (Front)
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Enrollment Campaign Results •358 post •2,016 pageviews •2:37 Avg. time on page
  17. 17. Advertising on Facebook
  18. 18. Advertising on Instagram
  19. 19. Advertising on Twitter
  20. 20. 3 Reasons to win on social 1.Opportunity for impact stories to reach larger audience 2.Extensive distribution potential at lower cost 3.Superior SEO placement
  21. 21. Questions? @johnoles
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Social Hub at New Paltz
  24. 24. Questions? @johnoles

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