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BoardSource Envision your ideal board (one pager)

BoardSource advice on thinking through group board gaps and approaching the board matrix and your recruitment.

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BoardSource Envision your ideal board (one pager)

  1. 1.   Board  Recruitment  Center  Resources     Envision  Your  Ideal  Board     What   is   the   ideal   mix   of   professional   skills,   resources,   backgrounds   and   experience,   demographics,   community   connections,   and   other   characteristics   that   your   board   requires  to  navigate  the  organization’s  challenges  in  the  next   three  to  five  years?     Always   keep   in   mind   the   value   of   diversity   in   establishing   your  “ideal”  board  composition  and  identifying  gaps.    Diversity   on  a  board  breeds  varying  opinions,  approaches,  attitudes,  and   solutions.     Once  it  is  clear  what  kind  of  composition  your  board  will  need   over   the   next   several   years,   you   must   assess   what   characteristics   and   attributes   your   current   board   members   bring   to   the   table.     Completing   a   board   matrix   will   allow   you   to  do  this.     Download  your  own  board  matrix     The   board   matrix   helps   you   outline   the   current   mix   of   skills,   demographics,  and  expertise  on  your  board  and  then  compare   it   to   the   ideal   mix   you   identified   earlier.   Where   are   there   significant   gaps?     Once   you   have   identified   the   gaps,   you   can   develop   profiles   of   prospective   candidates   who   would   fill   these  gaps.     Download  example  postings     To  identify  professionals  to  fill  those  gaps,  recruit  professionals   for   your   open   board   opportunities   on   LinkedIn.     78%   of   LinkedIn   members   surveyed   want   to   join   a   nonprofit   board.     They  have  the  skills  and  desire  to  serve  your  nonprofit.    Learn   both   to   search   through   the   network   and   post   open   opportunities  on  LinkedIn  today.     Post  board  opportunities  on  LinkedIn   For  more  board  recruitment  resources,  visit  the  BoardSource  Board  Recruitment  Center,   available  at  https://www.boardsource.org/board-­‐recruitment-­‐center