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LinkedIn for Good Year in Review 2016

In 2016, LinkedIn for Good reached a combined 1 million underserved youth, veterans, refugees, employees and nonprofits. Join us on our mission to unlock greater opportunity for all.

To learn more about LinkedIn for Good, visit https://linkedinforgood.linkedin.com/

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LinkedIn for Good Year in Review 2016

  1. 1. 2016 YEAR IN REVIEW Closing the Opportunity Gap in 2016
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Connecting Underserved Communities to Economic Opportunity We believe everyone deserves an equal shot at economic opportunity – to do work that matters, take care of loved ones, and achieve better futures. That’s why our mission at LinkedIn for Good is to connect underserved youth, veterans, and refugees to to the networks, skills, and opportunities they need to succeed. Our aim is to remove the obstacles these communities face on their paths toward sustainable employment. But we can’t do this alone. We need you to join us on our mission to create a better future, and an equal playing field, for everyone. LinkedIn for Good reached a combined 1 million underserved youth, veterans, refugees, employees, and nonprofits in 2016. The stories that follow are just a sample of the many thousands of people whose lives we affected for the better through LinkedIn For Good programs. We hope you find these stories to be inspiring, but more importantly, we hope you join us as we strive to help even more people in 2017. To learn how to help us make an impact, please visit linkedinforgood.linkedin.com. 2 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com
  3. 3. We promote global youth employment by partnering with organizations whose missions focus on connecting underserved youth to new opportunities and direct paths to employment. Through LinkedIn trainings, career mentorship, and customized programs with nonprofits, we strive to democratize access to economic opportunity for young people around the world. We believe that through changing each of these individual lives we’re also working to create a more economically healthy planet for all of us. 25,000 underserved youth were reached in 2016 3 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com LINKEDIN FOR GOOD YOUTH PROGRAMS
  4. 4. KAVIN’S STORY Turning a Dream Career Into Reality “My life goals and career path have changed after this course. This program has been a life changer for me! I am interested in video editing techniques and I was able to learn several hints and tips on video and digital editing from LinkedIn.” While growing up in the small south Indian village Erode, Kavin developed a passion for video and graphics. What he didn’t have was access to the technical training, equipment, and mentorship needed to grow his passion into a career. Kavin had a clear picture of what he wanted his future to hold. But he wasn’t sure what steps to take to make it a reality. For Kavin, the answer came from Quest Alliance’s employability program. The program is designed to prepare young people across India with real world skills that help them build the confidence they need for the world of work. Quest Alliance, LInkedIn for Good’s youth employment partner in India, introduced Kavin to LinkedIn, and the tools it provides to help him – and people like him – achieve their career goals. On LinkedIn, Kavin discovered a vibrant video editing group where he could speak with others who shared his passion, and where he could ask questions about how to succeed. He also followed professional media organizations, and discovered the resources he needed to help him understand what a future in digital video could look like. With the help of the information, resources, and inspiration he found on LinkedIn, Kavin is now prepped to start his own business in digital media. Thanks to LinkedIn and Quest Alliance, Kavin was able to turn his dream of what a career in digital editing might look like – into a viable path forward in his career. GET INVOLVED 4 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com
  5. 5. LinkedIn is proud to support those who have served our country. We offer eligible military and veteran members one year of free access to LinkedIn Premium subscriptions including our LinkedIn Learning platform. In addition, we create custom programs for veteran employers and service providers who are working to connect veterans to opportunity. More than 739,000 veterans used LinkedIn to find their next opportunity in 2016 5 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com LINKEDIN FOR GOOD VETERAN PROGRAMS
  6. 6. DONTE’S STORY A Veteran Finds His Future Through LinkedIn Learning “Round out your skill set. Use LinkedIn Learning, network with your fellow veterans, and take advantage of the resources out there to further your education. Don’t settle for a job that doesn’t inspire you.” After serving in a variety of roles in the US Army, Donte’s civilian job search for a programming position was a disappointment. He couldn’t find the right fit for his skills – even though he knew he’d learned so much in his military career. The experience left him frustrated, but motivated to learn more – about both professional networking and coding. Donte decided to go after his future aggressively and pursue his passion for technology. That meant enrolling in a technology training program. What surprised him was that he learned even more than how to code. At a VetsInTech event, Donte discovered that LinkedIn provides veterans with a one-year free Premium subscription, including access to LinkedIn Learning. Donte took the opportunity and dedicated himself to learning to code faster. It paid off. Donte’s web development coursework with the LinkedIn Learning platform, helped him bridge his knowledge gap – and made him a more competitive job candidate. He also learned to network with other veterans, which lent him the support he needed to transition into the world of civilian work – and find the perfect job. Donte is now a full-stack web developer at Hack the Hood, a nonprofit that introduces young people of color with low incomes to careers in tech. GET INVOLVED 6 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com
  7. 7. Through our Welcome Talent initiative, we partner with nonprofits, governments, and the private sector to provide refugees with mentorship, career development services, and job accessibility. We forge global partnerships with organizations around the world, develop customized programs to support nonprofits, and create localized resources to help refugees find stable career pathways in their new home countries. 3,000 refugees reached in 2016 7 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com LINKEDIN FOR GOOD REFUGEE PROGRAMS
  8. 8. MARWAN’S STORY Employment and a New Life For a Refugee “Test your limits. Whenever you find anxiety, go for it.” Marwan’s story is one of strength and hope. He’s one of millions of Syrian refugees who’ve fled constant fighting and a brutal war. Marwan left Syria with 200 euros, an excellent education, and the ability to speak fluent English. On a mission to save himself and his family, he found work in Turkey at a bakery where conditions were abusive and destitute. After many months, he fled Turkey with his uncle in a rubber raft, escaping across the Mediterranean Sea to Greece. Once in Greece, Marwan met supporters who helped him ultimately get to Sweden. During his early days in Sweden, he lived in host homes and refugee camps, sending CVs out in a feverish attempt to find work – and take care of himself in his new home. Marwan learned about LinkedIn’s Welcome Talent initiative, which provides refugees services focused on career development and job accessibility. He connected with the program’s local project manager, who was able to help Marwan find an internship at Newsner, one of Sweden’s largest media companies. After crossing borders, oceans, language barriers, and cultural divides, Marwan found himself not only safe – but employed, and working toward a real future through the support of LinkedIn. For Marwan, family continues to drive him forward, “It’s impossible for my parents, or my 13 year-old brother to survive outside of Syria. I am their only hope.” GET INVOLVED 8 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com
  9. 9. We invest in robust programs that enable our employees to participate in volunteering and charitable giving. At a local level, each LinkedIn office partners with youth-focused nonprofits to help young people get a strong start in their careers. We also run a program called LinkedIn Gives – a LinkedIn For Good crowdfunding platform powered by GoFundMe, that lets employees make an impact in ways that inspire them personally. We hosted over 365 employee led volunteering events in our 30 offices around the world in 2016 LINKEDIN FOR GOOD EMPLOYEE PROGRAMS 9 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com
  10. 10. ANDY’S STORY Taking Time to Mentor Youth “This was one of the most rewarding programs I have been a part of! I left each class with a spring in my step, feeling extremely positive and grateful that I had made a difference in young people’s lives. Do something new, use your skills to help others and you will be blown away with the positive outcome!” After successfully starting at LinkedIn as a Sales Solutions Account Executive in Dublin, Andy decided he wanted to get involved in one of LinkedIn’s employee volunteer programs. He found just the right fit as a volunteer with Junior Achievement Ireland, LinkedIn’s signature nonprofit partner in Dublin. Over five weeks, Andy took time out to work with 13 students at an inner-city school in the Irish capital. Teaching participants about the fundamentals of business ownership, Andy used interactive role-playing sessions to deliver lessons in business financials, leadership, and operations, to increase understanding of economic issues in Ireland, and the careers open to them in the future. In 2016, an additional 65 LinkedIn employees from our Dublin office joined Andy to devote more than 640 hours to volunteer with 1,027 students in 21 schools in Ireland. Andy is just one of the many of our employees who go above and beyond to bring our mission of providing economic opportunity to underserved communities to life. GET INVOLVED 10 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com
  11. 11. People are the biggest game-changers for nonprofit organizations; by getting the right talent, nonprofits are able to make an even bigger impact. LinkedIn for Nonprofits helps nonprofits find and connect with employees, donors, board members, and volunteers. Nonprofit discounts are available for many of our paid products to make them more accessible to organizations of all sizes – so that everyone can get the help they need to reach their mission. LINKEDIN NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS 11 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com 31,752 nonprofit hires were impacted by LinkedIn in 2016
  12. 12. DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOL’S STORY Finding the Right Talent “Our recruitment team, as a whole, has half the budget that teacher recruitment alone had last year. We have to think creatively in terms of how we go about recruiting.” It’s a story all too common in school districts across the United States: education budgets that continue to shrink while demands for talented teachers increase. Denver Public Schools (DPS) is one of the many public school districts tackling that teacher recruitment gap. In 2016, the team faced recruiting for their 14,000 person district with less than half the previous year’s funding. To make it even harder, enrollment in teacher prep programs had fallen 30% from the prior year, so qualified teachers were in short supply. Traditional talent pipelines from career fairs and local applicants were also waning. Luckily, The Denver Public Schools recruitment team, including Amanda Ludwig, rose to the occasion. They turned to LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find new candidates and deliver a personalized candidate experience. The LinkedIn network helped them discover diverse candidates and professionals outside their ordinary pool. With the nonprofit discount and their dedicated LinkedIn nonprofit relationship manager as a partner, DPS has been able to build new candidate pipelines, close the gap they were facing – and find the teachers and staff they needed. GET INVOLVED 12 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com
  13. 13. GET INVOLVED Together, We Can Do More No matter what challenge people face – whether it’s finding a professional path out of war-torn Syria or a post-military career shift – everyone deserves an equal shot at economic opportunity. But many people around the world simply don’t have that luxury. So we’re asking for your help. Join us in connecting underserved youth, veterans, refugees, and nonprofits to greater economic opportunity in 2017. 40 million of our 467 million global members have already made social impact a part of their professional identity. Just imagine what we can accomplish together as this number grows. Whether you open up your network, mentor, share your skills, or volunteer – every bit helps. Together, we can do so much more for all of those who deserve the chance to succeed. 13 linkedinforgood.linkedin.com LEARN HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED