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LinkedIn Groups for Nonprofits: Overview

Overview of why nonprofits should consider creating a LinkedIn Group and how to make it successful

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LinkedIn Groups for Nonprofits: Overview

  1. 1. LinkedIn Nonprofit Groups Think about creating a group for your organization: Groups serve as the home for community building on LinkedIn, where individuals exchange best practices, explore new concepts, and establish new relationships around a central theme. In order for them to thrive, Groups usually need a dedicated manager. Organizations with central volunteer or alumni communities often use this tool to help manage their networks. Why create a group 1. Inspire a conversation Through group discussions, members engage more deeply and some become advocates. 2. Connect your community Once members of the same group, your supporters connect with one another, increasing the strength and numbers of their ties to you. How to make it successful 1. Set a tone for your group members Choose language and content that communicates your organization’s personality. 2. Share relevant content in an engaging way What would you click or comment on? Make sure that the content you’re allowing into your group is evocative, inspirational, education – engaging. 3. Don’t be the only vocalist; build up advocates Encourage your most active group members to start discussions and support new members. Equip these members with the information and enthusiasm to spread your message to other groups and forums. 4. Invite and welcome your community Welcome members automatically and bring members back to the gropu for more information by writing weekly emails from the group. 5. Manage – Manage – Manage Successful groups require an active manager curating content and facilitating conversation. Only create a group if you have the time to manage it. Learn more about Company pages and join the next webinar at http://www.nonprofits.linkedin.com