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One Warm Coat and the Volunteer Marketplace

How One Warm Coat uses LinkedIn's Volunteer Marketplace to build a national board and recruit skilled volunteers.

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One Warm Coat and the Volunteer Marketplace

  1. 1. One Warm Coat operates on a simple mission: to ensure that anyone who needs a coat has one. By helping thousands of groups across the country organize coat drives, One Warm Coat has provided over three million coats to those in need. Operating online and lean, with a voluntary board and small staff, One Warm Coat builds organizational capacity by leveraging the unique talents and networks of its volunteers and board of directors. “Do you believe one person can make a difference?  We do.” says One Warm Coat’s founder, Sherri Lewis Wood. “Harnessing the power of the internet and social media, we support thousands of volunteers who are making a difference in their community.” With a strategic planning process approaching, and an immediate need to expand the geographic diversity of the board, One Warm Coat’s Board of Directors turned to LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace gave the board a targeted pool of well-qualified board and volunteer candidates. Not only did One Warm Coat find their perfect board members—with the right skills, backgrounds and networks—but they also recruited two strategic planning facilitators to help the organization develop its three-year plan. Volunteer Kanoti Kim, a Program Manager with over ten years of experience at companies including Oracle and GE shared, “The Strategic Facilitator opportunity for One Warm Coat popped into my LinkedIn Jobs feed and I jumped at the chance to use my professional skills to support a compelling cause. LinkedIn seamlessly connected me with the organization, and from there, the experience just kept getting better.” We believe that people want to help, but often don’t know how. LinkedIn makes it easy for us to tell talented and giving professionals where the need is in a simple and clear way that shows the value of what they have to offer. -Sherri Lewis Wood, National Founder & Chair, One Warm Coat Challenge Solution LinkedIn volunteer posts made it easy to target and screen qualified applicants all over the country, leading to 80+ candidates for board and volunteer positions. Results Three new board members filling skill and experience gaps and two volunteer strategic planning consultants to facilitate board retreat Building a geographically diverse network of supporters, volunteers, and board members How One Warm Coat Found Passionate Volunteers Across the U.S. with LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace