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Vets2 business summit recap

An overview of lessons learned and list of resources coming out of LinkedIn's Vets2Business Summit, hosted in our NYC office on September 8th, 2016.

Photos from the event can be seen here:

Learn more about our veterans work:

Check out our 2016 Veteran Insights Report:

Learn more about our tools to help you find veterans:

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Vets2 business summit recap

  1. 1. Vets2Business Summit September 8th, 2016
  2. 2. “With veteran unemployment rates below the non- veteran population, the veteran community has entered a new phase of its professional journey. Instead of merely trying to secure a post-military job, the veterans of today are high-demand talent, thriving and leading organizations.” - 2016 LinkedIn Annual Veteran Insights Report
  3. 3. Inside you will find: - Event Photos - LinkedIn Program Updates - Corporate Panel Highlights - VSO Panel Highlights - Veterati Overview - GuideOn Overview - Additional Resources #Vets2Business Summit “If you want to earn something in life, you have to go get it – take chances.” – Florent Groberg, Keynote Speaker
  4. 4. Follow the Flikr link in the “About” section for more event photos!
  5. 5. Veterans on LinkedIn: A Community of Power Users The #1 method veterans use to find jobs is leveraging their network 2.23M veterans and servicemembers on LinkedIn 212,000 currently seeking opportunities ● 26% more connections on LinkedIn than non-veterans ● 28% more likely to follow companies ● 33% more content shares ● 14% more likely to network with other professionals ● 25% more likely to answer an InMail ● 50% more group views
  6. 6. LinkedIn: Helping Employers Find Veterans New Recruiter Filter to navigate our 2.2M veteran database! Learn more about our recruiter product at business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions
  7. 7. Corporate Panel Recap: Leading Practices in Veteran Recruiting and Retention • Success begins with strong senior leader buy-in and robust internal communications to articulate the company’s commitment to employees at all levels. A Center of Excellence concept allows everyone to contribute, from those who announce the commitment externally to those who author job descriptions internally. • Begin by targeting specific roles, focusing on jobs where veterans are best suited for success. Leverage a targeted outreach strategy to match the types of veterans you’re looking for, rather than a shotgun approach to just get more veterans at the top of the funnel. Recruit veterans who will make it all the way through the funnel. • Make self-identification a priority and easy to do for veterans. Understanding your veteran employee base and how they are contributing will support your ability to build an internal business case for how veterans add to your bottom line. • Leverage veteran employee resource groups to mentor veterans through everything from the application process to onboarding to long-term career development. This will make it more likely veteran candidates will succeed and veteran employees will stay and develop into corporate leaders.
  8. 8. Veteran Service Organization Panel Recap: Leveraging Nonprofits to Meet Hiring Needs • Retention begins with the up-front work of placing veterans in the right roles, rather than a role they might be using as an “experiment” in civilian work. Cultural fit is critical, as is helping veterans envision a career path beyond their current role. • Veterans should be considered leaders not only because of what they’ve done but because of what they can grow into. Leadership development programs keep them engaged and increase retention, but also benefit your company long-term by adding skills specific to your company’s needs to those they learned in the military. • The enlisted population is an underleveraged resource due to misperceptions of qualifications. 1.1M veterans are currently using GI Bill benefits; 90% of these veterans are enlisted, and 40% of those go on to complete a Masters degree. Consider collaborating with your campus recruiting team to tap this talent source. • On-base Career Skills Programs such as HOH’s Corporate Fellowship and IVMF’s Onward to Opportunity can serve as targeted recruiting tools for companies. Some have an internship-like phase which eventually reduces attrition post-hire.
  9. 9. LinkedIn Talent Solutions: business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions Additional Resources LinkedIn Veteran Insights Report: slideshare.net/LinkedinforGood/2016- veteran-insights-report LinkedIn Veterans Site: veterans.linkedin.com