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Manage Your Print Environment, Cut Waste and Save Money - ecoprintQ-PaperCut



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Charles Bernard, Channel Sales Manager

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Manage Your Print Environment, Cut Waste and Save Money - ecoprintQ-PaperCut

  1. 1. Manage Your Print Environment; Cut Waste and Save Money
  2. 2. Take Control, Eliminate Waste and Reduce Cost
  3. 3. Take Control, Eliminate Waste and Reduce Cost
  4. 4. The Challenge: 20% of print jobs can be avoided Approx. 60 % 7 % 13 % Approx. 20 % 20 % Waste
  5. 5. Print Management - At a glance Print Security Environmental Impact Report on Usage Print Visibility Print Policies Allocate & Charge Integrate simply Enable BYOD Providing value to any organization in multiple ways Cost Control
  6. 6. Print Visibility “Who Printed that 3000 page document yesterday?”
  7. 7. Print Policies - Rules Based Routing "Did you know the intern printed 2000 pages single sided?"
  8. 8. Document and Device Security “The payroll statements were sitting on the printer. Where did they go?”
  9. 9. Cost Control “Who’s going to pay for that much printing?”
  10. 10. User Tools “How can I help users print responsibly and easily?”
  11. 11. BYOD Printing “The boss got a brand new gadget, how do we make it work with the printers?”
  12. 12. Login or Card Swipe Select Account Options Release Print Jobs Embed on your Multi-function Device
  13. 13. Integrate Simply “What will I do with the rest of my afternoon?”
  14. 14. How does PaperCut MF fit? User Management Solution that includes:
  15. 15. 2:00 – 2:45 PM BREAKOUT SESSIONS PSIGEN Software Inc. Breakout Room: Delta 360 Club “Eliminate Data Entry – with Document Scanning, Data Capture and Extraction” Chad Seefeld, VAR Business Development Manager MARCH NETWORKS Breakout Room: Guest Locker Room “Security is Just the Start with Intelligent Video” Net Payne, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer FORTINET Breakout Room: Main Field “Stay Ahead of Threats with Advanced Security Protection” John Gleason, Systems Engineer SINGLEWIRE Breakout Room: Interview Room “When Seconds Count: IP Paging and Emergency Notification” Pat Scheckel, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Editor's Notes

  • Setting the Stage

    20 years ago when I first began selling professional technology solutions, the “Paperless Office” was this utopia that the industry analysts were forecasting. They were stating that the advances in technology were going to save businesses tremendous amounts of money in the near future and at the same time, these advances were going to send shockwaves through the growth prospects of B2B resellers of output devices.

    Well, today, 20 years later, print is one of the largest industries in the world at 858 billion dollars in revenues. Print rivals auto-manufacturing at 1.1 Trillion and is more than 8X bigger than video games industry which is at 102 billion and dwarfs the music industry at 15 billions dollars annually. While print technology and applications are certainly transforming, it is still growing every year worldwide. According to an article in Printing Impressions, one of the most influential and widely read resources for the printing industry, there were 8.5 trillion single sided documents printed in NA in 2011 with an increase expected of 115 billion pages per year. In 2015 we have blown past that with printing experiencing its highest growth year over year since 1996
  • Fictional examples we have all seen.

    The “Paperless Office” that was promised years ago still has not arrived and the “Paperless Office” we see way off on the horizon may, in fact, just be a mirage.
  • Real World Example – Tray to Trash

    Businesses are not looking to discover needs that they already know they have, but to learn about opportunities to make or save money that they didn’t know were possible.
  • What Can we Do?

    Through the analytics and reporting of a wise print management solution we can say conservatively say that we see about a 20% waste.

    The goal of every organization is to be efficient. Without efficiencies you cannot be competitive. According to Garter Group approximately 6% of an organizations budget is dedicated to printing expenditures. This does not include larger serialized hardware items. This is paper output, toner and supplies.

    If you could reduce printing costs by 20% wouldn’t this be significant? Think about the amount of operating budget you could free up. We just talked about a statistic showing that 858 billion dollars was spent on printing worldwide last year. That is 150 billion dollars of waste! If we could convert some of the single sided printing think about how much more could be saved?

  • Wise Print Management vs. Managed Print Services

    Managed Print Services: service level agreement for break fix, preventive maintenance, response times, it’s toner inclusive for a single click charge or per page charge

    Print Management is different. Print management is a smarter way to print. Print management provides value in multiple ways.

    Well…how do we accomplish these points?

  • Reporting and Measuring

    Instantly see who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed and on which device. View the central dashboard, any one of the 80 pre-built reports and the document archive (so you never have to chase down answers again).

    One-click Reports Get access to the most important data in realtime – from any web browser, anywhere on your network. Create reports with custom data by specifying date ranges, filtering and sorting by the data available which is great because you get you different perspectives on printing usage. Create reports that will be regularly generated and emailed to members of your organization or scheduled to be saved to disk. This is great for sending regular reports to managers without even needing to compile it first.
  • Print Policies

    Good print management is more than replacing toner cartridges. You can use it to monitor printing, encourage sensible use and find pain points. Many sites start with simple goals and will leverage the more advanced features as time goes on.

    Create intelligent rules to limit user behavior and enforce sensible printing policies. Use pre-built filters to fix simple problems like removing jobs, encourage double-sided printing or create your own custom advanced scripting logic.

    “Hawthorne Effect”
  • Find Me/Follow Me/Pull Printing

    Protect sensitive documents with Find-Me printing. Users print once to a global virtual queue and release securely while at the device. Secure your devices with User Authentication via a touch screen or card reader at the MFD. Add an extra layer of security by using watermarking and digital signatures to include the owner ID to every document.
  • Cost Recovery

    Start by tracking costs by user, department, client or custom shared accounts. Get further control by allocating print quotas to users, departments or clients. They’ll be able to track their print balances, and once the quota is gone, it's gone! Implement a pay-per-use model to recoup printing costs. For individual user payments integrate with popular payment gateways. Or make client billing seamless by allocating costs to a client, project or department.
  • Green Initiatives

    PaperCut has teamed up with Do Something, the non-profit organization behind the Save Paper initiative, to develop this innovative desktop widget which presents data from the PaperCut server in a fun an interesting way. It helps organizations reduce their paper use by empowering employees/students/users with the following:

    It draws users' attention to their printing impact
    Allows users to compare/benchmark their usage
    Highlights environmental facts about paper use
    Supports a non-profit organization

    The Save Paper Desktop Widget is an initiative developed to support the non-profit organization Do Something. Organizations who purchase the widget can know that all proceeds go through to this non-profit to support their paper saving initiatives in business and the community.
  • Bring Your Own Device

    Don't let BYOD printing become an unnecessary burden. Get your mobile print solutions under control with easy tools including Google Cloud Print, iOS printing, Web Print, and email-to-print.

    Got guests? Visitors can print too. Using Email to Print feature, it's as simple as sending an email with an attachment and then picking up the print. Email to Print allows users to print by emailing their documents to a special address. No client software or drivers are required, providing a simple way for your organization to print from any device that can send an email. Easy to use, easy to set up. It works with nearly any device (anything that can send an email with an attachment), supports PDF and picture file attachments.
  • Embed on the Touch Screen of most Devices

    Create a secure document environment, encourage responsible print behavior and make users or departments accountable for their usage.
  • Seamless Integration

    Easy and flexible setup with auto synchronization of user and group information from a source such as Windows Active Directory. One license has got you covered – for all operating systems with unlimited servers. Add embedded licenses when you want to control multifuction devices. Host locally on your own print server, across multi-sites, or in environments where there's no print server. Or maybe you need a combination of all three which is a little more flexible.
  • In Summary

    PaperCut addresses the financial needs of businesses by tracking and controlling usage and changing the way the end user thinks about printing. It also meets the requirements of IT with authentication to securely print for compliance and regulatory needs as well as seamless integration with current platforms and systems. PaperCut is a wise print management solution that ultimately eliminates waste in an area that hasn’t previously been thought about.
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