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Security is Just the Start with Intelligent Video - March Networks



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Net Payne, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

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Security is Just the Start with Intelligent Video - March Networks

  1. 1. Security is Just the Start with Intelligent Video Net Payne Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
  2. 2. March Networks is a global leader in video surveillance and business intelligence applications for the financial, retail and commercial markets Founded in 2000. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices worldwide. Profitable with approximately $100 million in revenue.
  3. 3. Significant Presence and Industry Experience *Source: IHS, Video Surveillance Intelligence Service hardware NVR supplier in the Americas, and top 10 globally* supplier of video surveillance equipment to banks in the Americas Supplier to the WORLD’S LARGEST RETAIL video installation More than 200,000 video surveillance systems installed
  4. 4. New Hampshire, USA Sydney, Australia Atlanta, USA New Jersey, USA Bogotá, Colombia Milan, Italy Ottawa, Canada Shenzhen, ChinaTexas, USA Dubai, UAE Mexico City, Mexico Singapore Hong Kong Global Headquarters Sales Offices Sales & Operations Offices R&D Centers of Excellence Manufacturing & Logistics Global Capability with Customers in 70+ Countries
  6. 6. Marco and March Networks • Relationship began in 2006 • Marco leads with the March Networks video solution • Marco extremely knowledgeable on the March Networks solutions • Marco supported by a local March Networks sales representative and sale engineer • Jim Pralle has serving the territory for the past 6 years
  7. 7. 64 M 2016 Cameras are everywhere 32 M 2012 $254 M 2016 $190 M 2015 That’s one camera for every 5 people! That’s almost one camera for every person!
  8. 8. Big, big, big data: higher and higher resolution video surveillance
  9. 9. We’ve seen a rapid change in Video Quality Analog IP Video quality Resolution
  10. 10. Hard Drive Prices Price/GB $193,000 $207 $0.70 $0.043 1980 1996 2005 2013 Source:
  11. 11. VIDEO Extend Video Throughout Your Organization TRANSACTION DATA Advanced Loss Detection & Investigation BUSINESS ANALYTICS Optimize Service, Operations & Marketing Extending Video Beyond Its Traditional Use
  12. 12. TRANSACTION DATA Advanced Loss Detection & Investigation BUSINESS ANALYTICS Optimize Service, Operations & Marketing VIDEO Extend Video Throughout Your Organization Extending Video Beyond Its Traditional Use
  13. 13. Usefulness of Video Extends Beyond LP and Security Teams Loss Prevention / Security Store Operations Category Mgmt Customer service TrainingMarketing
  14. 14. Centralized Management System is key to extending the video platform internally • User management & access rights • LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) integration • Centralized device management • Centralized firmware management • Mass management of IP edge devices • Centralized health monitoring • Scalable, unified user interface
  15. 15. US Grocery Store Chain Customer Challenge: Find a way to secure funding to deploy video surveillance in all locations, across every square foot The Solution: Demonstrate the value of extending access to the video system to additional functional groups to gain support The Result: Reduced shrink while improving operational efficiency through insight on merchandising, store presentation, claims & safety, and compliance
  16. 16. Kenosha Unified School District provides video access to Police Customer Challenge: KUSD needed a unified system, they were making do with a hodgepodge of video recorders and surveillance cameras in less than half of its 43 school and support buildings. The Solution: Demonstrate the value of a centralized video solution providing visibility to the district and law enforcement. The Result: Today, KUSD has deployed a March Networks video surveillance solution with approximately 1,500 cameras covering all of its 43 buildings. The entire system is networked, allowing the security team to set recording parameters, manage access and review video from a central location. Additionally, law enforcement has access to the cameras using their laptops or tablets using March Networks Cloud service.
  17. 17. How video can be used to improve Operations in multiple locations Video image Audits at regular intervals to Spot Check Remote Sites Operations Manager Remote Offices Cam 1 8:00AM Cam 1 8:30AM Cam 1 9:00AM Cam 1 5:00PM Cam 25 8:00AM Cam 25 8:30AM Cam 25 9:00AM Cam 25 5:00PM
  18. 18. Visual Operations Audit Benefits Many Internal Groups View a summary of what’s happening in a remote location Is the store clean? Are employees properly dressed? Is there product on display? Is the backdoor open? Are employees following policies? Did we open on time? Do I really need to go there?
  19. 19. Extending Video Beyond Its Traditional Use VIDEO Extend Video Throughout Your Organization BUSINESS ANALYTICS Optimize Service, Operations & Marketing TRANSACTION DATA Advanced Loss Detection & Investigation
  20. 20. Improve profitability with integrated transactions and video • Which are my best and worst performing stores and employees? • Is an employee stealing? • Filter transaction data (e.g. Voids) to create and save reports for one or multiple sites • Show transaction line items • View video associated with each transaction by line item
  21. 21. Multi-Billion QSR with Over 10,000 locations Customer Challenge: Implement an advanced video surveillance solution that could be consistently implemented while reducing shrink and boosting profits for franchisees The Solution: Video & POS investigation service & process to search for suspicious transactions and report on incidents to employees. The Result: Reduced shrink by identifying and rectifying fraudulent employee behavior –and improving training/operations - amounts to ~$45K per store “We estimate our savings to be ~4% of net sales”
  22. 22. “We’re saving hours a day, and the frustration factor is gone” Customer Challenge: Gain faster, more robust LP capabilities and limit high dollar losses with higher quality video evidence The Solution: A centralized video management solution with advanced exception reporting tools to conduct video searches with transaction integration The Result: Investigative work that previously took an hour now takes less than 2 minutes – and transaction data and visual evidence can be easily exported together About Tommy Bahama Island-inspired clothing and home furnishing retailer with 160 stores worldwide.
  23. 23. Extending Video Beyond Its Traditional Use VIDEO Extend Video Throughout Your Organization TRANSACTION DATA Advanced Loss Detection & Investigation BUSINESS ANALYTICS Optimize Service, Operations & Marketing
  24. 24. Video Has Been Out of the Big Data Revolution… Source: eMarketer 2014
  25. 25. MEASURE Video Analytics Can Create Actionable Business Intelligence Data CONFIGURE REPORTCOLLECT Occupancy and Conversion Rates People Counting and Transactions Speed of Service Queue Length Monitoring Customer Interest Dwell Time
  26. 26. Internal Theft Customer Not Present 1,200 Location Loan Check Cashing Company Customer Challenge: High loan losses and staff turnover driving down profitability – and never recovered The Solution: A centralized video management solution integrated with POS transactions and video analytics to determine suspect transactions and provide operational metrics The Result: Improved profit through decreased fraudulent loans by employees & faster time to investigate.
  27. 27. Customer Challenge: Needed to affordably upgrade the company’s security system The Solution: “Instead of installing three cameras to cover one of our showrooms, we could install one 360-degree IP camera and get equal or better coverage,” said Corporate Security Manager The Result: They deployed the March Networks MegaPX Indoor Analytics Dome camera, which works with March Networks Searchlight software to provide performance data using people counting and dwell time analytics. In addition to improved security video and analytic insight, the system is also used for operational oversight. For example, during last winter’s big snowstorms, they were able to access video to ensure that there was no damage from the storms. Global Climate Control Solutions
  28. 28. $$$$ $$$ $ Leveraging Budgets Cross-Functionally Maximizes Potential $$ Marketing Customer Service IT / Cyber Security Ops / Training LP / Security
  29. 29. Required documentation Metrics and KPIs defined Enterprise Plan Solution design and data hosting POS data collection Hosting location developed Data Install package for integration Site surveys Site install testing begins Equipment install and configuration completed at pilot sites Custom reports developed in Searchlight Hardware and applications functionality verified Four-week Proof of Concept Audits, training and feedback Best practices developed to drive results in customer environment Refinements ROI documented Findings presented Scope of rollout determined Contract and rollout finalized Rollout and training Proof of Concept Process to Demonstrate Impact Planning Weeks 1-3 Integration Weeks 4-6 Deployment Weeks 6-7 Evaluation Weeks 8-11 Declaration Week 12
  30. 30. 3:00 – 3:45 PM Breakout Session KONICA MINOLTA Breakout Room: Guest Locker Room “What is your Print Transformation Strategy?” Emil Enstrom, Vice President of Enterprise Accounts BARRACUDA Breakout Room: Delta 360 Club “Protecting Data Everywhere” Rod Mathews, Senior Vice President and General Manager Marco Breakout Room: Main Field “Uncovering the Cloud: Is it Right for You?” Steve Knutson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Service MITEL Breakout Room: Interview Room “Deliver a Flexible, Engaging Customer Contact Center Experience” Brian Spencer, General Manager – Contact Center

Editor's Notes

  • In 2013 IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS) announced the rise of HD video surveillance was leading to an astonishing 413 petabytes of data a day produced by newly installed video surveillance cameras. Now, the proliferation of higher and higher resolution cameras means that the data deluge continues to increase.
    566 petabytes – was the amount of data produced in just one day by all the new video surveillance cameras installed worldwide in 2015.
    But just how much data is 566 petabytes:
    11.3 million standard double-layer Blu-ray movie discs!
    All Netflix’s current* users streaming 1.2 hours of ultra-high definition content simultaneously!
    Approaching twice the amount of all user data stored by Facebook!*     *as of December 2015
  • Compression also
  • Point 1 - Go beyond loss prevention
    Point 2 –
    Point 3 -
  • Point 1 - Go beyond loss prevention
    Point 2 –
    Point 3 -
  • Store presentation, Customer traffic, staff behavior, procurement, merchandising
  • Compliance – alarms & alerts – food prep, storage, tied in with alarms.
    District management – save the drive, overall store – mobile access
    Marketing – signage, display at promo periods, key flow (without heat mapping)
    Workforce Management & training – own investigation into internal and external claims, service counter training examples, upscale stores with Millenial moves – two story destinations now
    Claims and Safety – proactive investigation into internal/external claims
    Legal – self service tool for limited number
    Operations –All of the above… Cash counting, till management with Balance Innovations, Alarms for freezer, frig, temperatures, displaced random shoppers, counting
    Thin margin to start with….
    Interesting 360 degree rollout – with alarm flag – people counting decline in high loss/risk locations

    Got IT bought in as all groups aligned

    Started with getting to know what others need – people would just ask occasionally and they would turn it into something more.
  • Tell Command and Control Room Story..
    Paradigm as a Franchise Service
  • Single location with multiple times OR All locations at same time
    Thumbnail view of cameras every 30 minutes to 4 hours displayed on a horizontal timeline
    Easily select month and day using convenient calendar
  • Point 1 - Go beyond loss prevention
    Point 2 –
    Point 3 -
  • Insert SL4 trans integration summary slide - why do it, what it does, how it works….. Net to talk to how all transaction will have video associated over time instant video verification
  • Dunkin Example: - not named. 6,500 location QSR – very high cash transactions, little LP/investigation – these are franchise owners not LP people.
    LP too hard and too long before – so not getting done

    Deployed a centralized management system for all thousands of locations – managed service, corporate program to adopt. Did a Pilot with them.

    Everyone gets ‘senior discount’, many voided coffee pound sales, number of items rung up vs delivered (especially at the drive-thru)
    Firing ‘Family’
    First thing in the morning – part of the process
    Training to all to optimize the system

    AND got all the benefits of the video – donut case, marketing displays, drink attach rate, district managers saving time…
    Display case reviewed for stock, promotional signage, district managers. Corp program to fund franchise adoption Operations Audit example – snapshot of critical times/locations
  • Protect their premium brand while dealing with high dollar losses. Returns over $150 were specific problem area – internal or external – both?

    Cant tell you how many other retailers have similar results. Value to LP and profit is more investigations, lower thresholds

    Specialty retail – key here is that the UI must be easy – these are LP people.
  • Point 1 - Go beyond loss prevention
    Point 2 –
    Point 3 -
  • E-commerce – less than $2 trillion by end of 2018. Bricks & mortar will still dominate the market.
  • Facial rec, detection, fight and crowd detection, demographic info, etc…
  • 1,200 locations, high volume of cash/payday loans, title pawn, back-office and approvals are playing catch up and can be manipulated. Loans are sizeable by themselves, but typical employee theft is in the hundreds of thousands by the time they are caught.

  • 5-phase process over 12 weeks to prove ROI of March Networks solution
    Customer presented with report and ROI analysis using their KPIs
    Best-practices, hand-off at conclusion
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