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SpaceX Pitch Deck - Maria Temneanu

There's never been a better time to sign up for an aerospace engineering degree. As SpaceX has already launched and successfully landed the world's first reusable rocket, it looks like humanity is one step closer to colonising Mars and making life multi-planetary.

Despite its growing ambitions, SpaceX’s pool of talent is currently limited. Only 15% of their workforce is female. At NASA it’s more than 30%. Due to this gender gap, SpaceX is missing out the talent that could pave the journey to Mars. If it hopes to successfully overcome its current engineering challenges and win the approval of the public, the government and future customers - SpaceX needs to hire more female professionals.

78% U.S.-based female engineering students aged 18-24 feel underestimated due to their gender and are the subjects of recurrent microaggression at work.

An integrated marketing campaign with the purpose of making SpaceX the go-to company for a young generation of future female engineers by inspiring confidence through a rhetoric that destroys gender norms and subverts misogynistic language. Execution included elements of creative advertising, PR, social and digital. This is not a real campaign for SpaceX.

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SpaceX Pitch Deck - Maria Temneanu

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue Summary Situation Analysis Main Challenges Competitor Analysis Solutions Audience Analysis Objectives & Strategy The Big Idea Campaign Overview Timeline User Journey Mapping Tactics (ATL, Digital, Experiential, PR) Evaluation Contingency Plans Budget Concept Board
  3. 3. ELON MUSK, September 2017 “The reason I ended up being the chief engineer was not because I wanted to, it's because I couldn't hire anyone. Nobody good would join. I messed up the first three launches, the first three launches failed.” ELON MUSK, September 2017
  4. 4. Space X wants to go to Mars. However, making the rockets to get there is really difficult - and world class engineering talent is required. Despite its growing ambitions, SpaceX’s pool of talent is currently limited. Only 15% of their workforce is female. At NASA it’s more than 30%. Due to this gender gap, SpaceX is missing out the talent that could pave the journey to Mars. If it hopes to successfully overcome its current engineering challenges and win the approval of the public, the government and future customers - SpaceX needs to hire more female professionals. ISSUE SUMMARY
  5. 5. “Earth is a single-point failure for humanity.” GWYNNE SHOTWELL, President, SpaceX
  6. 6. Situation Analysis Over the past two years SpaceX has emerged as a leading force in aerospace technology, overshadowing competitors by constantly innovating its approach to rocket manufacturing. It has achieved in 16 years what government funded programmes have failed to do for more than half a century, namely launching in orbit and then successfully landing a reusable rocket twice, cutting the cost of flying by 75%. This brings SpaceX closer to opening the space frontiers and making life multi-planetary. By 2024, SpaceX will have replaced all its current vehicles (Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Dragon) with a single, 100% reusable rocket (The BFR) - used for interplanetary travelling, for setting up a Mars & Lunar base and for flying humans around the world in less than 60 minutes. But there’s a big challenge ahead…building a team to make this a reality.
  8. 8. MAIN CHALLENGES THE TALENTTHE PRODUCT THE BRAND SpaceX is trying to solve an increasing number of engineering issues that have never been tackled before at an acutely competitive pace. As achieving orbital velocity poses such great risks, no other government or institution in the world has attempted to create and launch a fully reusable rocket before. Scientifically speaking, SpaceX aims to make the impossible possible - in less than six years’ time. Clearly building a great product requires a great team, which brings us on to our next point. Although construction is set to begin in June 2018, it will likely take years for the company to perfect its rocket and make all its previous vehicles obsolete. The engineering talent SpaceX is seeking out right now will make the difference between success and failure when the company begins its first journey to the Red Planet in 2022. The tiniest error can lead to disastrous outcomes. Previous examples include Falcon 9’s engines exploding in 2016 and Zuma satellite disappearing in space. This is why it’s explicitly critical for SpaceX to look out for the best engineers right now. Typically, SpaceX’s sales efforts are focused on reaching corporate tech clients. This means the company hasn’t invested heavily in consumer advertising, relying on its PR & social teams to wield the rhetoric in the media. The lack of any focused marketing initiatives means SpaceX does not have a tone of voice potent enough to reach the general public and therefore could miss out on potential talent. SpaceX’s main competitor, NASA, is already a household brand in the US. SpaceX needs to be equally (if not more) memorable in the minds of consumers - otherwise they risk losing engineers to other brands.
  9. 9. “I don’t know what SpaceX is” Engineer, US SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy The most powerful rocket in the world by a factor of 2.
  10. 10. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS SUGGESTIONS SpaceX is fighting a two-front war. On one hand, there is the battle with low-key competitors over satellite deployment contracts and the race to Mars. This can only be won by finding the best engineering talent to ensure future SpaceX rockets are safe and reliable. On the other hand, SpaceX needs a unique tone of voice that will convince people they are the future of space travel. Due to a prior lack of marketing initiatives, some of SpaceX’s key demographics are unaware of the company’s existence or do not have faith in its initiatives. We believe the solution to both issues is a campaign that instigates the general public’s interest whilst also attracting potential talent. A two-front approach for a two-front war. NASA is by far the most authoritative voice in the aerospace industry in the U.S. Its main disadvantage is that, as a government - owned agency, it is always subjected to the whims of the presidential administration. NASA does not pose a direct threat to SpaceX as they tend to work together on ISS projects. The only issue is that NASA usually attracts the best talent due to its reputation & scientific heritage. Nasa is also extremely popular in mainstream media, with movies such as ‘Hidden Figures’, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Apollo 13’ promoting different stages of NASA’s history. SpaceX needs to find a way of becoming a deep-rooted symbol in popular culture if it wants to compete with NASA. SpaceX is competing with United Launch Alliance (formed of Boeing and Lockheed Martin) for satellite deployment contracts from the U.S. government (one of SpaceX’s main sources of income). ULA’s advantage is that it hasn’t had a failed space mission in more than a decade. SpaceX, however, has recently lost the Zuma satellite in space and has a long history of rockets exploding on the launchpad. A deployment mission with Space is, nevertheless, three times cheaper than with ULA. ULA is SpaceX’s single and most threatening competitor in this market. Boeing also wants to get to Mars before Elon Musk. Blue Origin does not pose a direct threat to SpaceX as it is mainly focused on designing suborbital aerospace vehicles. In the long term, however, Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos wants to have a fully reusable rocket as well - and control the space tourism industry. Their technology is not yet as advanced, but could catch up fast.
  12. 12. REASONS WHY Diversity leads to better results Companies “in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to produce better returns” (Financial Times). Diversity in thinking is critical when overcoming challenges and more female engineers could ensure the BFR (the rocket SpaceX wants to build) will not crash. Lack of female employees Only 14.5% of the engineering force in the US is female - the lowest percentage out of all STEM professions. SpaceX is facing a similar issue, with just 15% female engineers on board. NASA, however, is close to achieving a 50/50 ratio soon. Momentum in the media The media & public are immensely sympathetic of women’s rights currently. Female professionals all around the US are rising up against social injustice and abuse in the workplace. This campaign will give SpaceX first mover advantage in a field that desperately needs changing. Negative PR As an American tech company led by a Silicon Valley luminary, SpaceX is at risk of being pulled in a destructive PR cycle that has affected giants like Uber & Google. SpaceX’s sister company, Tesla, has been hit by lawsuits following gender discrimination in engineering teams. SpaceX needs to avoid this negative PR before it unleashes any further.
  14. 14. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY In order to get the correct talent in place over the next five to ten years, SpaceX needs to understand the 18 - 24 age group of women currently looking into or studying engineering. That is why, for this campaign, we’ve conducted one of the most comprehensive pieces of research around the perception of young female engineers. With the help of the Society of Women Engineers, we have contacted over 25 major universities & associations in the US and sent a detailed online survey out to every female engineering student enrolled there. We have received 169 responses - written by female students from a wide range of backgrounds and representing the exact audience that SpaceX needs to target. The results of the survey have been comprehensively analysed both statistically and contextually. Several key insights have been discovered as a result. MILLENNIAL WOMEN 18 - 24 YEARS OLD UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FRESH GRADUATES 169 SURVEYS COLLECTED U.S. - BASED
  15. 15. “At my previous internship, an employee quit after 3 males were promoted and she was not. She put significantly more work and time into the projects that the men got promoted for. It was very unfair/clear biased.” Female engineer on why working environments are frustrating for women
  16. 16. KEY INSIGHTS 78% 78% 71% 71%55%54% Women feel their skills as engineers have been underestimated due to their gender Women believe that companies do not provide enough mentorship for female engineers Women believe engineering departments create a frustrating working environment for female employees
  17. 17. “The COO is a woman.” Female engineer on why she would work for SpaceX over NASA
  18. 18. Main Reasons Why NASA has a broader focus than SpaceX. NASA has more history and a better reputation SpaceX has “terrible working hours” They’ve grown up admiring NASA and they have family members working there. 40% respondents said they would work for SpaceX over NASA SpaceX is a private company and not subjected to the whims of the Government. SpaceX’s work is extremely innovative and exciting. SpaceX is growing faster than NASA. SpaceX has locations in their home town. 40% respondents said they would work for NASA over SpaceX Main Reasons Why
  19. 19. OTHER MAIN INSIGHTS “Problem Solving” Most common phrase used when describing what they love about engineering. “Feeling I am making a difference in the world” Greatest pleasure respondents would get from their future engineering careers. “Toxic working environment” No. 1 reason respondents would avoid getting a job at SpaceX and would rather choose NASA. MICROAGGRESSION No. 1 reason female engineers feel frustrated or uncomfortable in the workplace. Respondents identify micro aggression as “sexist”, “disrespectful” remarks or male employees perceiving women as inferior beings.
  20. 20. “Elon Musk scares the s**t out of me, but he’s my idol.” Female engineer on why she would work for SpaceX over NASA
  21. 21. OBJECTIVES To increase the number of applications from US based female engineers aged 18 - 24 for career opportunities at SpaceX by 200% from March 2018 until October 2018. To retain 50 female engineers aged 18-24 in permanent junior positions at SpaceX by October 2018. To make SpaceX the go-to company for a young generation of future female engineers aged 18 - 24. To use assets created from the campaign to create further positive sentiment for the company with the general public.
  22. 22. STRATEGY By inspiring confidence through a rhetoric that destroys gender norms and subverts misogynistic language.
  23. 23. THE BIG IDEA
  24. 24. 1 2 3 The key insight from our research revealed young female engineers feel underestimated due to their gender. This leads to lack of confidence and disappointment. We want to boost the confidence of our target audience. To do so, we first have to change the common misogynistic undertones used in popular culture when it comes to science and engineering. We took frequently used expressions that undermine women and completely flipped their meaning - without altering their structure. PUT HER IN HER PLACE
  25. 25. A WOMAN SHOULD KNOW HER PLACE. spaceX.com/careers-engineering
  26. 26. MEN ARE FROM MARS. WOMEN ARE ON MARS.  spaceX.com/careers-engineering
  27. 27. THE ONLY WAY YOU  SHOULD "WORK IT", GIRL. spaceX.com/careers-engineering
  28. 28. ONE SMALL STEP FOR  (WO)MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR (WO)MANKIND. spaceX.com/careers-engineering
  30. 30. CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW #PutHerInHerPlace is a multi-touchpoint campaign that will be executed in three phases: AWARENESS PHASE Using the big idea in all formats (OOH, digital, PR) to make key audiences aware of the both SpaceX and their commitment to hiring more female engineers. This part of the campaign also contains the CTA (call to action) - encouraging the TA to sign up for the SpaceX Challenge. CHALLENGE PHASE The audiences who have answered to the CTA are invited to take the SpaceX challenge - a 20 minute VR experience / engineering test. The challenge can be completed either at home or at one of the SpaceX Roadshow locations. ACADEMY PHASE The top 100 contestants are selected to participate in the SpaceX Academy - a three week all expenses paid summer camp / competition to find the next generation of SpaceX engineers.
  31. 31. SPACEX CHALLENGE & ACADEMY The purpose of our creative work is to empower female engineering students by subverting the misogynistic language used in popular culture. By popularising #PutHerInHerPlace, we believe young women will start taking ownership over the rhetoric and feel more confident in their abilities to fight gender imbalances. However, if we want to win our target audience’s entire support, we need to take the argument further. We have to put them in their place in real life. That is why our second half of the campaign will be focusing on generating media attention and content around the SpaceX Academy. SpaceX Academy is a three week summer camp run entirely by SpaceX and designed to nurture a future generation of top female engineers. Selection phase: users will be invited to solve a 20 minute long engineering challenge by using either their Virtual Reality set or visiting one of SpaceX’s VR ro a d s h o w s . C h a l l e n g e w i l l b e personalised for every user. Users will be timed and assessed according to their speed & score. Summer Camp: 100 participants will spend five weeks on Manhattan Beach, CA right next to SpaceX’s headquarters. Participants will be subjected to further challenges and contests. The top 50 will be offered a permanent position at SpaceX. Top 3 will be part of the first Mars Crew. SpaceX Academy has enormous potential as a TV show. We suggest hiring a film crew and posting weekly episodes on YouTube. We could also partner with NBC (most popular TV network in the U.S. in 2017) and create a weekly TV series using the content posted on YouTube. With 100 participants from all across the U.S., the film crew will have plenty of material and will be able to create some extremely relatable & emotional stories for the public. A TV show will also popularise SpaceX’s brand and make it widely known not just to your target audience, but to the entire American public. It’s a fantastic advantage in your battle with NASA.
  32. 32. Brief overview of tactics OOH Paid Advertising - billboards placed around university campuses and main tube stations Magazine & Newspaper ads ABOVE THE LINE DIGITAL Paid Media: Facebook, Google, AdWord Search, Instagram, LinkedIN Organic Social Content EXPERIENTIAL VR Engineering Challenge Summer Camp SpaceX Academy Series Amplification of the Big Idea across the U.S. Constant reinforcement using above concepts locally Special Media Release PUBLIC RELATIONS
  33. 33. TIMELINE
  34. 34. International Women’s Day Official Campaign Launch Special Press Release Launch Application landing page goes live 8TH OF MARCH 2018 13TH OF JULY 2018 VR Challenge - Application Deadline Winners announced two days later 1ST OF AUGUST 2018 SpaceX Academy Launch Film crew starts shooting Big push on social media & PR Candidates encouraged to share social content 22ND OF AUGUST 2018 SpaceX Academy closing ceremony. Winners announced during press conference Amplification of news digitally and through PR 1ST OF OCTOBER 2018 Successful applicants’ first day at SpaceX Campaign ends 8TH OF APRIL We release VR challenge Participants start playing We promote content during the camp W e p r o m o t e t h e SpaceX Academy TV Series We run OOH (billboards) + Print ads
  35. 35. USER JOURNEY MAPPINGCAMPAIGNLAUNCH DIGITAL CREATIVE Adwords Facebook Ads Instagram Ads LinkedIn Ads ATL CREATIVE + PR Billboards Magazine Ads Press Release Clicks on CTA Searches for SpaceX challenge Clicks on CTA CHALLENGE WEBSITE Understands Learns Target Audience Sees Interest Piqued Target Audience Sees Interest Piqued Signs Up For Challenge
  36. 36. USER JOURNEY MAPPING - CONTINUEDCHALLENGESIGNUPSviaFacebookOAuth APPLICATIONS With own VR APPLICATIONS VR Roadshow Download and Play VR Challenge Visit Roadshow Take Challenge Top 100 scores are invited to SpaceX Academy TOP 50 Full Time Positions or Internships at SpaceX TOP 3 Part of the crew to make the first journey to Mars LEADERBOARD SPACEX ACADEMY (1st of Aug 2018 - 22nd of August 2018) TV SHOW STARTS FILMING & BROADCASTING
  37. 37. ABOVE THE LINE 1. The Tech 2. The Stanford Daily 3. The Daily Californian 4. The California Tech 5. The Technique 6. The Daily Illini 7. The Michigan Daily 8. The Tartan 9. The Exponent 10. The Cornell Daily Sun 11. The Daily Princetonian 12. The Daily Texan We believe that the most efficient way of reaching our target audience is by advertising as close to their universities as possible. We have compiled a list with the top 12 universities for Engineering Degrees in the U.S. and identified each college’s main newspaper. These publications represent the best way to communicate with the local communities as they are written by students for other students, with thousands of free copies spread across campuses on a daily basis. They’re also a source of veritable journalism (most of these Ivy League newspapers are more than 100 years old). Here’s the list of universities and their corresponding newspapers. 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2. Stanford University 3. University of California 4. California Institute of Technology 5. Georgia Institute of Technology 6. University of Illinois 7. University of Michigan 8. Carnegie Mellon University 9. Purdue University 10. Cornell University 11. Princeton University 12. University of Texas UNIVERSITY CORRESPONDING NEWSPAPER
  38. 38. OOH - BILLBOARDS We suggest placing four billboards around each university’s campus and then another four in the most prominent city located close to our universities - in main tube stations and squares. Placing billboards in nearby cities is likely to target the friends and families of our target audience, thus strengthening word of mouth & peer recommendations. We also suggest setting up the VR Roadshows in each university’s campus for 2 consecutive days. BILLBOARD PLACEMENTCORRESPONDING CITY 1. Boston 2. San Jose 3. Berkeley 4. Los Angeles 5. Atlanta 6. Chicago 7. Ann Arbour 8. Pittsburgh 9. Lafayette 10. Ithaca 11. New York 12. Austin 1. Boston College Subway Line 2. Downtown San Jose; San Jose Diridon Station 3. East Shore Freeway; University Avenue 4. Colosseum 5. Airport 6. 90 Freeway; 290 Freeway; The Old Town 7. Michigan Super Speedway 8. Fifth Avenue; Forbes Avenue 9. Main Street; South Street 10. Seneca Street; Martin Luther King Street 11. New York Metro 12. Sixth Street; East Cesar Chaves
  39. 39. DIGITAL TWO PHASES 1. THE BIG IDEA ADS 2. PROMOTED CONTENT The aim of the adverts generated during this phase is to convince people to sign up to the VR engineering challenge and to gain as much interest from SpaceX’s target audience as possible. Its ultimate purpose is to generate sign ups. The tactics and digital platforms will be described in more detail in the following pages. 8TH OF MARCH 2018 - 13TH OF JULY 2018 8TH OF APRIL 2018 - 1ST OF OCTOBER 2018 Once the challenge phase begins we will capture content starting with the VR Roadshows and moving into the SpaceX Academy. This will be primarily video content published on Instagram and Facebook with the aim of engaging a broader audience and creating a rich narrative to amplify the objectives. There will be some overlapping between the 1st and 2nd phase - we want to give people as much time to sign up as possible, bearing in mind some of them will still have university to finish.
  40. 40. FACEBOOK TARGETING Facebook Business Manager handles the ad targeting & placement for both Instagram and Facebook. We will set the same targeting parameters during all stages of our digital campaign because we are aiming to engage with the same audience regardless of our timeline. The only variable constantly changing will be the content. SAMPLE #1: women, 18 - 24, student, engineering degree, located in the cities listed above, enrolled at the universities listed above SAMPLE #2: women, 18 - 24, student, engineering degree, located anywhere in the U.S. SAMPLE #3: Ivy League University pages & Society of Women Engineers pages (Facebook allows page targeting) Example of Facebook ad during Phase 1. Approximately 12% of the referral traffic for job postings in the U.S. comes form Facebook (Statista, 2017). As Facebook is also one of the most popular social media platforms amongst millennials, it is paramount for SpaceX to place ads there. DATA We will add a Facebook PIXEL (analytics tool) to SpaceX’s website in order to identify what kind of users are interacting with our campaign. This helps us retarget ads to those interested in them.
  41. 41. Examples of Instagram ads with different text bodies during Phase 1 - notice the big idea expressed in hashtags INSTAGRAM
  42. 42. INSTAGRAM According to Statista, Instagram was women’s most preferred social platform for engagement with brand content in 2017. This indicates our target audience is likely to be more receptive to ads posted on Instagram. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it operates under the same targeting guidelines - there is no need to create new categories. On Instagram, however, we will also use paid Stories to promote our content further. First Page of Instagram Story Second Page of Instagram Story Third Page of Instagram Story
  43. 43. GOOGLE KEYWORDS Almost 85% of the referral traffic for job postings in the U.S. comes from Google - this indicates Google should be one of the main advertising platform for this campaign. We will set up a Google AdWords account and make sure both SpaceX’s webpage and the photo ads will pop-up when users search for all of the following phrases: SpaceX Challenge SpaceX Engineering Challenge SpaceX Careers/Jobs SpaceX Careers Engineering SpaceX Engineers SpaceX Academy Summer Camp Engineer SpaceX Camp Put Her In Her Place Engineering Jobs Engineering Jobs (city from ivy league list) Engineering Career Aerospace/Chemical Engineering Software/Mechanical Engineering AUDIENCE We will set up some custom variables for language search (always English) and location (always the U.S.). We will also set a separate search query for the top 13 cities with Ivy League universities listed in the ATL section. We will create a custom list of websites that partner with Google and place our visual ads there as well. We will focus on job websites such as indeed.com and tech news outlets which allow for advertising such as techcrunch.com. Example of Half Page ad on Google.
  44. 44. LINKEDIN LinkedIn is extremely efficient in targeting users according to their universities and professions. We will use audience samples & targeting tools similar to Facebook & Google, but we cannot advertise on page groups here - only individuals. LinkedIn Insights Tag (similar to Facebook Pixel) is a Javascript code that we will insert across the SpaceX website in order to monitor the incoming traffic and retarget ads to LinkedIn users who have manifested an interest in the campaign. We will not place any paid content behind Twitter, but instead use the platform to monitor and organically promote the main hashtag of the campaign #putherinplace, create regular media audits and join various conversations.
  45. 45. To portray SpaceX to the general public as a company that supports and celebrates gender diversity To inspire and attract applications from the leading female engineers aged 18 - 24 OBJECTIVES PUBLIC RELATIONS STRATEGY Creating a steady drumbeat of news throughout the campaign with press announcements at key moments (such as the campaign launch, SpaceX Academy kickoff, closing ceremony, Academy winners, VR contest winners) Using C-Level spokespeople (Elon Musk and Gwynn Shotwell) for media interviews and thought leadership articles in top tier publications. Setting up media profiles for successful SpaceX Academy applicants and use data gathered during market research to create news stories Setting up speaking opportunities for C-Level executives at Ivy League Universities via SWE (The Society of Women Engineers)
  46. 46. PUBLICATIONS The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, CNN, NBC, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune , New York Post, Los Angeles Times CORE HORIZONTAL MEDIA TECH VERTICAL Quartz WIRED TechCrunch M.I.T. Technology Review HR & RECRUITMENT VERTICAL BUSINESS VERTICAL ENGINEERING & SPACE VERTICAL Inc Bloomberg Harvard Business Review Space News IEEE Spectrum Aviation Week & Space Technology H.R. Magazine Human Resource Executive
  47. 47. LOS ANGELES: 8th of March 2018 – Today, the world’s leading private rocket manufacturer, SpaceX, announced it will make the first person to walk on the surface of Mars a woman. The statement comes as the company launches “Put Her In Her Place”, a recruitment campaign designed to attract top female engineering talent. Successful applicants will be offered the chance to join the team that will make the first journey to the Red Planet in 2024 on SpaceX’s BFR. “Currently only 15% of engineers in the US are women, the lowest number of all STEM professions” said Gwynne Shotwell, COO of SpaceX, the only female president in the aerospace industry. “We are proud to be the first private company to tackle this issue hands-on”. After an initial selection stage conducted in VR, eligible candidates will be invited to join the SpaceX Academy, a three-week summer camp for female engineers. “At the end of our Academy we will pick 50 winners – and the top 3 will also be part of the crew to make the first journey to Mars. This is the underlying promise of our campaign”, Shotwell explains. The executive board will offer fifty permanent positions at SpaceX to female engineers by October 2018. “SpaceX has always been at the forefront of aerospace innovation” said Elon Musk, company founder and CEO. “We believe that bringing more female engineers on board will not only further our commitment to a 50/50 ratio, but it will also bring us closer to Mars. This decision is key to unlocking our full potential as the future of space travel”. The deadline for entries is the 13th of July 2018. Potential candidates are invited to apply via SpaceX’s careers page: spacex.com/careers-engineering. [ENDS] SPACEX PLEDGES TO MAKE FIRST PERSON ON MARS A WOMAN PRESS RELEASE
  50. 50. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP EXAMPLES As our research has previously shown, more than 70% of female engineering students believe companies do not provide enough mentorship for women. That is why our PR efforts will be focusing on positioning Gwynne Shotwell as the ideal mentor for future generations through a series of thought leadership pieces. Here’s a mockup of a thought leadership headline in Recode Magazine.
  54. 54. EVALUATION STAGES TOOLS USED DURING EACH STAGE Ad Impressions No. of clicks on CTA (call to action) No. of signups to SpaceX Challenge Download/Participation in SpaceX Challenge SpaceX Challenge Results SpaceX Academy Attendees Successful Applicants Analytics section from Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Conversion Rate calculated by Google Analytics Google Analytics No. of APP downloads + no. of Roadshow participants Successful scores submitted on APP and attached to user profile Manually Counted Review of applicants’ progress after 6 months at SpaceX ACHIEVING THE MAIN OBJECTIVE - RETAINING 50 FEMALE ENGINEERS Any click on CTA that DOES NOT come from ad impressions on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) but from a simple google search or website click is the result of our OOH (billboards), PR efforts or word of mouth. The funnel set up above will count these clicks as well - but we will also create a special Google Analytics filter to monitor them separately.
  55. 55. SHARE OF VOICE & PERCEPTION WIDER CAMPAIGN ENGAGEMENT - SPACEX ACADEMY TV SHOW TV OVERNIGHTS (audience figures) extracted from NBC official databases. Youtube video views, subscribers, likes, dislikes, number of comments, nature of comments. ACHIEVING THE THIRD AND FOURTH OBJECTIVES The third and fourth objectives (making SpaceX the go-to company for next generations & creating further positive sentiment) aren’t easily measurable, but they represent a vital component of SpaceX’s long-term strategy. We suggest splitting the evaluation tactics into two main sections: This can be analysed by constantly monitoring & reviewing social media channels. Key variables here are : Increase in social sentiment from March to October (percentage), Share of Voice and Nature of Opinion (positive, negative, neutral). Other tactics include monitoring the main hashtag #PutHerInHerPlace on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - verifying whether it increases or decreases on a weekly/monthly basis + the main factors affecting its spreading. PR RESULTS can be evaluated by creating weekly media lists with articles published in the press and assessing journalists’ opinions. Other digital metrics we will keep an eye on: ABANDONMENT RATE : indicates the existence of a technical issue or a PR issue (user not happy with the campaign) COST PER ACQUISITION (CPA) : cost of an ad divided by the no. of people signing up for the challenge - indicates which platform and region delivers the best results
  56. 56. HOW DO WE KNOW THE NO. OF APPLICATIONS HAS INCREASED BY 200%? Getting in touch with SpaceX’s HR department Counting the no. of applications for engineering positions made by women aged 18-24 between August 2017 - March 2018 (7 months before campaign launch) Counting the no. of applications for engineering positions made by women aged 18-24 between March 2018 - October 2018 + no. successful VR challenges completed (7 months after campaign launch) Post - Campaign numbers should be at least THREE TIMES higher than pre-campaign
  58. 58. ANTICIPATED CHALLENGES + PREPARED HOLDING STATEMENTS + SET FACTS STRAIGHT TO MINIMISE DAMAGE OBJECTIVES HAVE NOT BEEN ACHIEVED 6 weeks after launching the campaign, we will assess how many signups we’ve received so far. If that number is severely low (under 100), it may be necessary to extend our ATL (above the line) campaign beyond the top 12 ivy league universities and add 20 new targets (universities + cities). We will add these new targets to our digital strategy and organise speaking opportunities at these universities to encourage new users to sign up. We will evaluate the numbers once more after 12 weeks and extend our targets even further in case we do not have enough users. Worst case scenario - we run the camp with less than 300 participants, although our audience analysis study shows this is highly unlikely. SPACEX ACCUSED OF BEING SEXIST TOWARDS MEN We would advise spokespeople not to comment on this as it will only add fuel to the fire. While targeting recruitment campaigns towards women is perfectly legal under the Civil Rights Act, it’s important that we don’t upset other social groups. In situations where a comment is necessary (such as live TV), we’d advise a statement along the lines of: SPACEX ACCUSED OF TOXIC WORKING CULTURE DEATH / INJURY OF AN APPLICANT DURING TRAINING If one of the SpaceX Academy participants gets seriously injured or dies, we suggest taking the following steps (in order): • Immediately pause the programme out of respect for the family • Work closely with the family of the deceased to release a statement asking the media to respect their privacy during such a tragic time • Offer all the other participants and staff member free access to counselling services • Assure the public a full investigation will be carried out to establish the full details surrounding the incident We suggest issuing the following statement from Gwynne (as she is the company president and a woman): “Issues around inequality have been pervasive throughout Silicon Valley since its inception. While many companies have chosen to ignore the problem, here at SpaceX we have been addressing it as a priority since day one and will continue to do so. Driving any kind of meaningful social change takes time.” “SpaceX is an equal opportunities employer. This means we run a number of different initiatives that encourage diversity. SpaceX Academy specifically represents our aim of driving employment in an area that is currently under- represented. Our data shows the male to female ratio is still uneven, and we have a moral duty to balance that out. ”
  59. 59. BUDGET Ivy League Magazines 1. The Tech - 4 x $1,980 (The Tech, no date) 2. The Stanford Daily - 4 x $2,138 (The Stanford Daily, 2017) 3. The Daily Californian - not specified, presumed a maximum of 4 x $2,000 4. The California Tech - 4 x $500 (The California Tech, no date) 5. The Technique - 4 x $1,110 (The Technique, 2016) 6. The Daily Illini - 4 x $500 (front page)(The Daily, Illini, 2017) 7. The Michigan Daily - 4 x $510 (The Michigan Daily, 2016) 8. The Tartan - 4 x $1,275 (The Tartan, 2017) 9. The Exponent -4 x $450 (Purdue Exponent, 2017) 10. The Cornell Daily Sun - 4 x $1,160 (The Cornell Daily Sun, 2017) 11. The Daily Princetonian - 4 x $1,755 (The Daily Princetonian, 2017) 12. The Daily Texan - not specified, presumed a maximum of 4 x $2,000 Billboard pricing can very an awful lot according to the size of the city and the nature of the deal we get with local advertisers. Our data shows a billboard in small city is $1,800 per month, medium city is $3,000 per month and big city such as New York is $14,000 per month. Source for our numbers: ClearChannel US. 1. Boston - 4 x $6,000 2. San Jose - 4 x $8,000 3. Berkeley - 4 x $1,800 4. Los Angeles - 4 X $10,000 5. Atlanta - 4 x $3,000 6. Chicago - 4 x $9,000 7. Ann Arbour - 4 x $2,000 8. Pittsburgh - 4 x $3,000 9. Lafayette - 4 x $1,800 10. Ithaca - 4 x $900 11. New York - 4 x $14,000 12. Austin - 4 x $9,000 (they are considered small cities - we picked 11 because University of Texas is placed inside Austin city) TOTAL $61,512 TOTAL $340,000 + 4 x $1,500 x 11 universities
  60. 60. DIGITAL MEDIA PHASE 1 In order to achieve of 50 permanent employees, we need 100 SpaceX Camp attendees. In order to get 100 people at a high enough standard, we estimate we will need a minimum of 2,000 successful applications to the SpaceX Challenge (1 in 20 gets in)(The Telegraph, 2014) We expect a 50% wastage rate at the application stage (people who try the SpaceX challenge and either fail to complete or are ineligible). Therefore, we need at least 4,000 people who attempt to sign up and download the game. We expect a 25% success rate of people who sign up to the challenge (100% sign up, but only 25% download the challenge/visit the VR roadshow). Therefore, we will need approximately 16,000 people to attempt to sign up. Based on the estimate, we’ll need approximately 32,000 people to click on the call to action (50% wastage rate here as well). 32,000 clicks will be calculated via CPC (cost per click) method across Google Display Network, Paid Search, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Most digital platforms advertise on a CPC (cost per click basis) - they only charge us if the user has clicked on the Call to Action. This is extremely good because we know how many clicks we need - 32,000 - and we know the average CPC on each platform. Know we have to decide how many clicks we want from each platform. 10K clicks from FACEBOOK ads at average CPC of $2.72 10K clicks from INSTAGRAM ads at average CPC of $1.94 2K clicks from LINKEDIN ads at average CPC of $7 5K clicks from GOOGLE paid search at average CPC of $4.20 5K clicks from GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK ads at an average CPC of $1.66 TOTAL $89,900(CPC costs were extracted from online websites of the following digital marketing agencies: Wordstream, Adstage and EffinAmazing)
  61. 61. CAMP SpaceX headquarters are located in Hawthorne, California, just a couple fo minutes away from Manhattan Beach - the ideal setting for our three week summer camp. We have checked the surrounding areas and there are plenty of hotels such as the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott where we can accommodate the participants. According to CNN and additional sources, a high end summer camp costs in between $10,000 and $12,000 per person for approximately seven weeks. That would mean approximately $1,500 per person/ week. No. of participants: 100 No. of weeks: 3 TOTAL $450,000 DIGITAL MEDIA PHASE 2 As we’ve mentioned above, the second phase of the digital campaign consists in creating and promoting content during the VR Engineering Challenge and the SpaceX Academy (organic content, but paid to reach a broader audience). Our objectives here are to increase awareness and engagement in the campaign, generate positive sentiment and make SpaceX the go-to company for a young generation of female engineers. We do not need to pay for CPC (cost per click) - here, CPV (cost per view is enough). The content will mainly be video. We suggest investing $40,000 in this phase as a social media budget - this time spread only across FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM). VR CHALLENGE VR app production - maximum $50,000 for four months (March - July) (Source: Rewind.Io) Roadshow production: $105,000 to rent an airstream (big event trailer) during all our roadshows Brand ambassadors & promoters at roadshow 2 people x $500 (2 days) x 12 - $12,000 Room renting - we aim to obtain it for free by negotiating with each university TV SHOW - $100K/episode x 6 episodes
  62. 62. GRAND TOTAL ATL - MAGAZINES ATL - BILLBOARDS DIGITAL - PHASE 1 & 2 CAMP VR CHALLENGE $61,512 $340,000 $129,900 $450,000 TV SHOW $600,000 $167,000 $1,748,412
  63. 63. PUT HER IN HER PLACE CHALLENGE SpaceX wants to colonise Mars by 2024. To do so, SpaceX needs the best engineering talent. Only 15% of its workforce is female. More diversity = better results. Let’s recruit female engineers! FACT 78% female engineering students aged 18-24 feel underestimated due to their gender. They feel affected by micro- aggressions at work. IDEA Let’s boost confidence by attacking misogynistic language and changing its meaning. “SPACEX PLEDGES TO MAKE FIRST PERSON ON MARS A WOMAN” CREATIVE ADVERTISING Billboards and magazine ads spread across U.S.’s top engineering universities. Boundary - pushing messaging. For a rebel generation. DIGITAL MARKETING “PutHerInHerPlace” spread across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter. Recruitment ads designed to attract top female engineering talent. Users encouraged to change the meaning of “PutHerInHerPlace” SPACEX ACADEMY All expenses paid summer camp/contest to find the next generation of female engineers. 100 PARTICIPANTS 50 WINNERS OFFERED A PERMANENT ROLE AT SPACEX PR SpaceX commits to a 50/50 ratio and to making the first person on Mars a woman. Thought leadership targeted at key horizontal media + tech, engineering and business verticals. 169 women surveyed TOP 3 GO TO MARS
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ISSUE SUMMARY There's never been a better time to sign up for an aerospace engineering degree. As SpaceX has already launched and successfully landed the world's first reusable rocket, it looks like humanity is one step closer to colonising Mars and making life multi-planetary. Despite its growing ambitions, SpaceX’s pool of talent is currently limited. Only 15% of their workforce is female. At NASA it’s more than 30%. Due to this gender gap, SpaceX is missing out the talent that could pave the journey to Mars. If it hopes to successfully overcome its current engineering challenges and win the approval of the public, the government and future customers - SpaceX needs to hire more female professionals. INSIGHT 78% U.S.-based female engineering students aged 18-24 feel underestimated due to their gender and are the subjects of recurrent microaggression at work. SOLUTION An integrated marketing campaign with the purpose of making SpaceX the go-to company for a young generation of future female engineers by inspiring confidence through a rhetoric that destroys gender norms and subverts misogynistic language. Execution included elements of creative advertising, PR, social and digital. This is not a real campaign for SpaceX.


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