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Visual Semiotics
Visual Semiotics
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The Art of Visual Storytelling



Created by the team at Twenty20.

The best content marketers and social media marketers have all mastered the art of visual storytelling.
Everyday, people are sharing stories of their lives online.

By learning how to dynamically capture the attention of readers, you can improve the returns from your blogging, content marketing, and posting on social media. The best way to tell an engaging story is with powerful images. Real-world, authentic photos resonate with consumers because they are relatable. Check out this SlideShare for a look at the data behind how learning visual storytelling can take your marketing to a new level. [SlideShare]

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The Art of Visual Storytelling

  2. Stories are everything in the new social media age.
  3. Social Media is storytelling. Facebook WallsBlogs My Story
  4. Stories are constantly being shared. 40M posts daily 4.75B posts shared daily 500M tweets per day
  5. Use the Art of Visual Storytelling to shine through the clutter. Visuals are 55%more memorable than text.
  6. Of the top brand posts on Facebook 87%of total interactions were on posts with photos. Tweets with images receive 150%more retweets. People interact with visuals modgility
  7. There are only 3 rules…
  8. WAIT! Want to read this as a high-quality PDF? DOWNLOAD
  9. The 3 ingredients of Visual Storytelling: Capture authentic moments Appeal to the senses Post universally relevant content 1 2 3
  10. Appeal to the Senses Have your viewers feel your visuals through the screen 1
  11. Show your stories, don’t just tell them.
  12. Let the viewer experience the photos. See Taste HearSmell Touch
  13. Connecting to these senses brings: Memories, Nostalgia, & Relatability
  14. The stories people love and can relate to Post universally relevant content. 2
  15. Photos tell relatable stories.
  16. These stories reflect relatable personalities From the to theHeroic Playful
  17. Relevance is key. Content with relevant images get more views than content without94%
  18. Show your human side through real-world photos Capture authentic moments 3
  19. An authentic image tells your 
 complex story in a simple way.
  20. It has been proven that users love seeing genuine photos.
  21. Case Study: 24/7 Laundry Service Compared the click-through rates on posts with: Traditional stock photos Instagram style photos vs.
  22. Case Study: 24/7 Laundry Service increase in conversion rates Click Through Rates also increased from 2.35%to 8% 25% With Instagram-style photos, they saw a AdAge
  23. Viewers enjoy seeing eye-catching, candid, & in-motion photos.
  24. And to be effective, use high quality real-world photos to tell your story.
  25. Wrap Up • Use authentic real-world photos • Have in action sense filled photos • Show real people in universal roles
  26. Twenty20 has 45 million+ real, authentic photos. • Simple, royalty-free licenses • Real moments captured by real people • Professionally reviewed and vetted
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