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Les Rodanes Presentation ENG



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URGENT HELP NEEDED! Europe's first Natural Park that will allow children of all ages to spend an overnight educational stay within our Natural Park and take part in educational programs also to participate within creating a tree farm to fight against climate change! WE NEED YOUR HELP THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAVE THE FINANCES TO IMPLEMENT THIS PROGRAM! CAN YOU HELP?

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Les Rodanes Presentation ENG

  1. 1. The following presentation will outline a number of opportunities for the implementation of the Les Rodanes Natural Park C Education, Nature, Activities, Events the environment also to combat climate change by how we manage our forests and the future expansion plan of our forests! We hope to become an example to all other Natural Parks globally. 1 The following presentation will outline a number of opportunities for the Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre that will provide all age Events and Tourism. Developing a long term centre combat climate change by how we manage our forests and expansion plan of our forests! We hope to become an example to all other Presentation to: The following presentation will outline a number of opportunities for the entre that will provide all ages Developing a long term centre for combat climate change by how we manage our forests and expansion plan of our forests! We hope to become an example to all other
  2. 2. 2 Mission statement: My Name is Michael Robert Gill originally from the United Kingdom; I have had the privilege of living in Valencia Spain for over the past 16 years, for the last 7 years I have been even more blessed to be accepted within the community of Vilamarxant, Valencia. Where I had resided in Monte Horquera for a period of 2 years and now in the zone of El Clau and Ferradura where I hope to spend the rest of my days. Whilst living here I have also been witness to the devastation of our Pine trees within our Les Rodanes Natural Park! Tied to the fact of Climate change and everyone needs to do something? ´So it got me thinking?´ How can we best make use of what’s around us, and How can we best take care of our surroundings, educate everyone, and make a difference for Climate change! ´I have been known to be a very creative person.´ Within my own personal experiences as a child in the UK and the many forests that exist there, including some of the activities I was lucky enough to take part in as a child, also over the years I have had the benefit of creating many companies globally that has covered areas of Manufacturing, Tourism, Marketing, Sports also Food and Beverage, For example I have supplied Valencia Tourism for the past 15 years supplying all major events such as the America´s Cup, F1, MotoGP etc. and all 5* client requirements to offer the very best of Valencia: - - - - - With this knowledge and the Passion I have for my Natural Park, Village and the community I live in, also my environment, hopefully I can do something to HELP! My community and the Ayuntamiento, Vilamarxant and Riba Roja to implement this program, as it will not work privately as this whole project can only be applied solely if the local government becomes the driving Force behind the project. As future national and International support will become easier! I believe together we can create a very special Natural Park Centre that will hopefully be the basis for all to copy? And together make a difference to our community and our Planet, Providing an Educational and Tourism based Natural Park Centre,
  3. 3. 3 Transforming our environment and implementing a planting program of more trees than ever has been before, Implementing it through educational visits for all ages including an overnight stay Package, Which would be used to sustain the long term viability of the centre. This can be delivered through all local schools visits which our Park Mascot? A ´Squirrel, ´ for example (Costume Human Size) would visit. Also attracting Tourism from all over especially Valencia City Tourism, The 3rd largest City in Spain, Also due to the problems within Barcelona, 2020 will be even busier for Valencia, to come and experience our little piece of heaven! Play there part in planting trees, also National and International sporting events. I believe together as a community we can all create something very special from one of our greatest assets, Our Les Rodanes Natural Park.
  4. 4. 4 Contents: • Introduction • Location • Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre • Albergue • Bassa Barreta • Masia Porxinos • Within the limits of the Municipal Natural Area 'Les Rodanes', you can see numerous examples of cultural heritage. • Caves and chasms • Civil War trenches • Pale ontological site • Nature and Fauna • Tourist Office Visitor Centre • Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre shop / Cafeteria • Add a sense of wonder to the learning experience! • Outdoor education • Educational and group visits • Youth Engagement • Overnight stay Squirrels English Camp (20 Children + 5 monitors) • Itinerary • Example of Activities award badges • Little Squirrels Nature Club • List of some of the Educational Activities • Older Visitors • Larger Groups • Tree Planting Program • How We Restore Forests • Area and Design • Collecting Seeds • Growing at the Nursery • Planting • Monitoring • Why Plant Trees? • Youth and Climate Change • Les Rodanes Natural Park Transportation (Fully Branded) • Volunteers • Why Volunteer? • Tour Guides • About the opportunity • Tasks and Duties • Training • Membership • Essential Information • Contact
  5. 5. 5 Introduction: The following presentation will outline a number of opportunities for the implementation of the Les Rodanes Natural Park Educational centre that will provide all ages Education, Nature, Activities and Events. Also a centre for climate change where we will lead the way and everyone can take part, with the right team and Long term plan I believe we can gain support from many different types of entities that would want to support such a long term Educational and climate change centre plan. Providing Local employment, increased revenue for local businesses in all our villages in a variety of ways bringing the community together by generating such an exclusive ecological tourist experience, based around Nature, Les Rodanes long history and very beautiful Villages within it’s Natural Park, Educational centre and its many attractions. Combined with being a centre for combating climate change! The long term sustainable function of the centre is to provide education for all ages (In English as an option) with the experience of an over night stay, but most importantly over the long term to become a tree farm, with help from everyone that visits the centre, Whether it is our babies aged 2-3 years plus to help plant the many seeds, to the slightly older generations maintaining and learning how to maintain for the future, to the older generation actually planting the trees! Even tourists! I believe our Tree farm could produce 1000´s of seedlings made available to all villages as we all have to play our part! But we need to generate a sustainable centre that can fulfil this purpose, where better than from our Les Rodanes Natural Park centre. • Implementing a tree farm • Animal Centre (Experiences) • Centre for villages acclimatization • Centre for climate change • Tourism takes part when visiting the natural park and its expansion! • Youth climate change centre, providing a base, support, information, demonstrations, events and make a difference! • Empower the youth, expand our natural parks. • All local villages will benefit from our Natural Park as they all need help combating climate change and the supply of there future trees for planting (Financial benefit to sustain the centre.)
  6. 6. 6 • Centre for plantation for the future • Incentives to land owners to plant trees (reduced taxes?) • Investigate Cultivation and other benefits from planting trees instead of fruit? • Land not being cultivated or used Policy? • Fire certificate (Advise) Ecological, Compost no more fires, Provide solutions for creating compost? • Working closely in conjunction with all Government departments and associations Location Les Rodanes Natural Park, Valencia. Spain Les Rodanes is located in Vilamarxant, a municipality that belongs to the Camp del Túria region. It is located in the Mountain 'The Rodanes', and is formed by four denominated buttresses, the Great Rodana (345 m), Rodana of the Pico (321 m.), Rodana Terrosa (227 m.) And Rodana of Gold (297 m). The PNM has a high natural value, and can be classified as a lithological singularity to present siliceous lithologies of sandy soils, known as 'rhodene' and which are so rare in the rest of the Valencian Community. In addition to the high ecological and natural value of the Rodanes itself, they can enjoy educational facilities such as La Senda adapted for people with reduced mobility, the Bassa Barreta and the Arboreto with Rocall that correspond to the aim of the value of this important resource in the municipality. The uniqueness of this place is its adaptability to the environment. • The Bassa Barreta i Corral is an emblematic place that is loved by the locals, as a testament to the traditional use of the Rodanes, the extensive pasture of wool animals. It is located at the head of the Barranc de la Muntxolina, and is the only permanent body of water in the mountain. • The Arboreto, Rocall and adapted path. The Rocky Arboretum is equipment located in the Place that aims to represent part of the great variety of ecosystems that can be found in the Valencian Community, in a place accessible to visitors. Along the route there are pedestrian paths and a path adapted for people with reduced mobility.
  7. 7. 7 Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre The Albergue Facility has been investigated and has the capabilities of catering for the Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre, which has many benefits: with over 1 million Euros refurbishment a few years ago to bring back one of the Les Rodanes historic locations. Photos Before: After:
  8. 8. 8 Housing 25 single bunk beds (Brand new), Bathrooms, Conference facility, (internally and externally) Catering facilities also local grounds that will be a major part of its long term future. Bassa Baretta
  9. 9. 9 Within the limits of the Municipal Natural Area 'Les Rodanes', you can see numerous examples of cultural heritage. Caves and chasms • Sima of the punats Rates • Cave of the Rates punished • Sima of the Pedregoses of Horquera • Cave of the Stones of Horquera • Sima of the Gold • Sima of the mastic • Cave of the mastic • Cave of the Corral de la Bassa • Cave of the White Rodaneta • Cave of the Blues Civil War trenches Within the Les Rodanes, there is a line of trenches, bunkers, machine-gun nests and air-raid shelters that have remained hidden from the Spanish Civil War to the present, in this privileged environment. The military constructions are located in the North Slope of the peaks of La Ferradura and El Clau, and in the White Rodaneta. There are two paths that allow you to visit the network of trenches of the Municipal Natural Area.(PR-V 175.2 Trench deviation and PR-V 175.1 Trench variation). Pale ontological site Located in the 'Cave of the mastic', where were found horse remains of archaic morphology, others belonging to a small rhinoceros, a medium-sized deer, remnants of a lynx and several micro mammals in addition to birds and gastropods. Nature and Fauna The Mediterranean fauna is well represented in the Municipal Natural Area of Les Rodanes. We found 50 bird species and 15 mammals typical of the Mediterranean forest. The fauna present is of great value considering the great anthropological pressure that the area has suffered. To emphasize the micro fauna present in the Place, by the work that realizes in the ecosystem. Typically Mediterranean mammals are present in the Les Rodanes. The most abundant are insectivorous species such as the common hedgehog, the dwarf shrew,
  10. 10. 10 the common shrew and the mole, rodent species such as the wood mouse, the domestic mouse, the Mediterranean mouse, the common rat and the squirrel. Other species that appear to be of greater extent are: Rabbits, weasel, hare, fagina, rat cellarda, geneta, and wild boar. Highlight the presence of the rat horseshoe for its protection status. Within the forest areas are prey such as the white-bellied eagle, serpent eagle, common eagle, and Brúfol. As for non-anthropoid invertebrates, the most representative group is the Molluscs, and within these gastropod class terrestrials the only ones that have become independent of the aquatic environment due to their pulmonate status. These are snails, sea snails and slugs, which are distributed in more than one hundred species in the area of the Valencian Community. Among the best known are the Moorish snail, the hazelnut and the Fine Chinese mountain mallet. As an example of amphibians we find, among others, the toot or the chick. Regarding the diversity of reptiles present, it should be emphasized that of all of them, they are considered Protected Species (Valencian Catalogue of Threatened Fauna Species), the fardatxo and the green snake.
  11. 11. 11 Tourist Office Visitor Centre An extension of the Tourism offices for Vilamarxant and Riba Roja villages, Where there will be a team ready and willing to help you get the very best out of your visit Available to arrange activities, Information and reservations Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre shop / Cafeteria Here at Les Rodanes Natural Park Visitor Centre Gift Shop we take pride in sourcing local produce wherever possible. With high quality products also available to purchase from outdoor equipment, Artisan products and maps, Even tickets and reservations, so that we can entertain the family during there stay or take home a reminder of their special visit to the Park. Come and relax at our café bar and enjoy home-made, locally sourced food, nutritious meals, snacks and cakes and a competitively priced selection of teas, coffee and hot chocolate. The café opens 10am weekdays and 9.30am weekends. Add a sense of wonder to the learning experience! Les Rodanes Natural Park countryside makes a fabulous outdoor classroom. With our dedicated and experienced staff will work closely with teachers in the planning stage of a visit. They can make suggestions for the day’s programme of work, supplying excellent tailor- made information to meet learning objectives. We can help support both guided and self-guided groups from early years to university age. A pre-visit is strongly recommended so teachers can familiarise themselves with location, facilities and safety considerations.
  12. 12. 12 Outdoor education • develops key skills • promotes health and fitness • raises achievement • improves social skills • develops independence • makes learning more relevant • stimulates, inspires and motivates • improves attitude to learning • encourages responsibility • supports a wide range of curriculum areas Educational and group visits I believe the main function of the Les Rodanes Natural Park centre will be to provide groups of 20 children an overnight night stay with 5 monitors, This will provide the foundation and finances to facilitate the centre for the long term: As our centre will be the centre that will educate about Nature and the environment and a leading centre for planting trees, I believe all ages can play a role for example within the over night camp that the younger generation of 4-8 years of age can play a role within planting the seeds ready for seedlings and planting reducing costs for the centre and the supply of our future trees, The older age groups, Visitors etc Can play the role of planting and we promote everybody to take part. We can provide an educational pack to help with preparation for guided or self guided visits. This pack includes costs, booking information and a map of the park. Create a sense of achievement! Belong to something that matters! Learn English! Make new friends! Make a difference! Youth Engagement Les Rodanes Natural Park engages diverse youth across the Community of Valencia, Spain to nurture the next generation of community leaders and stewards of our public lands. Each program offers a unique opportunity for young people to experience these amazing places in their community’s backyard, reconnect with their cultural and traditional values, and participate in forest stewardship activities. They also learn about a potential new career path, and, sometimes, college credit. These programs also advance our mission to inspire personal and meaningful connections to Natural Forests, the centrepiece of Spain’s public lands.
  13. 13. 13 The health of Spain’s Natural Forests – “The People’s Land” – truly depends on citizens who care about the future of this unique system of public lands. What better way to grow an interest and care for these places than to spend time in them? An engaged youth – our country’s next generation of community leaders and public land stewards – are the key to perpetuating the health of these landscapes in the future. As people learn about what values their Natural Forests offer, they better understand the restoration and stewardship needs of these treasured places. This lack of the connection with nature threatens to unravel the care and engagement that healthy communities require. This disconnect from the environment is sometimes called “nature deficit disorder.” Not only does connecting our nation’s youth with the surrounding landscapes help foster environmental stewardship, but a growing body of research indicates that the benefits of a strong connection with nature range from boosting mental vigour and creativity, to reducing obesity and depression. Through our Youth and Stewardship Initiative, we meaningfully reconnect a younger generation, particularly underserved youth, to their backyard Natural Forests. To nurture the next generation of forest stewards, mentors from the Forest Service, local nonprofits and community provide expertise and learning pathways to develop an interest in conservation values and career opportunities. “With the guidance of our professionals, the participants learn how to navigate the challenges we face in regard to protecting our public lands, and they also learn how to responsibly enjoy these wild spaces.” Students are encouraged to take their passions outdoors and learn about the ways in which they can be an integral part of landscape stewardship efforts in and around their own communities. These landscapes not only showcase the beauty of our country, protect valuable natural and cultural resources, and instil a feeling of awe, but they also provide significant economic contributions to local communities with jobs, mental and physical health improvements, and community wellness. By integrating our youth in conservation initiatives, we are ensuring that our public lands are protected for years to come, and we are also ensuring that our youth develop professional skills and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.
  14. 14. 14 Overnight stay Squirrels English Camp (20 Children + 5 monitors) Our Long term target would be to cater for 20 children a night (with 5 monitors) • Target 300 nights of the year! x20 = 6000 Kids x 10 Trees each = 60,000 Trees • Ages from 4-16. • Open to all schools and children organisations • Tailored for English classes, Spanish or Valenciano speaking • At a cost of around - 100/150 Euros per night p.p. • Promotion throughout all schools designed as a school excursion • 100/150 Euros x 20 Children = 2000/3000 Euros X 300 Nights = 600,000 / 900,000 Euros Itinerary: 4pm arrival to the Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre (Or Pickup point) All children will receive on arrival: • A Yellow Polo shirt • Yellow Cap • English Language Class Natural Park Exercise/Achievement book • Yellow shoulder bag (For packed lunch) All fully branded with the Parks logo, after which their will be activities. • 4pm – 7.30pm Activities • 7.30 pm – 8pm Wildlife Movie • 8pm -9pm Evening meal (BBQ Camp meal, Hot chocolate) Story time then bed • 8am – 9am Shower and Breakfast • 9am – 12.30 Activities (Packed Lunch) • 1pm Parents Pickup. All activities are included within the English Language Class Natural Park exercise book, (Subject to age) Which will be designed locally and will also contain English Spanish and Valenciano translations, Categorised by sections via age group and English Language difficulty, Incorporating all activities relevant to that age group throughout the Park and achievements. (Discount/Free for low income families, Incorporated with local social services)
  15. 15. Example of Activities award badges system and implementing the same strategy for our Natural Park centre they will be designed around our brand But delivering a long term reason for the whole family to keep coming back! Especially if the child wants to complete there achievements, which some activities they must be a family group. We will be added to their Les Rodanes Natural Park Polo shirt, Creating a achievement, where if they do not complete the exercises parents to complete the activities family to take part in, Which also provide Providing a family based centre where families are welcome all year round and have activities for the whole family to Activity Centre Service Activity Badge Camper Activity Badge Climber Activity Badge Creative 15 Example of Activities award badges Taking the existing Cubs and guides badge system and implementing the same strategy for our Natural Park centre designed around our brand and activities also parent and child activities But delivering a long term reason for the whole family to keep coming back! Especially if the child wants to complete there achievements, which some activities We will provide a badge for every activity completed Natural Park Polo shirt, Creating a sense of where if they do not complete the exercises, They can return with there ies, Also activities that are designed for the whole , Which also provide the child an extra badge of achievement Providing a family based centre where families are welcome all year round and have activities for the whole family to take part in. Activity Plus Badge Instructor Caving Activity Badge Chef Activity Creative Arts Activity Badge Fundraising Cubs and guides badge system and implementing the same strategy for our Natural Park centre (Of course and activities also parent and child activities) But delivering a long term reason for the whole family to keep coming back! Especially if the child wants to complete there achievements, which some activities provide a badge for every activity completed, to sense of hey can return with there , Also activities that are designed for the whole the child an extra badge of achievement. Providing a family based centre where families are welcome all year round and have Instructor Activity Badge Activity Badge Fundraising Activity Badge
  16. 16. Global Issues Activity Badge Hill Leadership Activity Badge Marketing Naturalist Activity Badge Physical Survival Skills Activity Badge Science 16 Hill Walker Activity Badge International Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge Mountain Badge Physical Recreation Activity Badge Pioneer Science and Technology Activity Badge Plus International Activity Badge Mountain Biking Activity Badge Activity Badge Plus…
  17. 17. 17 Little Squirrels Nature Club Little Squirrels is a hands-on nature club for children aged 2 and a half years and above during school term time. Sessions include activities and resources appropriate to the weather and the seasons. Each week has a different theme and we start the session at the Visitor Centre. There is always a craft, healthy snack with a story, nature walk and outdoor play. During very cold and wet weather, little squirrels can be adapted to include indoor activity for the first half and then a period of outdoor play. Children and adult carers should dress for the weather conditions and be happy to get mucky and wet! A change of clothing is advisable. We work in partnership with the parent carer and encourage their involvement in sharing their child’s nature experiences together. Sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings 1 and a half hour from 10.30am to midday Price to be confirmed Booking is essential
  18. 18. 18 Guided Sessions unless specified all our sessions can be tailored to any key stage, ability, language or group. Just a list of some of the educational activities which can be made available to all children subject to their age group • Water is Life Learn all about the water cycle, water efficiency and why water is so important in our world. Pond Dipping Investigate what creatures make this watery world their home. Use pond nets to reach the depths and trays to examine your finds. • Animals and Us An interactive tour of the Les Rodanes to discover the similarities and differences between humans and animals, Learn how these animals are classified and discover who eats who in our food chain game. • Encounter Sessions Our Education team will introduce you to three animals from our animal collection. Also we will provide you with a fun rucksack of self guided resources to explore the park further. • Sensory Explorers Using their senses the children explore the Parks variety of colours, textures, sounds and smells. • Awesome Adaptations Explore our animal collection learning how the different animals have adapted to survive in their native environments. The Story of Plants Follow the journey from seed to flower playing games about plants and trees. • Mini beast Safari Take a look into this miniature world and find out why these beasts are so important. • Woodland and Meadow Habitat Comparison Through a series of activities the children are encouraged to draw comparisons between two very different habitats. Listen to the sounds of the park and find out how sound is made before creating your own natural rhythm.
  19. 19. 19 • Therapeutic Animal Session Improve health and wellbeing by meeting feeding and getting close to some of our animals. • Taster Days Students will get to work alongside our centre, ranger or garden teams. They will learn the day to day duties of these teams and gain insight to a career in this industry. We will offer accredited diploma courses specifically for 14-16 year olds. We are able to offer animal care, horticulture and woodland management courses at Les Rodanes Natural Park. The courses follow the awarding body criteria and are delivered with a strong emphasis on work based learning. Courses can be tailored to your groups needs. Older visitors A visit to our Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre Cafe for refreshment and cake and a stroll around the Park is an ideal short day out. Guided Tours are available subject to availability. Our centre shop will have something for everyone from Artisan products, fresh produce, plants and vegetables (all produced from the natural park) to gifts. Larger groups We will cater for large groups or organisations wanting to visit for a fun day out. Most of our self guided activities can be adapted to suit your group.
  20. 20. 20 Tree planting Program We must plan to implement a seedling program which can run alongside our educational programs, and create a facility to cater for the future development and production of trees. Our Natural Parks are the most efficient natural system for pulling carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere. This means that healthy forests are a powerful tool for mitigating and adapting to climate change. By donating also Participating you are joining Our Natural Park Forests campaign and becoming a part of one of the largest national efforts to address climate change. By being a part of Our Natural Park Forests campaign, you can be sure that your donation is going to plant the right trees in the right places. We work with forestry experts from the Spanish Forest Service to determine where trees need to be planted to keep a healthy, diverse distribution of trees. Tree planting is particularly important after severe wildfire. In the months or years following a fire, planting trees is an effective way to bring back healthy forests and the benefits they provide, like clean air, clean water and recreation opportunities. By planting trees on our Natural parks, we are lessening the effects of climate change and helping our forests adapt. How Do Our Natural Parks Absorb Carbon and Help Curb Climate Change? Our Natural Park is part of an incredible carbon storage system. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as carbon in trunks, roots, branches, leaves and even the soil. What Can We Do to Ensure Healthy Forests and Sequester Carbon? Plant More Trees! By planting trees, we are restoring vital forest ecosystems - ecosystems that offer arrange of benefits for everyone. As these trees grow, they will sequester CO2 and mitigate your carbon footprint. A single tree can sequester a half a ton of CO2 over its 100 year lifetime. You Can Mitigate Your Carbon Footprint by Planting Trees. What’s your carbon footprint? The average person carbon footprint is 20 tons of CO2 per year - offset your impact with 40 trees.
  21. 21. 21 How We Restore Forests Planting a tree may seem like a simple act. But when a wildfire sweeps through a National Forest and leaves nothing but standing dead trees and ashes, there is an important, multi-step process in place to help restore the forests. Learn how we restore forest cover following major natural disturbances like wildfire. Area and Design Each reforestation project responds to a specific need. Wildfire commonly creates a lot of reforestation need. Before beginning any part of the reforestation process, We must first carefully assess the area in need, considering the tree species that were present, and evaluates whether or not the area will benefit from tree planting or natural regeneration. If the area would benefit from tree planting, they make a plan for exactly how the forest will be planted. Collecting Seeds The Forest Service sources native seeds from healthy forests near the area to be planted. Sometimes climbing high into trees to obtain the seeds also collects cones from the same species that we plan to plant, and from the same elevation. Cones are then broken down to extract seeds. Did you know? Forest Service nurseries supply the vast majority of seedling planted on National Forests. Growing At the Nursery After our Forest Service collects seeds, they transport them to one of our Forest Service nurseries located locally. Here, professionals grow them under climate- controlled conditions that mimic their natural environment. Seedlings are typically grown until they are 1-2 years old, although some species require more time. Once seedlings reach a sufficient age, they are transported back to forest for planting.
  22. 22. 22 Planting The Forest Service then transports the seedlings back to the forest in a refrigerated cooler until the morning that they are planted. Professional tree planting crews fill up their hip bags with hundreds of seedlings at once, and trek across hillsides to plant seedlings. To give a better chance at survival, seedlings are often planted in what are called “micro sites” – tucked in or shaded areas that protect the seedling from direct sun exposure. Using specialized tools, planters dig a small, deep hole in the ground. Seedlings are carefully placed in the hole, making sure the root structure is intact and covering the opening with soil Did you know? A professional tree planter can plant a tree in less than 10 seconds! Monitoring To ensure that seedlings were planted correctly, the Forest Service will randomly select young seedlings and dig them up to confirm the crews used the proper planting technique. As seedlings mature, the Forest Service monitors them after one, three and five years of planting to ensure survival. In some areas, follow up maintenance activities (like scraping away competing vegetation) are necessary to ensure seedlings survive into the future. Why Plant Trees? Planting trees supports wildfire recovery, improves water quality, mitigates climate change, and so much more. By planting trees in our Natural Forests, we are investing in healthy forests for today and for future generations. Together, we’ll restore tens of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, And as these trees grow, trees you helped to plant, they’ll help fight global climate change and ensure wildlife have healthy places to live. ´Trees also help us breathe...´ When wildfire, insects or disease impact our Natural Forests, the timely establishment of seedlings helps jumpstart the forest’s recovery. Reforestation supports us and our forests in many ways:
  23. 23. 23 Forest Health and Resiliency Reforestation after disturbances improves forest health. By planting the right species, reforestation helps makes our forests more resilient to future challenges like climate change and wildfire. Wildlife Habitat Our Natural Forests provide habitat for an incredible diversity of wildlife. Air Quality As trees grow and consume air, they remove harmful pollutants from the air. Reforestation helps re-establish forest cover and improve our “natural air filter.” Climate Mitigation Spanish forests offset between 10 to 20 percent of the countries emissions each year. Reforestation helps sustain and increase the carbon sequestration potential of our forests, mitigating the effects of global climate change. Seed source for the future Disturbances can sometimes be so severe that they can affect the forests ability to regenerate for decades to come. Planting trees helps establish a seed source to give our forests a better shot at quick recovery. Well-being The links between our mental and physical well-being and nature are clear. We’re happier and less stressed when we spend time in nature. By replanting our forests, we’re helping to make more space for you to find peace of mind. Partnerships Tree planting brings us together. Working together with businesses, individuals and our partners, we engage more people in caring for our forests. Recreation Our Natural Forests provide Espanola’s and Tourist with endless opportunities to go play. Reforestation helps improve the quality of recreational. Jobs Our tree planting projects are managed by professional forestry workers. In addition to restoring forest cover, our projects make sure there is sustained economic opportunity for these professionals.
  24. 24. 24 Youth and Climate Change (Support) The United Nations, Youth and Climate Change The United Nations System recognizes the key role that youth play in tackling climate change and works closely with youth-led and youth-focussed organizations around the world through the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change (Joint Framework Initiative). Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations; United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification; United Nations Children's Fund; United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs - Division for Sustainable Development; United Nations Development Programme; United Nations Environment Programme; United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; United Nations Human Settlements Programme; Unite Nations Institute for Training and Research; United Nations Non-governmental Liaison Service; United Nations Organizations for Education, Science and Culture; United Nations Population Fund; United Nations Programme on Youth; United Nations Volunteers; World Bank. YOUTH AND CLIMATE CHANGE Youth - The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) supports the development of food security and climate change educational programmes and resources for rural farmer field and life schools. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) implements the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme, which provides funding for projects on mitigation or adaptation to climate change proposed by youth organizations or non-governmental organizations that work with youth. Through its Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development Programme, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) supports the development of national climate change education programmes, policies and resources. UNEP adopted a long-term Tunza Youth Strategy for engaging youth in environmental activities in the areas of capacity-building, environmental awareness and information exchange, with a vision to foster a generation of environmentally conscious citizens, capable of positive action. The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) supports youth- led groups through its Urban Youth Fund and ‘One Stop Youth Resource Centres’ to develop programmes to mitigate the effects of climate change in urban areas. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)’s Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction teams have greatly contributed to the introduction of
  25. 25. 25 Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for the past eight years through the Inter-Agency Committee (IAC) of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD 2005-2014). As 2013 IAC Chair, UNICEF is prioritizing programmes that support adolescence and girls/youth empowerment. The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) supports, through UN CC: Learn3, a long-term and strategic approach to climate change education which includes designing national strategies, developing learning materials for both formal and non-formal learning contexts, and raising international awareness of the need to integrate of climate change fundamentals into national curriculums. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat coordinates the work of the Joint Framework Initiative. It also works closely with the rapidly expanding UNFCCC observer constituency of youth non-governmental organizations (YOUNGO) to support the substantive engagement of youth in the intergovernmental climate change process through the organization of high-level briefings with decision makers, capacity-building events for youth organizations, the facilitation of youth 3 UN CC: Learn is a partnership of 33 multilateral organizations which supports Member States in designing and implementing results-oriented and sustainable learning to address climate change. The Secretariat for UN CC: Learn is provided by UNITAR. Tackling climate change requires concerted coordinated government action as well as conscious and informed efforts by individuals. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen both formal and informal education on climate change and viable lifestyles. In addition, sustainable production and consumption patterns must be promoted and youth supported as environmental champions in their local communities. Partnerships should be developed between governments, intergovernmental, non-governmental and youth organizations for joint environmental initiatives aimed at building the capacity of youth as future leaders and driving forces behind a new climate change regime. Considerable efforts are also needed in strengthening the adaptive capability and resilience of youth in rural communities in developing countries. More efforts must be made to ensure that youth are ready to take advantage of new environment oriented employment opportunities. Growing attention to climate change and sustainable development offers a chance for green economic growth around the world. Green jobs not only provide much-needed employment opportunities for youth, they also give youth an outlet to contribute directly to the fight against climate change by adopting green behaviours in the workplace as well as in their private lives.
  26. 26. 26 Les Rodanes Natural Park Transportation (Fully branded) 4 x 6 Seated Electric Golf carts will serve perfectly to provide a number of uses: • 1 x Monitor and 5 x Children (To open up the possibilities of our Natural Park and Activities) • Transportation to and from the Centre of the Village to the Natural Park Centre (With a Charge) • Planting trees vehicle for groups (With a Charge) • Event Vehicles for major events (With a Charge) • Historic Tours (With a Charge) Item: GD6-L6 Product: 6 seater golf cart Price: Around $4200, depend on different standard and quantity. Plus Transport. Electric Bicycle Hire (With a Charge) Horse drawn vehicle (With a Charge) Horse and Pony Rental (With a Charge)
  27. 27. 27 Volunteers As a volunteer you will be given training. The experience and skills you will learn can help you keep active, change careers or add to your C.V. As well as traditional hands-on activities like conservation, horticulture and access improvements, volunteers support us in a variety of other ways. We have roles for social history demonstrators, guided walk leaders and tour guides, surveyors and way markers, retail support and administration. Why volunteer? ´It's a good way to keep active and we all love being outside. There's a social aspect as well, we have a lot of fun together and there's a really supportive and friendly atmosphere.´ Tour guide Enhance the visitor experience and bring the stories of our countryside sites and parks to life in a fun and interactive way. About the opportunity The main purpose of this role is to bring the stories of our countryside sites and parks to life in a fun and interactive way. A combination of guided tours and social history demonstrations will be used to enhance the visitor experience. Tour Guides provide guided tours around the sites and parks much like a guided walk leader but more focused on history, Social history demonstrators have a similar role to tour guides although they have greater interaction with the public, often portraying a character related to the site. Both roles provide information about our sites and buildings as well as enhancing the experience for visitors.
  28. 28. 28 Tasks and duties This is a varied role and could include many different activities such as Giving tours around buildings bringing displays and history to life Giving tours around the Natural Park giving information about social history Providing demonstrations or re-enactments to visitors relevant to the site you are working at. Training It is important for volunteers to have some experience for either of these roles although this could be gained by supporting other tour guides or social demonstrators. Either role could then be assumed when the volunteer has gained enough experience and confidence. For long term volunteers training is available and can include First Aid, practical tool use and Leadership Skills. Membership Perfect for regular visitors • Visit the Natural Park as often as you like throughout the year and enjoy a selection of great members’ offers by signing up to one of our memberships. • Ideal for short visits, our Hide with a Guide events and popping in for that rare bird! • Bring a guest for 2 Euros (adult season tickets only) • 5% off any Tea Room purchase over 5 Euros when showing your season ticket • Try before you buy - If you buy a season ticket after a visit we will refund the day ticket off the price. • Individual adult 45 Euros unlimited access for 1 person • Joint adult 65 Euros unlimited access for 2 people • Child (5 to 15 years old) 5 Euros unlimited access for 1 child This is just to serve as an example!
  29. 29. 29 Essential Information The following information will help visitors get the best from their visit. • Pre – Visits a visit to our site prior to your intended visit is essential in order to secure your booking. This gives group leaders the chance to familiarize themselves with the workings of the site. This helps ensure that the children gain maximum benefit from their visit. A pre-visit should include a walk around the site. • Accidents and First Aid All staff is qualified first aides. If you require medical assistance or in case of an accident, please report to reception or the nearest member of staff, if you call for an ambulance directly please let the reception know. • Safety Please follow the guidelines set out by your local Education Authority with regards to taking groups on trips and carrying out fieldwork. The teacher/group leader is responsible for the discipline and overall control of the group at all times, and to ensure that all helpers are briefed on their responsibilities. • Insurance - Must have a public liability insurance of £5,000,000. • Arrival procedure for self guided activities on arrival the teacher/group leader must report to the reception desk within the Visitor Centre with the booking form and number of children attending the day. • Toilets Ladies, gents and disabled toilets are situated in the Les Rodanes Visitor Centre. • Cancellations The minimum notice period required for a full refund is one month. • Clothing Les Rodanes Natural Park is a countryside site and it is strongly recommended that all visitors dress appropriately. Please ensure all members of the group wear flat-soled shoes or boots that they don’t mind getting dirty and bring appropriate clothes for the weather conditions. We can experience extremes of weather from storms and gales to bright blazing sunshine. As all activities will be taking place outside good waterproof clothing is essential at most times of the year. Sunscreen and hats are recommended during hot weather.
  30. 30. 30 • The Visitor Centre Shop The shop stocks a wide variety of souvenirs, gifts and educational items which will add to your visit. • Les Rodanes Natural Park centre Café The café is situated in the visitor centre and offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks, cakes, snacks and light lunches. Groups can be catered for if booked in advance. • Picnic Areas only food purchased in the café can be eaten here but there are plenty of places to sit along. • Health and Safety Machinery and tools The Les Rodanes Natural Park centre is a place of work and there will be times when machinery may be in operation. It is important that children are supervised by an adult at all times. • Weils disease can be contracted from the exposure to water contaminated with the urine of rodents. Children should avoid touching their eyes, ears and mouth, wash their hands and cover open wounds with a waterproof plaster if coming into contact with the lake’s edge. • Ticks (Lyme disease) Ticks can be picked up in wooded or grassy areas particularly during the warm summer months. The best way to avoid this is to wear long sleeved tops, trousers and sturdy shoes so that ticks can not reach the skin. If you pick up a tick please seek medical advice
  31. 31. 31 Contact I would like to share the following presentation to hopefully help and express my passion for this Project, by know means is it going to be easy! But, I believe I can deliver such a project! I would be honoured if you would consider me for the future position of Les Rodanes Natural Park Centre Director. (So that I may start to work with all government departments, also to target support) I await your earliest response to this matter, so that we can plan a meeting to discuss the project further. Very Best Wishes Michael Robert Gill (Project Director) 1 January 2020 Movil: 0034 629079069 Email: