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Online bus pass management system
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Presentation on online bus management

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Presentation on online bus management

  1. 1. A Presentation on Online Bus Service
  2. 2. Submitted to: Syed Md. Galib Assistant Professor; Department of CIT . Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, PATUAKHALI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY.
  3. 3. Project Profile: Project Defination: Online Bus Management System Objectives: Display root detail on screen , e-mail verification, Station, platform & bus detail ,Ticket detail, etc. Front End: html, CSS, JS based web page. Back End: PHP, MySql. Tools: XAMPP Server 3.2.1, Dreamweaver, Java Script, html, CSS.
  4. 4. Team Info: Name: Naeem Ahmad Roll No: 1102053 Reg No: 03227 Semister: 5th Faculty: Computer Science & Engineering. E-mail: University: Patuakhali Science & Technology University.
  5. 5. Existing System:  Time Table  Get timetable via sms  Only desktop application available
  6. 6. Need For New System:  Display route info on screen  Booking verification detail via e-mail  Get detail about Ticket, station, platform & bus  Display daily updated time table
  7. 7. Miniumum Software Requirement:  User side requirement: Operating System: Windows XP/other compatible OS Web Browser: Internet Explorer/other compatible browser  Server Site Requirement: Front End: PHP 5.3.0 Back End: MYSQL 5.1.36 Web Server: XAMPP 3.2.1, Apache V2.2.12
  8. 8. Layout:
  9. 9. Layout:
  10. 10. Data Flow Diagram: . Start View Site Is valid User y e s Login Admin ? Yes No No Sign Up Cng Pass & ProfileCng Pass & Profile
  11. 11. Data Flow Diagram: Admin Customer A B Manage Customer Manage Ticket Manage Route, Map, Time Manage Bus Manage Shidule Purchase Ticket View Routine Detail View Timetable Post Requirement Ticket
  12. 12. Thanks to all.
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