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PSFK Gaming For Good Report

PSFK challenged its readership of over 1MM creative professionals to come up with concepts that address issues put forth by The Climate Reality Project. Participants in the challenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified in PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report to create potential solutions.
PSFK received over 60 entries from around the world. This book contains a shortlist of those concepts, as chosen by The Climate Reality Project. By highlighting the strongest concepts, PSFK hopes to shine a light on ways that The Climate Reality Project and other likeminded businesses can solve some of the issues
they face.

PSFK Gaming For Good Report

  2. FOREWORDGames are the new normal. The popularity and proliferation for advocates to reach entirely new audiences with gamesof smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices—coupled that are engaging, fun, and motivational.with a wide variety of social networking platforms—provide Recently, I was introduced to Piers Fawkes and thefertile ground for the incorporation of games into our lives wonderful team at PSFK and for the past several monthsin fresh, new ways. Whether it’s playing Scrabble on your The Climate Reality Project, PSFK and I have collaboratediPhone or Farmville on Facebook, now millions fill the in an open source “Gaming for Good” Challenge. I hopeinterstitial moments of their lives with the simple fun that that you will enjoy the results of this collaboration and thatthese programs and apps provide. it will encourage you to think creatively about socialAs games have become ubiquitous, both the private and impact games.public sectors have begun to seriously look at the role thatgamification can play in their work. Game design, techniquesand mechanics, have something to teach those of us whoare seeking to engage people on issues of social importance.In the forty years that I have worked to build publicawareness of the need to urgently solve the climate crisis,I have always sought out new methods of communication—from my slideshow on three Kodak carousels (which evolvedfrom an actual slideshow to a multi-media presentation onKeynote)—to my work on An Inconvenient Truth, the “LiveEarth” global concerts, “24 Hours of Reality” on the web,and an app for the iPhone and iPad called Our Choice.Exploring the interplay of gamification and social change is AL GORE Former Vice Presidenta fascinating challenge, and one that I have been exploring Nobel Laureatefor the last three years. Clearly, there is tremendous potential Founder, The Climate Reality Project
  3. INTRODUCTIONABOUT THIS REPORT ABOUT THE CLIMATEPSFK challenged its readership of over 1MM creative REALITY PROJECTprofessionals to come up with concepts that address issues The mission of The Climate Reality Project is to reveal theput forth by The Climate Reality Project. Participants in the full truth of the climate crisis in a way that ignites the moralchallenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified courage in all of us. Climate Reality uses communicationsin PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report to create potential tools to connect the dots for people about what issolutions. happening in science, politics, culture and climate so that all of us can work to face and solve this challenge together.PSFK received over 60 entries from around the world. Thisbook contains a shortlist of those concepts, as chosen by The Climate Reality Project has launched a series ofThe Climate Reality Project. By highlighting the strongest events to bring the climate crisis back to the fore of publicconcepts, PSFK hopes to shine a light on ways that The consciousness and conversation. The first was 24 HoursClimate Reality Project and other likeminded businesses can of Reality, which connected the dots between extremesolve some of the issues weather around the globe and climate change. Upcomingthey face. events will include Antarctica, a voyage to the bottom of the earth to bear witness to the truth of climate change, coal and its multiple health concerns, and a spotlight on climate “deniers” and the damage they are doing to our ability to take action.
  4. INTRODUCTIONABOUT PSFK BACKGROUNDPSFK is the go-to source for new ideas and inspiration for PSFK recently published an independent trends-researchcreative professionals around the world. Based in New York report titled PSFK’s Future Of Gaming. In that report, PSFKCity, PSFK is a trends-led business innovation company that highlighted several topic areas, including the purpose,publishes a daily news site, provides trends research and mechanics, functions and systems behind games. In doinginnovation consultancy, manages a network of freelance so, it presented a framework within which readers couldexperts and hosts idea-generating events. We aim to inspire contemplate innovation and best practices that currentlyour readers, our clients and our guests to make things exist within the gaming arena.better—whether that’s better products, better services orbetter ways of living. This report served as the creative stimulus for a project recently performed on behalf of The Climate Reality Project.www.psfk.com
  5. ABOUT THIS BOOKTHE BRIEFWHAT THE CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT WANTS WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FORGlobal acceptance of the realities of climate change The goal is to harness the energy of game-play to encourage people to make a measurable impact on theHOW climate conversation. We’re looking for game-play ideas that meet one or more of the following objectives:Create gamification tools that individuals, communities,organizations and nations can use to embed this new reality • To Build Awareness • To Promote FundraisingWHY • To Solve The UnsolvableIndividuals, communities, organizations and nations are • To Embed Knowledgefailing to act in the face of climate change • To Teach People New Skills • To Improve Everyday Personal BehaviorOUTCOME • To Leverage Collective ManpowerThe conversation changes to focus on implementingsolutions to climate change
  6. CLIMATE HEROESesterni. 10-20137 Milano ItalyContact: giada@esterni.orgwww.esterni.org
  7. CLIMATE HEROESCLIMATE HEROES. GET READY TO CHANGE THE WORLDClimate Heroes is an online game that capitalizes on the long-standing Users are able to select from a number of superhero avatars, suchrole of superheroes as beacons of goodness in our lives. This game gives as Mr. Smog and Miss Waste, all of which are visually engaging andusers the opportunity to become a superhero and take up the fight representative of a specific climate challenge. Users can capture climateto solve the planet’s climate issues. The future of the planet is in your abuse using their mobile phones and upload photos or share newshands. Create your profile and save the world! items. Those that do so with regular frequency and take on the role of ‘influencer’ will be engaged by the Organization to do a public mission. A sample mission might be to organize a flash mob that sheds light on a specific issue.
  8. CLIMATE HEROES Denunciation BLOG
  9. CLIMATE HEROESMultiple players can embody the same avatar and can choose to go on share information, ideas and the successful ways in which they havesimilar missions. In doing so, they create a team or a community of do- combated climate abuse in their communities. The community can alsogooders that are battling a similar problem. The website can serve as a be incentivized through things like prizes and recognition.platform or forum for an open dialog amongst superheroes. Users can
  10. CLIMATE TRAILZemoga. 56 West 22nd Street, 10th Floor. New York, NY 11217Contact: info@zemoga.comConcept Lead: Sven LarsenTeam Members: Dan Licht, Yody Castro, Miguel Fernandezwww.zemoga.com
  11. CLIMATE TRAILCLIMATE TRAILThere’s a lot of information and disinformation surrounding climatechange. But much of the disinformation can be debunked by following the“money trail” of companies sponsoring the research and publication thatdisseminates this false data. How do we encourage the public to think forthemselves and question the sources of their information? By encouragingthem to play “Climate Trail”, a simple text-based game that mirrors thefunctionality of classic online games like “Oregon Trail”.At the start of the game, each player is given a leadership role in acommunity with set levels of renewable resources, atmospheric levels, andother indicators of climate health. The goal is to reach the year 2036 with ahealthy and livable community. As game play proceeds, players are askedquestions like “Do you want clean coal or wind power to be your town’s mainsource of power” or “Do you want to clear 10,000 acres of forest to createmore farmland?” Correct answers help boost resource levels while wronganswers impact negatively on community health. After each answer, playersare also presented with information about choices that were made in thereal world (e.g. Portland, Oregon switched to natural gas for city vehiclesand reduced emissions 30%). Users will also be able to share answers acrosssocial networks like Twitter and Facebook.
  12. CLIMATE TRAILOnce the initial levels have been completed, players are promoted Game play either ends when resource goals are reached on a global scaleto a higher rank with responsibilities for larger and more complex or climate change has reached unacceptable levels and the community iscommunities. As they progress to higher leadership levels they are also no longer sustainable. Players will be able to compare their performancesgreeted with new challenges (e.g. “Lobbyists want to meet with you to against real life politicians. They will also be given tips on where theydiscuss new vehicle standards.”). went wrong in the game (e.g. “You believed reports about Clean Coal but research was actually funded by Mining Companies”) highlighting both the money trail and the need for independent consumer research on high impact environmental and climate issues.
  13. GREENSQUAREAwkward Hug. 373 92 Street Apt. B22. Brooklyn, NY 11209Contact: Julie@awkwardhug.comConcept Lead: Jim BabbTeam Members: Julie Coniglio & Josh Spirowww.awkwardhug.com
  14. GREENSQUAREGREENSQUAREGreensquare is a gaming platform that gives you and your friends The goal of this game is, ultimately, to leverage collectivea new, greener way to explore local retail stores, bars, restaurants, player-power to influence business’ environmental practices. Localand businesses. businesses are motivated to compete for positive recognition, while consumers have the crowdsourced data they need to make informedPlayers rate establishments based on their environmental practices. purchasing decisions.Does the restaurant recycle? Are customers encouraged to choosereusable over disposable? On which kind of energy does the businessrun? These factors contribute to a business’ Greensquare Rating.Each rating consideration carries a weight proportional to its overallenvironmental impact; this weight is determined by fact and science.Check-ins at a particular location amplify the implications. The morepeople who patronize a business, the greater the magnitude of itsenvironmental choices.
  15. GREENSQUARELeaderboards and infographics display and compare player This real-world game is digitally managed via a smart phone app andachievements (based on participation) and business achievements browser interface. It will be built on a combination of the Foursquare,(based on Greensquare rating and improvements); all compared locally, Google Maps, and Yelp API.regionally, and nationally. Local businesses are compared based onratings and check-ins, while chains and parent corporations are ratedand compared by aggregate data. Brand sponsors can offer rewards totop players—providing a great opportunity for brands to show off theirgreen habits and products.
  16. CLIMATEREALITY PATROLParlor. 505 West 54th Street, Suite 1118. New York, NY 10019Contact: alexpoole@mac.comConcept Lead: Alex PooleTeam Members: Alex Poole & Rodd Chantwww.parlorcreativity.com
  17. CLIMATE REALITY PATROLCLIMATE REALITY PATROLIdea: Social media activism meets gaming and rewardsConcept: Instantly tag your comments with Climate Reality keyword facts toearn badges and rewards.How it Works:Climate Reality creates and hosts a database of short-form facts (1–2 sentenceseach) tied to “hot topic” keywords. Each description includes a link to optionallyfind a deeper resource of related information.Users create a profile on The Climate Reality Patrol website, activate the browserplugin, then begin patrolling the web, looking to dispel unfounded environmentalinformation in articles and comments from media sites, politicians, brands,celebrities, blogs, etc.Wherever commenting is allowed, users who’ve activated Climate Reality Patrolcan post responses including keywords that automatically pull facts served fromThe Climate Reality database. The keywords are presented and activated via amenu that appears as they type (similar to an advanced spell-check).Other users who view these comments can hover over any of the activated keywordsto find a pop-up fact window that includes the respective “quick fact” and a link tomore info.
  18. CLIMATE REALITY PATROLEach post would include #ClimateRealityPatrol and/or @ClimateRealityPatrol atthe end by default, to brand the posts.The Climate Reality Patrol website tracks user stats and features a leaderboard forall user rankings. A Facebook app displays rankings on individual user’s profiles.Levels of “Climate Reality Activist” badges are awarded based on the amountof false information a user has dispelled (based on the number of keywordsthey’ve posted).Rewards could include special recognition, invitation to events, or entry intoexclusive contests.
  19. SPROUTCynergy – The Technology Agency. 1600 K Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006, USAContact: Kes Sampanthar, kes.sampanthar@cynergysystems.comTeam Members: Kes Sampanthar, Peter Ruthenberg, Anton Abramov, Rick Kercz, Justin Cravalho, Chris Hays, Scott Wolfsonwww.cynergysystems.com
  20. SPROUTSPROUT - GROWING CONCIOUSNESSConsumers vote with their wallets everyday without realizing it. Sprout The interface also captures Sprout points that users accumulate basedputs the power of informed decision-making back into the hands of on their purchases. The goal is to motivate eco-conscious shoppingthe consumers by providing them with tools to visualize the power and behavior in a seamless fashion using systems that consumers alreadyenvironmental impact of their decisions. understand. For example, a user’s ‘Sprout’ score is managed through a centralized web or mobile app that is reminiscent of Klout, the appWhen making routine shopping decisions, Sprout’s augmented interface that measures online social influence. Every buying decision is trackedgives the consumer critical information about the ‘green impact’ of their and rewarded with badges that reflect real-time scores throughpurchases. Information about a product’s environmental footprint and visual design and these decisions and badges can be shared with yoursuggested alternatives appear instantly in the ‘blink’ view. social network.
  21. SPROUTSprout will let customers customize their shopping to achieve greener about how they are treating the environment with respect to theiroutcomes. Real-time decision-making tools, such as just-in-time supply- purchases. Over time, if Sprout builds up a large enough user base, it canchain management systems, can be converted into interactive decision- introduce group eco-buying and other tools like offset recommendationsmaking systems that give consumers the power to make greener shopping (such as planting a tree).choices. For example, Sprout will let users understand why certain items,that may have been manufactured at a local, ‘green’ factory, may be morecostly. This will ultimately empower them to make an informed decision
  22. REALiTREEStark Design. 401 Broadway, Suite 1500. New York, NY 10013Contact: daniel@starkdesignny.comConcept lead: Daniel StarkTeam Members: Nancy Herrmann, Carly Dintaman, Kohl Norville, Maite Rios, Takayo Yamazakiwww.starkdesignny.com
  23. REALiTREEREALiTREE (pronounced RE-AL-i-TREE)Realitree is a digital manifestation of our local environment and the real tree, in that it will thrive and suffer according to the health of itsrole that we are playing in sustaining its wellbeing. It is a game played surrounding enviroment.by different groups in many places. Individuals, teams, communities,cities and even countries compete against their counterparts via Twitter, Realitree’s environment takes into account news media, so newsFacebook and through other social tools. stories that are in conflict with climate reality will reflect negatively on its health. Realitree will expose agents of the fossil fuel industry whoA Realitree is like a huge Tamagotchi for which thousands of people care. propagate smear, innuendo, criminal hacking and leaking of out-of-It is a massive projection showing a digital image of a tree, complete context snippets or lies.with leaves, branches, roots, sky and earth. Realitree functions like a
  24. REALiTREEEach Realitree will be fed two distinct types of data: climate change. On another level, Realitrees (planted in New York City,• Current, statistical environmental data about the surrounding for example) could compete against every other city where Realitrees community as well as news and insights about political and are placed. corporate forces working against the climate’s good health.• Real-time updates using tweets and the various social networking Corporations would be allowed the opportunity to play and even activity of the Realitree’s caretakers. Anyone can participate in remedy earlier misdeeds by correcting falsehoods and donating money keeping it alive and thriving through their real world deeds and to pay for real initiatives in winning communities. Those that create the virtual nutrients, delivered through their social networking activity. healthiest environment for their Realitree win the game. As their networks grow, they will be represented as the intertwined roots of the tree, keeping it alive, fed and guarded against attack.The overall “health” of Realitree will be on constant display. Withgood activities, it will grow, multiply and sway appreciatively.With bad deeds, Realitree will appear to shake and wither. It willalways display climate reality truths, news, facts and shares fromparticipants throughout its community and all over the world.We envision “planting” 300 Realitrees in cities and towns acrossthe globe.Each caretaker will play on different levels and earn points by doingdifferent things. A single tweet, for example, may garner one point,while a Foursquare check-in to a “green” business or using clean energyat home will gain more points. On the Realitree website, throughFacebook connections, people can form teams, compete againstfriends and measure their contributions to helping reverse the effects of
  25. DESTINATIONREALITY: FARMVILLEArnold worldwide. 101 Huntington Avenue. Boston MA 02199Contact: Meg Siegal, msiegal@arn.comTeam Members: Meg Siegal, Adrian Crook, Brendon Volpe, Mike Howardwww.arn.com / www.adriancrook.com
  26. DESTINATION REALITY: FARMVILLEDESTINATION REALITY: FARMVILLEIt’s a funny thing when there are more virtual farmers than real ones on Earth. Farmers mitigate and adapt to unexpected weather conditions. Goods suchReal life farmers see the effects of climate change, but do virtual ones? Let’s as wind-powered tractors, windmills, jackets to shield you from the elements,partner with Farmville to drop a dose of Reality on the 31 million people who seeds for heartier crops like organic cassava and chickpeas, decorations like alog on daily to tend to their plants, harvest, and redeem gold coins for seeds, Climate Reality flag, rainwater collection troughs and green ring tags for yoursupplies, and fuel. livestock. We’d want to do this in a way that presents a challenge to Farmville players, and makes it possible via gameplay mechanics to heal the destructionWe could partner with Zynga to plan the best way to expose crops to weather caused by Climate events, illustrating that through action, we can change theand wind and offer The Climate Reality Project branded goods to help current trajectory.
  27. DESTINATION REALITY: FARMVILLEThoughtstarters to get the partnership under way: Zynga can also introduce a new neighbor that everyone has. ThisDuring the summer, Zynga releases an event called “The 7 Days Of neighbor’s farm has been gravely affected by repeated climate events,Summer.” Every 24 hours they would release a new theme in which the and needs your help to recover. New characters, like a meteorologist,community would be temporarily subjected to various extreme weather can provide new challenges like preparing for a flood or frost.events, and stage new Tasks and Quests to recover, mitigate and adapt.A Task might take the form of installing a windmill, while a Quest mightinclude sharing your wind power. A Quest Series might take the form ofasking players to make their farm carbon neutral.
  28. CLIMATE REALITYWIEDEN+KENNEDY. NYC & PDXContact: erik.hanson@wk.comConcept Lead: Dan NeumannTeam Members: Erik Hanson, Erin Brownie, Nick Barham, Dan Hon, Emma Wiseman, Jamie Ostrov, Laura Hall, Marshall Ball, Jason Gingoldwww.wk.com
  29. CLIMATE REALITYCLIMATE REALITYEvery successful game creates a strong relationship between players and a Farmville crops might wilt more quickly than usual forcing players tovirtual world. What if the worlds of the most popular games collided with water them frequently before they can be harvested. In Angry Birds, anours to depict the dramatic realities of climate change? urgency mechanic is created when level elements made of ice begin to melt. In Call of Duty and other first-person shooters, a haze of pollutionTo raise awareness and drive home the true impact of climate change, depletes the health of characters not equipped with a gas mask. In Worldwe will create our own virtual climate change events in some of the of Warcraft, deforestation forces players to adapt new ambush strategies.most popular games in world. By working with top publishers like EA In Grand Theft Auto, cars run out of gas quickly, unless the player uses aand Rockstar, a wide range of games could be affected simultaneously hybrid. The option to “buy” the necessary tools or equipment to deal withensuring we can reach a critical mass and stimulate a conversation about the change could exist as a fundraising tool within each game as well.climate change. On Earth Day, we will take the gaming world by surpriseby introducing new mechanics that completely alter the game world and The overnight appearance of these changes will spur conversation abouthow players interact with it. the real world implications of climate change while informing gamers of the possible consequences.
  30. MISSION GREENlg2. 3575, boul. Saint-Laurent. Montreal (Quebec) H2X 2T7Contact: maubin@lg2.comConcept Lead: Marilou AubinTeam Members: Jean-François Perrault, Paul-Alex Gauthier, Stéphane Mailhot, Christian Letendre, Marc-André Fafard, Anne Bergeron, Éric Bouchard, Gabrielle Godbout, Mathieu Dufourwww.lg2.com
  31. MISSION GREENMISSION GREENThe Game: Mission Green takes on climate change by giving people a The Enemy: Corporations and organizations that disrespect thecollective platform from which to address irresponsible and dishonest environment, fool citizens and contribute to climate change.corporate behavior. Rooted in crowdsourcing and petition, this gameaggregates geo-targeted mobile photography and content on a gaming The Mission: As an ageny for Mission Green, a player’s ultimate goal isplatform that operates similarly to Digg (users can vote on items and to get corporations and organizations to change their behavior via peer/affect their popularity). consumer pressure.
  32. MISSION GREENThe Tools: Players use mobiles to capture proof. They then post Green The Reward System: Agents accumulate points as a byproduct of theReports on missiongreen.com and share them on social networks via popularity of their reports, as well as social shares. Points are alsoan app. Reports are ranked based on the number of people who also earned for sharing other players’ Green Reports. The best agents arecondemn the corporation’s or organization’s behavior and how many promoted and players receive badges for their work.times it has been shared. When a Green Report reaches a certain level,a yellow warning is sent to the corporation or organization whose ethics The Climate Change: The Mission Green game gives power back to theare in question. As the Green Report becomes more popular and more people. It gives them the sense that they can have a positive impact onwidely shared, it reaches orange and red warnings, eventually promoting climate change. It educates, raises awareness of best behavior and mostthe ban of the specific corporation/organization. of all puts a reputation “price tag” on corporations and organizations that disrespect the environment. Mission Green is all about change—for good.
  33. REALITY DROPSArnold worldwide. 101 Huntington Avenue. Boston MA 02199Contact: Meg Siegal, msiegal@arn.comTeam Members: Adrian Crook, Kate Tetreault, Brendon Volpe, Bob Goodman, Sebastian Gard, Eugene Kim, David O’Trakoun, Meg Siegal, Mike Howard, Sam Gutglass, Deb Grant, Ebbey Mathewwww.arn.com / www.adriancrook.com
  34. REALITY DROPSREALITY DROPSRight now, countless climate change conversations are raging in This site makes it simple to spread science and destroy doubt.online chat rooms, comment boards, and in social media. And Climate news is prioritized by ‘heat’—hostility, reach, sentiment, andwherever these conversations are happening, denial fuels the timeliness. Earn points by grabbing related scientific articles, videos, andflames higher. Winning these conversations means dousing the data, pasting them into the most heated articles, and suffocating climatedenial. And that requires easy access to complex arguments. denial under the weight of cold, hard reality. LOGGED IN STATE, HOMEPAGE WIREFRAME - DESKTOP SPREAD | Spread science. Destroy doubt. Welcome back, Katerade 49 You have 2 new notifications, VIEW PROFILE THIS WEEKS TOP REALITY DROPPERS view full leaderboard Overall 120 101 99 98 97 97 Friends Locations SCIENCE DROP REALITY MEET THE DROPPERS The Green Agenda: What About DESTROY Current Natural The Green Agenda: Greenland? Disasters Offer Glimpse Of Future Government What About Greenland? www.foxnews.com Challenges www.green-agenda.com/ 33 DROPS www.green-agenda.com/ 1 DROP 0 DROPS DOUBT Take action Take action Take action Chinese Glaciers Melting Chinese Glaciers The Green Agenda: Rapidly In The Himalayas Melting Rapidly In What About The Himalayas Greenland? www.green-agenda.com/ www.green-agenda.com/ www.skeptic.com 1 DROPS 6 DROPS 21 DROPS Take action Take action Take action
  35. REALITY DROPSThe game builds awareness and educates people by offering the easy- ditional points. And earning points will get your closer to unlocking newto-understand scientific data they need to cool off the argument. We levels and achievements.identify the targets. You find the corresponding facts, and start droppingReality. Fly solo and scale the leaderboard against your fellow activists, The site connects new articles to the most relevant scientific informationor join a team to spread out and outflank the denier echo chamber. You about climate change. Users are offered a quick, easy way to join thecan earn points by joining conversation and dropping Reality on deniers. fight and activate their social networks by sharing information with theirRetweets, shares, likes and comments on your Reality will earn you ad- friends and followers. LOGGED IN STATE, PROFILE - DESKTOP | Spread science. Destroy doubt. Welcome back, Katerade 49 You have 2 new notifications, VIEW PROFILE THIS WEEKS TOP REALITY DROPPERS view full leaderboard Overall 120 101 99 98 97 97 Friends Locations Im Katerade FOLLOW + DROPS SHARES ACHIEVEMENTS 49 total 90 total learn more at realitydrops.com UXD living in Boston. Get more info. Hoping to make a difference online and 4 avg per week 7 avg per week offline. Joined 6/9/2011 FOLLOWING: FOLLOWERS:
  36. CONTACTPSFK is the go-to source for new ideas and inspiration for GAMING FOR GOOD TEAMcreative professionals around the world. Based in New YorkCity, PSFK is a trends-led business innovation company that PROJECT DIRECTOR CONTACT Piers Fawkes, President, PSFK Jeff Weiner, PSFKpublishes a daily news site, provides trends research and Commercial Director piers@psfk.cominnovation consultancy, manages a network of freelance 646.520.4672 jeff.weiner@psfk.comexperts and hosts idea-generating events. We aim to inspire 646.520.4665our readers, our clients and our guests to make things better— 42 Bond St.whether that’s better products, better services or better ways 6th Floorof living. New York, NY 10012 USA www.psfk.comwww.psfk.com/future-of-gaming For copies of this report, visit: www.psfk.com/future-of-gaming Version 0.9 Press Preview December 2011 Printed on 10% post consumer recycled paper

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ABOUT THIS REPORT PSFK challenged its readership of over 1MM creative professionals to come up with concepts that address issues put forth by The Climate Reality Project. Participants in the challenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified in PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report to create potential solutions. PSFK received over 60 entries from around the world. This book contains a shortlist of those concepts, as chosen by The Climate Reality Project. By highlighting the strongest concepts, PSFK hopes to shine a light on ways that The Climate Reality Project and other likeminded businesses can solve some of the issues they face.


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