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Project Praviin Brochure

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Project Praviin Brochure

  1. 1. Gearing up for tomorrow’s IT landscape
  2. 2. The big IT Building skills - for today, tomorrowchallengeA quick survey of todays IT industry and job With enterprises quickly diversifying and evolving new business models, they are looking to hire a work force that has the relevant skills and can run from day one. Students on themarket reveals some immediate gaps: other hand, graduate with inadequate skills and spend close to six months in training and on-boarding. 500,000 engineering students graduate annually, Project Praviin - an IBM initiative - was launched to but lack relevant skills for IT* partner with colleges and universities in India to better educate millions of students for a more skilled and competitive IT workforce. Through training and professional 2,50,000 jobs in Indias IT sector today** certification, Project Praviin enables students to quickly adapt to the work scenario and experience a speedy on-boarding process. By 2020, it is predicted that 110 million people will be added to the workforce*** The average fresh hire spends close to 4 to 6 months in training**** While the IT sector is set to hire 2.5 lakh professionals in the coming year, the biggest names in the industry are Objectives: battling a widening gap in skills. Candidates possessing all the relevant skills to apply theory to practice and bring real results, are hard to come by. The industry needs an ecosystem that can help students hone all the relevant Enable a strong skills that organizations require. ecosystem: academia, Build a self-sustaining Create an infrastructure industry groups, engine to create a pool for training business government, Independent of industry-ready students partners and Software Vendors and and IT professionals. students. System Integrators with IBM. *NASSCOM | **NASSCOM-McKinsey Report | ***Goldman Sachs study | ****NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010
  3. 3. The nucleus of the ecosystemAt the heart of Project Praviin is the IBM Bridges the gap Provides an Creates a physical Forms local hubsSoftware Center of Excellence (CoE). between academia industry-relevant space that serves for commercialEstablished across the country, these centers and industry curriculum and as the training training, productare the crux of the learning ecosystem that requirement professional and certification development forconnects the IT industry to academia, certification hub Independentstudents and our customers. Software Vendors, Business Partners as wellThe CoE is the hub of learning, as incubation pointssoftware applications and an environmentconducive to hands-on training. Ready pool of trained Connect with IBM manpower Innovation centers, Labs and Academic Skills for future Initiatives incubation labs for business ideas Incubation centers and Business opportunities a ready talent pool for for partners business ideas CUSTOMERS INDUSTRY 150 CoEs STUDENTS Training & certification ACADEMIA An opportunity to 21 States in using IBM software, free of cost Opportunity to work participate in industry growth A chance to impart an industry-relevant curriculum 100 locations on live projects Provide students with A chance to be employable skills Currently, the CoE delivers training and certification on: industry-ready even Software brand courses before graduating included in curriculum Information Management Rational Tivoli Lotus WebSphere Business partners as training providers Developing capability in Enterprise Level (Web) Application Development and Management, Database Administration, Enterprise Server/Storage Management, Collaboration, Project Management and Business Analytics
  4. 4. Putting theory to practiceHow it works The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) CoE is set up Students invited for training CoE is set up in Students are invited collaboration with The Great Mind Challenge is an annual nationwide software development competition, created by IBMs Academic initiative. to come experience enlisted institutions Open to students of engineering across India, it gives enterprises the opportunity to present real-world business cases to the IBM software students to develop solutions using IBM software. While they act as mentors to students, the process enhances students suite and get training, employability and over the years TGMC has become a platform for large IT corporations looking to hire young talent. free of cost Ideas are explored IBM certification is awarded The IBMs Blue Scholar Program CoE Community for Academia The CoE provides opportunities Students receive free IBM to work on business incubation certification, which is with ISVs and entrepreneurs considered an attractive The Blue Scholar Program gives students the Blue Scholar tag, The CoE Community for Academia selects Student credential by potential IBMs seal of approval and provides the required credibility, Ambassadors from CoEs, as the face of the academia, employers in the IT industry making it easier for employers to identify candidates. the link between universities and the community. Students get real world projects IBM provides opportunities to work on real world projects
  5. 5. Ready talent for business ready technologies Project Praviin is designed as a learning ecosystem to mutually benefit the student community, ISVs and SIs, and the industry at large. As an integral Aligned with the part of the industry and a significant corporate entity, Project Praviin has industry’s needs multiple benefits to offer you. Elevating the level of Reducing training and Creating a workforce industry-relevant on-boarding costs suited to your environment skill sets in studentsThe gap between the need for skills and the When your potential employees come With over 500,000 engineers graduatingacademic standards that exist must be tackled equipped with the skills you need and require annually, but lacking skills relevant to yourby nurturing real-world and industry-relevant them to have, you can reduce training and requirements, you spend 4-6 months trainingskills within academic curriculums. Project induction costs significantly and help them each one, before he/she can be a fullyPraviin helps students go beyond theory and migrate to taking on challenges faster. productive resource. You can now partner withapply practical knowledge to solve real world Project Praviin and train students inchallenges. technologies relevant to your needs thereby helping you reduce the time and money spent on re-skilling fresh hires. Project Praviin: How can you partner The next wave with Project Praviin? 1 Facilitate Industry participation in Opportunity to partner with IBM for Create curriculum and participate in Project Praviin joint CoEs across 150+ colleges training students on skills relevant to your software environment Integrate TGMC and IBM CoE to Nurture young talent while still on 2 develop applications, products campus through special projects Mentor them for The Great Mind relevant to the industry Challenge 3 Make students industry ready with Opportunity to recruit talent before live project opportunities during campus placements course of study To partner with us, adopt a Center of Excellence or deliver training: Write to: projectpraviin@in.ibm.com | Visit: www.ibm.com/in/projectpraviin
  6. 6. Project Praviin has DB2, Rational, Tivoli - the mostwidely used softwares in the industry. So whenstudents get exposed to these, they automaticallybecome industry-grade.Mr. Amar Atmakuri,Chairman, Institute for ElectronicGovernance, Govt of Andhra Pradesh To partner with us, adopt a CoE or deliver training: Write to: projectpraviin@in.ibm.com Visit: www.ibm.com/in/projectpraviin

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