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Life Long Learning L3



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Life Long Learning
We live in an age of incredible data, knowledge and if applied correctly wisdom. In turn, improved outcomes can occur.
This file is one I use when working with groups to start to:
- build collaboration and cooperation
- develop and deepen self awareness
- team build
- help job seekers understand their talents and challenges
- assist group in distress take an inventory of skills and talents to assist better understand who can do or should do various tasks.

Life Long Learning L3

  1. 1.           Deepening our capacities to thrive Page 1 of 1 •   Life Long Learning Just in Time Learning JIT: The ability to find, access and learn the right information for the right set of circumstances. Learning Styles: The many different ways we all learn,. I.e through hearing, doing, observing and organizing to name only a few. Which is your favourite? Which is your fastest, most effective? Which is the one that is your least favourite? How does that block your progress to learn? Do you have a learning system in place? M.I.P. - Memorize, Internalize and Personalize Multiple Intelligences Theory: Howard Gardner's was first published in Howard Gardner's book, Frames Of Mind (1983), and quickly became established as a classical model by which to understand and teach many aspects of human intelligence, learning style, personality and behaviour - in education and industry. He has updated his theory several times since he first published. Intelligence type capability and perception Linguistic Words and language Logical Mathematical logic and numbers Musical Music, sound, rhythm Bodily-Kinesthetic Body movement control Spatial-Visual Images and space Interpersonal Other people's feelings (Social or SQ) Intrapersonal Self-awareness (See 7 Types of Awareness, EQ) Naturalist Natural environment Spiritual/Existential Religion and 'ultimate issues' Moral Ethics, Humanity, Value of life