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Introduction to Rundeck

Learn live from one of Rundeck's expert field engineers. Find out why and how so many leading enterprises run their operations with Rundeck.

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Introduction to Rundeck

  1. 1. Introduction Shorter Incidents. Fewer Escalations. Automate Your Operations with Rundeck Nathan Fluegel | Customer Success Manager
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda What is Rundeck? ● Use cases ● ROI (Return on Investment) ● How it works ● Integrations ● Questions
  3. 3. 2021
  4. 4. Runbook Automation for Incident Management 1. Decipher the wiki (what does it mean? how old?) 2. Ad-hoc tool/script usage (where? syntax?) 3. ESCALATE! 3 options: Without RBA With RBA “Next year, Rundeck is going to save about 28 people years worth of work, at fairly conservative estimates. Time to repair is reduced by 25 minutes on average. This has been a huge win for us” Shaun Norris Global Head, Cloud Infrastructure, Standard Chartered Bank
  5. 5. Runbook Automation for DevOps “It’s the virtual us. The things that you used to have to ask us to do, you can do yourself through Rundeck” Sr. Systems Engineer (top 5 professional sports league) Before After
  6. 6. Runbook Automation for Systems Administration “Rundeck opens the door for the support engineers to do everything. We’d be lost without it.” Trevor Menagh Sr. Software Engineering Mgr Comcast
  7. 7. Runbook ROI Examples As reported by Rundeck Enterprise users. 30-70% shorter incidents 40-50% fewer escalations 15-30% improved productivity
  8. 8. How Rundeck Works
  9. 9. Use your existing tools and scripts (Any language or automation tools) Infrastructure aware Security and compliance friendly Made for DevOps and Cloud Native ways of working How Rundeck Works
  10. 10. Rundeck makes any of your favorite tools better. Powershell
  11. 11. Thank You.
  12. 12. Key Rundeck Resources and Access Project Components/Resources System Resources
  13. 13. Access Control Policies Key Rundeck Resources and Access Project Components/Resources System Resources Project Context System/Rundeck Context