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Rundeck Overview

Get a high level understanding of Rundeck's background, use cases and infrastructure.

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Rundeck Overview

  1. 1. Photo: Gooseberry Falls, MN
  2. 2. • Self-Service Operations Platform • Mission: Reduce Toil via Self-Service Ops • Started in 2010 • 10,600+ commits • 123+ releases • 100+ contributors • 50k+ Community Users • Rundeck Enterprise • Human Support! • High Availability • Cluster Remote Execution • Access Control Management • Complex Workflows • Enterprise Plugins • Rundeck Open-Source Project
  3. 3. 2020 OpsDigital and DevOps Availability Auditing Security Compliance "Go faster! Open up!” “Lock it down!” Business Input Feedback Running Services OpsDev We’ve invested in Cloud, Agile, DevOps, Containers… Why does everything still take too long and cost too much? Executive Team Our transformation has largely ignored Ops
  4. 4. Traditional coping mechanisms aren’t working.
  5. 5. Fewer tickets. More self-service. Less Toil!
  6. 6. Operations as a Service Use Case “Rundeck helps keep Ops out of the way of the business” -Jordan Koch (Disney) “Rundeck gives people access, but leaves ops in control of the policy” -Mark Maun (Ticketmaster)
  7. 7. Scheduled Operations Tasks Big Data and ETL Deployment Automation Container Orchestration Other Popular Use Cases
  8. 8. Implementation Highlights • “Rundeck as a Service” empowering multiple business lines • Orchestrates formerly manual tasks • Connects different tools and scripts • Each app teams manage their own services through Rundeck • Also provides secure and controlled access to offshore teams to do Ops activity in regulated environments Fortune 50 Aerospace • Civilian and Gov. contracts • Business in 75+ countries • 100,000+ employees
  9. 9. Strategy: Self-Service improves response times https://youtu.be/USYrDaPEFtM Jody Mulkey at DOES ‘15 SF Services Monitoring Scripts/Tools Services Monitoring Scripts/ToolsServices Monitoring Scripts/Tools DEV STAGE PROD Dev & QA NOC/Ops Dev Promote approved jobs Self-Service Self-Service Empower
  10. 10. Strategy: Self-Service improves consistency &compliance Shaun Norris at DOES ‘18 London & Vegas https://youtu.be/d5IMvK0YHTg Optimized for compliance • 86,000+ employees • 60+ countries • Highly regulated So far in 2018: • >350,000 jobs across >400 applications • TTR reduced by 25 minutes/incident • ~200 Cust. Impacting incidents Next year, Rundeck is going to save us about 28 people-years worth of work, at fairly conservative estimates. And, we haven’t even rolled it out particularly widely yet. This has been a huge win for us.
  11. 11. Does any of this feel familiar….
  12. 12. I don’t know how to do X. I know how to do X. I know how to do Y. I don’t know how to do Y. “Do X” “Define Y Procedure” “Define X Procedure” “Do Y” “Do X+Y” Self-Service
  13. 13. Environment I could fix it if I could get to it Environment O a a S I’ve got this! Context Tools Enablement and tooling
  14. 14. docs Service has changed. Use this flag or bad things will happen! Pause monitoring first or we all get woken up! “restart -doit -now” I’ve done this before. I’ve got this… Environment docs Later… Self-Service Service has changed. This flag is now required or bad things will happen! Pause monitoring first or we all get woken up! Update Restart Job “restart” Environment Later… ✅ I’ve done this before. I’ve got this. Self-Service Instead…
  15. 15. Web GUI API CLIIdentity Federation Domain Services SSO Key Store / Security Automation Version Control Logging CommunicationsIssue Tracking Server Infrastructure VM’s Cloud Infrastructure Containers Network Database Spreadsheet Text.yaml NODE DETAILS NODE STATE AGENTLESS
  16. 16. Domain Services Web GUI API CLI Infrastructure / State Key Store / Security AutomationCommsIssue Tracking Logging Version Control
  17. 17. Supported Community Plugins Ansible, AWS, GCP, Azure, Chef, Puppet, K8’s, Docker, Jira, Unix Utilities, WinRM, Github, VMWare Rundeck Enterprise Exclusive ServiceNow, SQL Runner, Windows PowerShell Tools, Splunk, VMWare, JIRA, Okta Exclusive to Rundeck Enterprise Clustering & HA Enterprise Grade PluginsAccess Rules Builder Advanced WorkflowEnterprise Support Enhanced UI Expert Support Onboarding Services Health Checks
  18. 18. Effort Effectiveness Customer Appreciation Delays & Interruptions Management overhead - How Users Measure ROI
  19. 19. Plugins
  20. 20. Cluster Manager Load Balancer VIP API CLI ToolsWeb GUI ActiveActive Passive Single Cluster 1 Cluster includes 2 Instances Cluster for HA
  21. 21. Profile 2 Allowed Tags: Ops, Batch Policy: Round Robin Front End instances just handle UI access Worker instances just handle execution Worker Cluster Manager Load Balancer VIP API CLI ToolsWeb GUI Web UIWeb UI Worker Single Cluster Tag Batch Tag BatchTag PCI Tag PCI Tag OPSTag OPS Profile 1 Allowed Tags: PCI Policy: Random Profile 3 Allowed Tags: Batch Policy: Load Single Cluster 1 Cluster + 2 Instances 1 Cluster + 6 Instances Clustering Continued
  22. 22. Services Scripts/ToolsAPIs Databases Infrastructure Network ITSM Tool Execute job per ticket request Update ticket Check if ticket exists Create tickets Automatic execution triggered by ticket Pull data from ITSM CMDB
  23. 23. Enterprise High Availability on
  24. 24. & ● Rundeck knows about your environments ● Rundeck has ACL security built-in for fine-grained control ● Rundeck executes across all those environments simultaneously ● Jenkins can trigger Rundeck jobs in environments Jenkins doesn’t have permissions