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Streamline your Incident Response with Datadog and Rundeck

In today’s digital age, customer experience is top priority. When an outage occurs, the tools that you have at hand can make all the difference for your customers and your brand. Your tools shouldn't just help you solve the immediate problem, but also prevent the same issue in the future. Effective incident response depends on accessible, well-integrated tools and processes.
By integrating Rundeck with Datadog's Incident Management, your teams can reduce friction in declaring incidents, assemble the people needed to collaborate on the issue, run known remediation tasks, and gather information needed for the post-mortem.

In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how to use Rundeck and Datadog together to optimize performance by streamlining incident response, restoring services more rapidly, and avoiding similar outages in the future.

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Streamline your Incident Response with Datadog and Rundeck

  1. 1. Shape Up Skills Builder - September 4th, 2020 Confidential Incident Response with Datadog and Rundeck Webinar | March 24, 2021
  2. 2. Forrest Evans DIR. OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Forrest is a Product Manager / Technologist with an extensive history in designing and developing complex technical solutions with leading edge technologies to solve business challenges. In his spare time, Forrest is a craft cocktail mixologist and rides motorcycles. Meghan Jordan SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER Meghan Jordan is a Senior Product Manager at Datadog focusing on improving the experience for on-call engineers with Datadog's SLO and Incident Management products.
  3. 3. Rundeck is Runbook Automation that gives anyone in your organization self-service access to operations tasks that previously only your subject matter experts could perform. What is Rundeck?
  4. 4. As part of the PagerDuty family of products, Rundeck brings automation to machine and human workflows across the entire incident response lifecycle - prevention, diagnosis and resolution Leverage Automation Across the Full Incident Lifecycle
  5. 5. Datadog at-a-glance – Observability, Monitoring, and Analytics platform – Fully remote, with 3 major offices – Over 2,000 employees – Over 12,000 customers – Over 400 integrations – Multi-Cloud – Run on millions of hosts – Collect tens-of-trillions of data points per day
  6. 6. Datadog Incident Management unifies your incident response workflow with the rest of your monitoring platform, so that you can seamlessly pivot from an alert to relevant dashboards, then declare an incident and begin your investigation without losing any context. Datadog Incident Management
  7. 7. Investigate and collect relevant signals as apart of your incident investigation. Datadog Incident Management
  8. 8. Datadog Incident Management
  9. 9. Working Together
  10. 10. Multi Resource Change Actions Resource Actions Automated Resource Actions Operator Initiated Common Actions Automated Data Collection Operator Initiated Data Collection Automated Restart, add/remove multiple resources Restart, add/remove resources Clear cache, /tmp dir etc Clear cache, /tmp dir etc Logs, Metrics, KPIs, Health, etc Logs, Metrics, KPIs, Health, etc Restart, add/remove resources Common Actions Operator Initiated Risk / Complexity Change Action Non-Change Action Automation Evolution (from an incident)
  11. 11. Automation Ideas Incident Management ● Pull Date, Logs, Diagnostics ● Mute/Unmute Hosts ● Attach Logs to Tickets/ Incidents ● Restart Servers ● Restart Services ● DB Unlocks ● Clearing Files/Memory ● Open/Update/Close Tickets
  12. 12. Demo
  13. 13. Free Trial: datadoghq.com/free-datadog-trial/ See Demo: rundeck.com/see-demo