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‏‏‏‏ Islamic empire 3 july08



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The Emergence of a New Islamic Empire in the Old World during the 21st century

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‏‏‏‏ Islamic empire 3 july08

  1. 1. Zvi Sever, Ph.D Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Indianapolis, USA P.O.B. 39671, Tel-Aviv 61396, Israel, SEV@NETVISION.NET.IL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Emerging of Islamic Empire The expected borders of The Coming Islamic Empire ISRAEL Copyright 2006 by Zvi Sever Hebrew version: December 2006 English version: July 2008 Tel-Aviv, Israel, July 2008 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction....................................................................................................................... 3 The Emerging of Islamic Empire .................................................................................... 4 Main topics and the map ................................................................................................. 4 A comment on the map of the Islamic empire................................................................ 5 The history of the Empire phenomena............................................................................ 6 Base assumptions in presenting the emerging of Islamic Empire .................................. 7 List of assumptions that deals with the existence and creation of the Empire – Organization and management of the population ....................................................... 7 The analysis method used to define the borders of the Islamic Emerging Empire..... 7 List of assumptions that deal with the centrality of the religion believes in the existence of the human beings. ................................................................................... 8 The affiliation of the modern human with 4 entities................................................. 10 Additional thoughts about the Emerging Islamic Empire .......................................... 12 The state of Israel as an answer to the emerging Islamic Empire................................. 12 Terror as an ingredient in the emerging of the Islam Empire ....................................... 12 Violence as a developmental stage – or – The Islamic terror? It is just a matter of growing up, it will pass............................................................................................. 12 The advancement of Gifted Iranian children and the possibility of the development of “nuclear suicide belt”............................................................................................ 13 The affinity of the state of Israel to the Christian world in the Islamic Empire age..... 14 The pushing out of Christianity from the Old World ............................................... 14 The characteristics of the Christians in Israel during the age of the Islamic Empire 15 Israel as a Christian Democratic Out Sourcing of the USA...................................... 15 The coming into power of Islam via Democracy.......................................................... 16 The attitude to the Islam – A request from the USA and a remark to Israel ................ 17 Culture and Religion war .............................................................................................. 17 Preparation for the Emerging Islamic Empire. ........................................................... 19 A suggestion – The preparation of the State of Israel to the process of Islamic Empire Emergence..................................................................................................................... 19 The four main reasons why Israel might not prepare for the emerging Empire ....... 20 The need to organize the old world to the process of Islamic Empire Emergence....... 21 The inclusion of the USA in the attempt to prevent a wide Islamic Empire ................ 22 Part of the “range of activities” that will be required during the preparation process.. 22 Epilogue ........................................................................................................................... 23 Words of Thanks............................................................................................................. 23 2
  3. 3. Introduction About four months following the assassination of the Israel Prime Minister –Yitzhak Rabin (November 1995), I submitted to Mr. Shimon Peres, his replacement in the post of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, a short document (a page and a quarter), in which I asserted that a regional Islamic process might be underway, and we, the citizens of Israel, must be prepared for such a process. In 2000, I gave to Major-General (Ret.) Uzi Dayan – in his capacity as Head of the National Security Council, a document titled “Preparation for existing in parallel with an Islamic Kingdom”. I than waited for an additional opportunity, and it arrived when Lt.-Gen (Ret.) Shaul Mofaz, with whom I have been acquainted in several commando operations in Syria1, was appointed Minister of Defense. In November 2003 I gave him a presentation2 about the huge area of the empire and the need to be prepared for such a development. For various reasons, I have not succeeded in setting the responsible national bodies in motion in order to prepare for the possibility of an Islamic Empire coming into existence. For us – the State of Israel – such a possibility is highly meaningful, and could constitute a danger to our existence as the State of the Jewish nation. This booklet aims to present the reader with some of the topics related to the predicted coming into existence of the Islamic Empire, in the hope that following the reading of this booklet, many will find a way to become involved in the process of preparation for the incipient empire, which will cover most of the “Old World" (Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceana – see map on next page). Should a public discussion ensue in Israel, Europe or even in the “New World”, I will feel that I have been rewarded for presenting my ideas in public. My hopes are, that above all, real active processes will emerge –some of which are presented in this booklet, in preparation for these events. Since 1987, when I was an Operations Officer, at the special units headquarters, I read certain documents, articles and many books that deal with Islam, regional security, etc. In order to ensure accessibility for this booklet's readers, to the “central message” – “An Islamic Empire will exist, but it is possible to prepare and continue to exist as a Jewish State in the heart of this empire”, I have chosen not to quote sources, unlike in scientific writing. There are many resources available on this topic, and all readers can reach them. 1 Sever, Z. (editor) 2005. The paratrooper Commando Unit – 30 years following the operations in the October 1973 War. 41 pages, approved for publication by the military censorship in January 2006. 2 Sever, Z. 2003. The Islamic Empire coming into being, a presentation, 22 pages 3
  4. 4. The Emerging of Islamic Empire Main topics and the map According to my perception, by the middle of the present century, an Empire will come into existence, bigger than anything that existed in the past human history – the Islamic Empire that will cover most of the Old World, from Western Europe up to North and East Mongolia and down to South-East Oceana and South-West Africa. Map: The limits of the incipient Islamic Empire and the location of Israel almost in the middle. Map of Islam in the Old World – based on the demographic percentage of the Islamic population. Based on data from December 2005 (Yellow= 10%). I have decided to mark Yellow ribbons in China as even though only 3% of the Chinese population are Muslim. These 3% represent 40 millions people. 4
  5. 5. The map of the Islamic Empire with Israel in it’s heart A comment on the map of the Islamic empire In the map that I have drawn at 2003, I have marked “formally Yugoslavia” as the North- West corner of the Islamic Empire coming into being. Currently it became apparent that the rate of growth of the Islamic believers in a year, is greater then any other religion, and thus the number of Islam believers in France is more then 10% of the population. Accordingly I have included in the current map, most of West Europe, Strengthening this point is Sever Plozker, in his article in the weekend supplement of the Yediot Achronot newspaper 9.4.2004. The reporter asserts that the intention of Islam is to establish in former Yugoslavia an Islamic State, (in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia) and he names their Islam “Balkanian Islam”. The dispersion of the entire Moslem population in Europe, of which some are already second generation., he calls “The Religion Islamic State” (in contrast to naming one of the combining components of the former Yugoslavia he names “The geographic Islamic State”) and his assertion is the two state, the religious and the geographic, will lead the “Islamic revolution of Europe”). In order to convince you to take part in preparations for the coming into being of the Islamic Empire, the following chapters are written. 5
  6. 6. The history of the Empire phenomena The initial phenomena of “Mega State” – EmpireKingdom is tightly linked, embryonic link and maybe even conscious link, to Judaism and the Asian continent, meaning the monotheistic religions and the old world. 2000 years have passed since the beginning of the imperialism till the phenomena has included also Africa, and 2700 years passed until it included Europe also due to the marches of Alexander the Great. The first empire, Mesopotamia, that included Ur (later known as “Ur Casdim”), the place where our forefather Abraham was born, is the cradle of the human culture, and includes also the Fertile Crescent, the source of domestication of plants and animals, that have brought to the human being economic security and the acquiring of surplus economical means, which has enabled additional achievements following this phase. • Maybe due to the fact that Mesopotamia is the “cradle of the human culture”, it is difficult to perceive now, that this region is also the source of “the destruction of the human culture” and terrorists all over the world regard Ben-Laden and others, that live in caves between Iraq and Afghanistan, a source of inspiration for destruction of the cultural assets and cancellation of the “do and don’t” agreements between the nations of the world. With the development of Christianity and later of Islam, the phenomena of great empires always included the three continents Asia, Africa and Europe in various proportions. Only in the second half of the second millennium as dated by Christianity, 4700 years past the beginning of the great empire phenomena, new areas of the Hinduism and Buddhism are joining the empires – India and Oceana, and on the other hand, the new world is joining following the conquest of the British Empire. The British Empire is the greatest empire in the history of the human being, and just now, if the new Islamic Empire is realized, we will face the existence of an empire that is bigger then the British Empire. If we compare these two greatest empires on the basis of “what is their goal”, while the British Empire goal was to satisfy the economic goal of the English rulers, the Islamic Empire's goal is supposed to satisfy the religious goal of those who will head it, to generate a continuous area where all who live there abide by the Islamic way of life and the law of the Sharia !!! Remark – The great empires of the new world – Maya, Aztecs and the Inca are not discussed in this paper, as they were limited in the area they covered. The Mongol empire which existed during the 14th century could have been included in this discussion, being greater then the Islamic empire that proceeded it by 700 years, but since it would not have changed the record size of the British Empire, I have decided not to include it. 6
  7. 7. Base assumptions in presenting the emerging of Islamic Empire List of assumptions that deals with the existence and creation of the Empire – Organization and management of the population • There exists an “Imperialistic urge” in humans, being depicted in the great empires that have been referred to in previous pages. • When a powerful personcommunity has the ability to createdefine a kingdomempire, it will eventually occur. • The history of the state phenomena proves that it is possible to manage huge communities inside defined borders. • The active Islam believers are not different than other populations, and thus “the collective sub conscious of the Islam” strive to define organizational borders to create a Mega Empire. The analysis method used to define the borders of the Islamic Emerging Empire • In order to draw the border line that defines the Islamic Emerging Empire, the selection criteria was regions that have an Islamic population that is more then 10% of the total population in that region. • If we refer to use “modest” borders, and draw a border line using a criteria that included regions have more then 20% Islamic population in the entire population, we will still have a huge area in the old world. • Taking into consideration the dynamics of the processes and the rate at which Islam is developing, we will find out that we are living in times, where the growth rate of the Islamic population is increasing, and also there are regions where Islamic penetration is massive. • We consider the Islamic Emerging Empire as one organizational structure, geographically united, tightly tied into the Islamic holy places, and created in the area between Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. We have not included in this stage the Islam regions in the new world. 7
  8. 8. List of assumptions that deal with the centrality of the religion believes in the existence of the human beings. Definition of the human being as – Homo Religioso The scientific community was wrong to define, two hundred fifty years ago, the scientific name of humans as Homo sapiens, meaning a smartclever human. Not that the human is not smart and clever, but the difference from other animals, lies in the quality and quantity, and not in the essence. When a scientific name is given to a species, it is best defined using a “differential diagnosis”- a “unique attribute” that will clearly separate it from other species. If we want to use this method to clearly define the human being we must find the “deferential attribute”, and in my opinion the attribute is religion – the urge of the human to believe and his ability to implement this urge in various ways of thought process and religious activities. Considering this, we should have named the human – Homo Religioso. The religion concept is the continuum between religion and faith. I would like to emphasis that during the development of the monotheistic religions, different groups took upon themselves the task of being intermediates between God and his believers and misrepresented the faith. This have caused sometimes discomfort and even anger resulting in loving the religion and hating the religious human, or hating those who set themselves as God's chosen representatives. I would like to assert that if Moses was not rescued from the Nile water, and would have continued to float with the current to the Mediterranean sea, and would have continued to travel via the tide waves, and would have landed on the shore of a green island, and the baby Moses would have been able to feed himself and grow into adulthood healthy in his body and mind, we would have found that the person is a believer, a religious man. He might have been an idol worshiper that prays to trees and stones, and believes in the wind in the sky, or he might have built a corner where he would meditate to one God, but I have no doubt that the urge to believe in an omnipotent power is the nature of human being and will be found in any human born, and will be found even in those who were not raised by humans. Thus I think we must define the human as a Believing human, religious human, and this is what set him unique from all other creatures, and this fact will be revealed to us wherever we travel around God’s land, we will find believing tribes, from idol worshipers in the South America forests, Pagan tribes in New-Guinea Papua or religious Muslim groups in Pakistan, Confusions believers in China, Christians in the US and Jews in Ethiopia. We can present several explanations to the fact that the human is “forced” to become a believer and the following explanation is one of the reasonable explanations: 8
  9. 9. In my appreciation, the human “Non stop working brain” leads him into cross-sections that has no way out without the intervention of an omnipotent power. I can almost declare that the human would have gone out of his mind if he was enforced to find by himself the solution to the many conflicts generated in his brain, while he is thinking and contemplating, and only by introducing a non-natural factor, dimensionless, having unlimited ability, enables the human to generate the solutions to the human existence that he is forced to deal with. “The tree of the knowledge good and evil” is now loaded with a wide meaning, that includes the total knowledge of the human being in all areas of life and not only those who are related to moral knowledge. The tree of knowledge does not enable the human to ignore facts revealed to him personally and those that are transferred to him from his predecessors, which eventually lead to nontrivial, intellectual conflicts with no simple logical solution, and luckily the concepts “God exists” and “God has the solution”, in a simplistic way enables us to sigh and makes it easier for us to pass the day, the year and life under the burden of our brain…. The comeback of Religion – or the return to the basic characteristics In the second half of the previous century, the impression was that “Religion is OUT and money is IN” as depicted by the two powers that were leading the world: The USA that lead a capitalistic society whose esteemed citizens were those who acquire more capital in the “free competition” system, and the USSR that lead a communistic society sanctied the sharing of capital and the lack of competition between its citizens, and the “Collective” system. The communistic system collapsed form inside and the American system has brought wellbeing to many and some of them became rich, but has failed to satisfy the basic need of human beings – the need for internal and deep values, a need that is apparently satisfied by religion. Thus the human society that has tried to achieve various satisfactions, found itself going back to the primal need – Religion. Accordingly, the “Western” human (those who are West to the areas of the Eastern Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Genism, Sikhism, Confucianism, etc…) is deserting now the “God of Money”(Communism and Capitalism) and goes back to the “Real” God that exists in the heart and heaven, which represents a return to his origin, to the “Genuine” characteristics, meaningful, basic to the human being. In the near future it will be more and more visible the return to religion regardless of the “Global farm” and the term “non-religious person” will be rare and any human will affiliate himself religiously (the Jewish “affiliate yourself with a Rabbi” or the Christian “Going to my Church” etc…). 9
  10. 10. The affiliation of the modern human with 4 entities The human in current society has several basic affiliations based on their chronological order. These four entities, to my opinion, are: Human, Religion, Nation and State. • Human – Every human belongs to the “Smart Human” – Homo Sapiens The human is born into this affiliation, and all humanities are belonging to this affiliation. We are all human. The other affiliations involves a kind of choice, at least in adults: • Religion – Every human has a religion, an ingredient that characterizes him, as stated before, even if a human would have arrived as a baby in a cradle to a deserted island, he would have become in his adulthood, a religious person !!! In the societies that lie west of the far east religions, there was seemingly a process of going away from religion andor the development of the daily life not around the religion, as I have described before – “Money” tried to replace God. The “God of Money” has failed, and now human return to religion and create active religion life. • Nation – Each human belongs to a greater group named Nation The inclination to include everyone under one society, the globalization, that attempted to give humans a “Mega Affiliation” has proven wrong with the disintegration of the USSR, Yugoslavia and others, and the insistence of the disintegrated “pieces” to belong to different nations, is an example that testifies that it was too early to mourn belonging to an affiliation, to a nation. This requires consideration by great and small nations as well. • State – The largest organizational and institutional affiliation in the new age is the state. Currently a human must be affiliated with a state, because of the fact that this kind of organization has spread all over the world, and one need to belong to a state to have his interests and the interests of his group protected. The history of the state phenomena is more recent than any of the four entities, but appears to be the most robust organizational structure, that needs to be considered by those who “plan” to build an empire. Note – According to Huntington (“The clash of civilizations?”, 1993) we should add a fifth entity – Civilization. But we have no clear definition of civilization’ and the feeling of belonging to a civilization is not inherently based on my feelings, (a human that is asked about his affiliation will answer; religion, nation or state, but not civilization) and is too loaded to attribute it to someone without getting his prior agreement. 10
  11. 11. In contrast, to being born as a human, which is not a decision that has to be taken by an adult, Religion is chosen by a human, and thus we need to attribute a great weight to the basic and primary entity that an adult human is choosing. Accordingly, we need to consider seriously the transition of many Muslims from passive religion to an “Active Faith”. There are those who commit suicide as a “Shahid” to portray the activities of an active practicing religion. The most explicit example of moving from passive to active religion , are the Bedouins, that we are familiar with, who were always defined as Moslems in their history, but many of them have now turned into active believers, and build Mosques and pray there several time a week. To summarize this chapter - The open question is: Why this religion danger have landed on the citizens of earth? It seems that religion is returning to take its central place in the life of the human beings and this fact helps to motivate the Muslims to transfer to “Active believers” and advances the increase in the number of those who convert to Muslim and the spread of Islam. 11
  12. 12. Additional thoughts about the Emerging Islamic Empire The state of Israel as an answer to the emerging Islamic Empire The State of Israel, that has been founded to give an answer to the needs of the Jewish nation, finds itself as a factor in the emergence of the Islamic Empire. The presence of the State of Israel in the heart of the Arab Muslim world is being used as a catalyst to “wake” the passive Muslims and turn them into active Muslims, which is one of the preconditions that is required for the founding and coming into being of the Islamic Empire. Remark – The mega terrorist attack in the train station in Madrid, the capital of Spain, on April 3rd 2004, may testify that there exists a critical mass of Muslim in Europe, and the way they are treated can initiate “enough anger and hatred” to arouse them up and transform them into being active, in parallel to other centers in the world that are awakening the Muslims. The meaning is – Israel might be losing its importance as “the generator of more and more active Muslims” and thus the leaders of the Islam will not avoid a process of discussion between the Palestinians and Israel and between the Muslims and Israel, because we have lost our vital position in the development of the Islam world. Terror as an ingredient in the emerging of the Islam Empire Violence as a developmental stage – or – The Islamic terror? It is just a matter of growing up, it will pass It might be that heading to war and violence is an essential developmental stage in a religion, that is unavoidable, same as the inability to prevent the burst of testosterone that impact youngsters (throughout history communities have directed these energies towards training: preparations for war in the nomads, and gymnastic training in urban societies). There is a possibility that groups of people might undergo the same processes as the ones that an individual goes through. Like the development of the baby into a child, and into a youngster, with all the implications arising from it, who only later, past the stage of entering adulthood becomes a grown up person, who acts with better thought process and evaluation of a situations, a group of humans might go through the same process in the case that the group possess a “Critical Mass” of participants and enough time to exist. 12
  13. 13. Present religions are well suited to examine this possibility, as they are existed for more then a thousand years, not only those who originate in East Asia, but also the monotheistic religions. Accordingly, Christianity, dating more then a thousand years, entered the “adolescence” stage and as a result, almost as if it was forced into it, initiated by internal forces, the crusades, that were a burst of violence that motivated hundreds of thousands of youngsters, under the religion flag to leave their homes in Europe and take the long road to Asia, focusing on the Holy places on the Mediterranean sea shores, and here, they expressed during two hundred years of killing and assassinations all their internal urges that originated from the stage that the religion group they belonged to were at that time. Once this development stage has ended, they returned to their homes, and laid down their arms, but Christianity retained the “growing pains” that tell us the story of what has transpired during this difficult and frustrating stage. This is a simplistic description, and we must not disregard the heavy payment of their environment, paid for the need of Christianity to grow up. Environment means the Jews and Muslims that were the “Agnus Dei - Lamb of God” that were sacrificed on the altar of Christianity growing up. If there exists a basis to the fact that a group of humans, being a team of organisms, is in fact a biological entity that goes through stages of biological development similar to the individuals comprise the team, we should expect now that a religion like Islam, that has hundreds of millions followers, and is close to its maturity (Islam started around 622 A.C., but became a “mass” religion at around the 10th century), will find itself with much violence and indeed, we are aware of the internal forces that are active in Islam, almost forced on Islam. The result of these forces we currently feel, as it is depicted in the global terror and its messengers that are named shahids after they die. If the wave of Islamic terror is only a necessary stage in the development of the Islam, that will end once Islam reaches “Religious Maturity”, all that is needed by the citizens of this world is to be patient, and almost repeat the slogan “not to worry it will pass soon”, as any parent tell his teenager during adolescence. The advancement of Gifted Iranian children and the possibility of the development of “nuclear suicide belt” In Israel, gifted children are almost ignored. In Iran on the contrary, they have started a bout 8 years ago a national program for advancement of this valuable human resource. While in Israel they test at 3rd grade, all Israeli pupils in order to identify the gifted 2.5% and to develop the gifted 0.25% until 9th grade only, in Iran they test all the pupils at 8th grade, and choose the best 680 and they notify their parents that they are transferred to a special school in Teheran, affiliated with the best University, and they get a special education until 12 grade in wide areas of life: science, arts, world religions, creative thinking etc… Then to test them in comparison to world standards, they are flown to international youth competitions where they succeed to win first places in computer 13
  14. 14. science, robotics, mathematics, etc… On their return to Iran, they sign a 9 years of service in the army and they descend to the research and development basement of the Iranian army. You do not need much imagination to understand what 5,300 gifted scientist could generate in a country that provides them with unlimited monetary resources to realize their potential. Whoever that thinks that Iran is investing all the effort of its human resources in research and building of an Atomic bomb, is ignoring the fact that the main research in this area has been already finished by the middle of the previous century, in Los Alamos in the USA (the “Manhattan Project” during 2nd World War) and that the implementation of such application requires only enough cash since the disintegration of the USSR and its Atomic Reactors are owned by rich people that are more then happy to add capital to their bank accounts. This is why we should be more creative in our attempt to comprehend what these 5,300 talented army members are doing. The only area that I would like to suggest is the development of a Nuclear Bomb belt. Iran as a Muslim country is prohibited from using nuclear bomb on Israel, since it will contaminate the Holly places in Jerusalem for a long time in the best case, and will destroy them in the worst case. That is why it is plausible that they are using these talented youth to develop nuclear bomb belts, a handy nuclear bomb, which can be used to destroy a city area with a pull of a lever. Having reached this stage, they could send suicide bombers to our cities having full control on the level of destruction effected by the nuclear reaction. Remark – this chapter deals with possible options in the developmental directions of terror, meaning the local nuclear terror, that is apparently not vital in the discussion regarding the preparations for the Emerging Islamic Empire, but cannot be ignored as it meaningful in the process and the scientific achievements of the Islamic world are part of his power and will play a major role in his influence in his vicinity. The affinity of the state of Israel to the Christian world in the Islamic Empire age The pushing out of Christianity from the Old World In order to comprehend the chances of the State of Israel to continue to exist, related to its connection to the Christian world, (as depicted for example in the relations with the USA), one must try to look into a time which is beyond the current decade and beyond the region, and not to neglect the possibility that the western old world ( the one that is West of the Hinduism Buddhism Genism Sikhism Confucianism) is changing into 14
  15. 15. becoming Islamic, including Europe, and that Christianity will be pushed out from the old world and its core will be moved to the new world. This in one to two terms, the Pope will not be chosen in Rome, and that will continue until the Vatican will be free from the Islamic Empire and will be free again to chose the Pope. Under such conditions, the existence of remnant of the Jews and Christians in the old world, and the existence of an autonomic Jewish State with an affinity to the Christian world is under great doubt. The characteristics of the Christians in Israel during the age of the Islamic Empire We are witnessing currently, great changes in the characteristics of the Christians in Israel. When you talked about “Israeli Christians” before the immigration of the million of the former USSR “Jews”, you meant Arab Christians, but now most of the Christians in Israel are “immigrants” from the USSR, numbering more then 300,000 (the Central Census Office named them “other Jews” or “Not Arab Christians”, and the Internal Affair Office characterize them with a specific numeral in their ID cards), compared to the 130,000 Arab Christians, It is not clear if there is any meaning to the origin of the Christians in Israel, in terms of their survival in the age of the Islamic Empire, and will the Muslims tolerant the Arab Christians more than Christians that originate from the Russian Church. Israel as a Christian Democratic Out Sourcing of the USA Many of us wonder about the place of the State of Israel in the region and what the Americans told Sharon that made him agree to the “Roadmap” and influenced his decision to start the “disengagement process” (summer 2005). I would like to suggest two factors: One- the Americans presented the Israeli Prime Minister with the budget of the State of Israel, and have threatened to subtract their supporting part in the budget. Two – they have hinted about Israel’s place in the region, as they perceive it, and here is the situation, according to my understanding: The State of Israel, as the Christians in the USA perceive it, is an outsourcing entity that is used to keep democracy in the Middle East and safeguard the Christian Holy places. An Evangelist Christian President, like the current president Mr. George W. Bush, is best suited to guard these two interests in parallel (two at a price on one …) Unfortunately the existence of Israel for more then 58 years in this region, has not set a goal of guarding those two targets and maybe, its existence, is a component in a process 15
  16. 16. that is working towards an opposing direction, meaning that the existence of Israel, is a factor that arouses and instigates and antagonizes the people living in the region and helps to convert the “Light Muslims” into “Hard Muslims” – turning passive Muslims into active Muslims, that go to worship in the Mosque 5 times a day , and set out to the streets to set on fire the Israeli and American flags and Shout “alla Acbar – God Is Great” and :Itbach el Yahud and Americana – Slaughter the Jews and the Americans”, anytime they are called to the flag. The hatred to Israel amidst all these, contributes to help to achieve Muslim majority in local and Parliament elections and in the region (notice the election in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank by end of 2005, Iraq and later Lebanon where the Hezbollah have entered into the Government). The process that leads the region to be more and more Islamic, make it clear that a real danger is possible to the Christian communities and that Islamic control, might even cast doubt about the survival of the Christian Holy places, as under Islamic control, there will be no access to Christian pilgrims and might even destroy all Christian Holy places. As part of this situation, it is not sure that Israel can exist in an ‘Islamic Sea” that will flood the region and also safeguard the Christian Holy places that are inside its territorial state. Under such condition Israel will stop to be an Out Sourcing that can be relied on “That will deliver the merchandise” to the Americans who will be fed up by Israel's inability to help stabilize the region in a direction that is acceptable to them( safeguard of democracy and free access to the Christian Holy places), might try to handle their main interests without preserving the existence of Israel as a vital part of their interests. Meaning that the existence of Israel is not guaranteed and not only because of the threat from our neighbors and the emergence of the Islamic Empire, but because of the new conditions that will happen as part of the process of the Islamic Empire emergence that might cause our friends not to act to safeguard our existence. The coming into power of Islam via Democracy The seemingly Democratic process that the Americans are setting in the region will end by bringing Islam governing these countries. Islam will be in the governing position via a full democratic process, achievement that was prohibited in the past by tyrant leaders like Assad in Syria and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the control of Syria over Lebanon etc… As Jews and Israelis we must remember that Hitler came into government via a democratic process and due to such process, because if he were living under a dictatorship, he would have found himself inside jail…! Only once he went into a ruling position, did he annihilate the democratic process and replace it with a Nazi dictatorship, in which – we the Jews paid with almost 40% of our people. 16
  17. 17. It is quite plausible that we are living now in the beginning of a new era in the characteristics of the leadership of the countries that are neighbors to Israel and beyond them, meaning that we are witnessing the last of the secular leaders in these countries, and in one or two terms, they will all be replaced via a democratic process by religious leaders, probably Muslims. Remark – Under this view, the promotion of piece process with the current secular leaders seems like “fighting the previous war” and must be replaced with an aspiration to generate “None War agreement” that will enable their successor religious leaders to abide by these treaties. The attitude to the Islam – A request from the USA and a remark to Israel On September 11, 2001, the biggest terrorist attack in the history of humanity occurred in the USA! 3 airplanes collided with 3 buildings and caused the death of about 3 thousand humans, mostly grownup people, that represented the society, economics, and science and culture and government in the USA and the countries that are aligned with the USA. Following this tragic event, the USA declared a total war on those who sent these terrorists, using strong language against the Fundamental, Extreme Islam. It is quite difficult to require the citizens of the USA and their leaders, after this highly difficult event, not to use such language, but still we must ask them to choose their language, when they speak about a religion that has more then one billion worshipers. The American must act decisively against terror, but still should speak with the appropriate respect about a religion when they talk about Islam. It is also advised that the State of Israel, that is placed in the heart of the Arab world and whose many citizens are Muslims, that in parallel to the activities for terror prevention and safeguarding its independence, should decisively object at any point in time if someone will speak about Muslims in an inappropriate way. Culture and Religion war Remark – The discussion is about the “Western World”, meaning the humanity that is west of the Eastern Religions. The East has not undergone a meaningful change during the last hundred years, and the people were and are religious in their day-to-day life. It seems that for now, they stay out of the “struggle” that is beginning to happen between the big monotheistic Religions, and the huge development process in the Far East is an interesting process but is not preventing the development of the Islam. It is probable that 17
  18. 18. in the year 2030 we will witness an Islamic Empire with an additional ChineseIndian or other super-power. Additional remark is related to the science and technology achievements – in my perception the changes that have already occurred in the world ( the advancement of education, science and technology, improvement in the level and the standard of living etc) have skipped the 3rd world, that most of its inhabitants are part of the Islamic world. Also even those who have been benefiting from these achievements have the feeling that the answer to the “Human Soul” is not there, and as I have previously asserted the return to the source, the religion, to the Homo Religioso that is inside us, is the answer. Meaning that as a rule, developments in science and technology is not blocking the religious inclinations. In light of the disappointment from the other Gods (money achievements) and the return to “the sources”, faith and religion, we should not be surprised that more and more citizens in the USA are Christian worshipers to its fullest active meaning and at the same time, many Muslims around the world are not sitting on the fence, but expect themselves to act, and prove the depth of their faith. It boils down to the fact that in the Western world there are more than a billion and a quarter Muslims and about 2 billion Christians that are preparing for the “Big Fight” a kind of “Gog & Magog” that is approaching near. On both sides, the attempt to differentiate between religion and culture is not natural and thus they are actually one entity. Most of the Muslims are linked with the Arab culture and most of the Christians are linked with the liberal democratic culture. Thus the religious war is also a culture war and when it will happen in the historic battlefield, it will include a battle on the basic characteristics of the daily life of humans. (A quantitative remark – today the Christian world is about 32% of the world population and the Muslims are about 19%, but up to 2025 we expect to have a “dramatic change” and the Muslim world will be 30% of the world population and the Christians only 25 %.) 18
  19. 19. Preparation for the Emerging Islamic Empire. A suggestion – The preparation of the State of Israel to the process of Islamic Empire Emergence. The existence of Islamic Empire that includes inside, almost at its heart, the State of Israel, concerns us and might even present a threat to the future of the State of Israel as a Jewish state. The Islamic reign does not usually allow an autonomic Jewish under their control, but only allow for Jewish life with several limitations. If the State of Israel insists on its own autonomy we must act to preserve such autonomy, so not to repeat the event of the Jewish nation being expelled again from its land. In order to prepare for the coming of the Islamic Empire (a process that towards it’s end will be visible, consolidated, core government, that will somehow govern the “human mix” that will build the empire), I would like to suggest that we initiate a “pan region” process to prevent the development of a full scale empire, that will be centered around Europe, the USA and emerging forces in the East, and in parallel to initiate regional meetings with the most extreme leaders of the Islam. If we manage to “wake” Europe, on the eve of the emergence empire, before it will wake up to a different morning, it might prevent the creation of the outlines that are necessary to the building of the long border lines of the empire. An empire in the old world might not present the USA with a problem, as it is located in the new world, but in case that the empire will have the attack power that many Islam countries have currently, it can pose a direct threat to the residents of NY or even the Capital Washington D.C. and thus it is possible to recruit the USA to be involved in prevention of full scale empire. The Far East is undergoing big changes and it might turn out that these changes will lead to the development of one or more powers that need to be part of the preparation in this area that will share a border with the Islam Empire. In parallel to enlisting the old world and new, but mainly Europe and the USA to take part in the activity, our share of the effort will be to build “a bridge of communication” via “brotherhood bonds”, that will require to take part in meetings with all level of the Islamic population in the world including the 100 extreme Muslim leaders, during a period of 5 years, that will take place in four human waves in which all the Israeli representatives will take part: First wave – The representatives of all religions in Israel that will meet Islamic representatives 19
  20. 20. Second wave – The representatives of the municipalities will meet with Islamic religious representatives and Islamic municipalities representatives Third wave – Representatives of school teams and education authorities and research and academic institutes will meet with Islamic religious, and Moslems teachers and scientists Fourth wave – Representatives of the government and the political representatives in Israel will meet Islamic religious leaders, authorities representatives and politicians in the Arab and Islamic world. If indeed we will start this five year process within the current year, then by the end of these meetings between the “human waves” by 2012, we will still be left with about twelve years to be partners in the activities of the old world on the eve of the consolidation of the Islamic Empire. The activities on the international level and national level will happen to ensure the continuation of the existence of the State of Israel as an autonomic Jewish state at the era of the Islamic Empire. If Israel will prepare and makes these meeting between the human waves, with the Islamic world, it will be able to be in the future a “bridge of communication” between the Western world and the Arab Islamic world. The four main reasons why Israel might not prepare for the emerging Empire The unstable organizational structure of the State of Israel The instability of the Israeli Governments, that whenever they topple, the Ministers, General Managers and top civil servants are being replaced about every 20 months, is not enabling the state to deal with long term issues. When the tool is missing (the organizational structure), it is worthless to try to work on substance. The State of Israel is not the Homeland of the Jewish Nation The state of Israel is existing for 58 years, but with only less then half of the Jewish world population (5.3 million Jews from 14 millions about 38%...). In the current situation it seems the “State is not the Nation” meaning that the nonexistence of the state is not leading to the nonexistence of the Jewish nation. Anyone who is not acting before the results of the Islamic process will be enforced on us, is actually supporting the approach that asserts that the Jewish Nation can dream about Jerusalem, but better live 20
  21. 21. far away form Jerusalem in the Diaspora, far from Israel, away from the danger that is presented by the Islamic Empire. Adopting the strategy of “fall and do not react” The Palestinians were wrong when they refused to accept the “real truth” in the process of the return of the Jews to their country, and many of them were exiled because of the success of the Jews (read about the topic of the refugees). “Sit and do nothing” behavior by us during the emerging of the Islamic Empire is like wise dangerous (A person who is falling from a high-rise that is 100 stories high, is right to shout to some one looking at him on the 58th floor, that thank God I’m still alive –but this is not granted to be appropriate for the future… meaning “fall and not act” is not the right way…). The need to organize the old world to the process of Islamic Empire Emergence The terms “old world” and “new world” are geographical Euro centered terms, meaning that European researchers wanted to emphasis, that the “old world” is the one that is known to “everyone, again the citizens of Europe, and includes the continent of Europe, Asia and Africa and also Oceana (Australia and its vicinities). The new world was “revealed” by researchers like Columbus and others that sailed away from the old world. The citizens of America have founded and destroyed cultures, belonging to different religions and attained achievements in various areas, but unfortunately did not set the terms of the modern geography. Anyway, the new world includes he continents of America (North, Central and South) and even though there exist several Islamic communities that are growing in the last two decades, but their long distance from the Islamic Holy places, the limitation of their ability to control over such distance and some additional factors will mean that the Islamic Empire will be based on the old world, and will have some influence on the new world, but will never control most of its citizens. The State of Israel will be impacted by its inclusion inside the empire, but has limited abilities and thus, it is essential for it, that larger communities and organizations will take upon them the “main effort” in getting ready for the establishment of the Islamic Empire. Accordingly, it is for the best, from our point of view, that the whole old world will organize for the possibility of preventing the Islamic Empire from coming into being, or to help to limit it to a small part of the old world. If for example, we will succeed to enlist Europe to “wake up” on the eve of the emergence, before it wakes up to a morning of an Islamic Empire, which includes most of its area, and if we can influence the raising powers in the Far East to comprehend that their development is not detached from the processes that are happening in the West”, it might prevent the creation of the outlines that are necessary to build clear border lines of the empire. 21
  22. 22. As part of the preparations of the Israel towards the emergence of the Empire, we must present the contents of this booklet to the communities of the old world and motivate them to take part in the required activities to prevent the creation of the Empire in its entirety. The inclusion of the USA in the attempt to prevent a wide Islamic Empire An empire in the old world might not be a problem for the USA, that is located in the new world, but in the case that the Islamic Empire will include West Europe and West Africa, then long range missiles having a range of 5,800 Km, that will be installed on the West coasts of the empire, the coast of France, Spain and Morocco, will be a direct threat to the inhabitants of New-York and the Capital Washington DC (based on current reports, the Muslim leaders have in their arsenal missiles with a range of 2,500 Km (A trans continental missile) and it is plausible that in about twelve years they will have missiles with double range and even more). The danger of the missiles is enough to have a solid basis to claim that it is possible to enlist the USA to the process that has a goal to prevent the coming into being of a wide area Islamic Empire. The chapters in this booklet that discuss Christianity and the culture war, just support the assertion that the USA has more then one reason to prevent the existence of the Islamic Empire on most of the area of the old world. Thus as part of the preparation of Israel to the emergence of the Islamic Empire, we must present this booklet to the American communities and motivate them to take part in the required activities to limit the size of the empire. Part of the “range of activities” that will be required during the preparation process The sub list of the required actions, in order to face the process of the emergence of the Islamic Empire includes: • Search for an alternate energy resource as a replacement to oil – an alternative energy resources will eliminate the dependence that exists between the Arab and Muslim countries that produce oil, and the consumers that avoid using defense means that will endanger the oil production, in parallel to eliminating the use of oil revenue to generate threats. • Advancement of inhabitants of the third world – Backward communities are fertile ground for inciting, and thus we must allocate resources and influence to help them, so they can benefit from these resources so they can enjoy the achievements of the human race. 22
  23. 23. • Locating revolting communities – getting assistance from those who refuse “to take part” in the empire borders. • Strengthen those growing in strength in the East – we must encourage and enlist India, China and other to be part of the process. Epilogue This booklet is written in an associative method, since in my opinion there is no other way to expose such a complex topic, both to the public community and also to the professionals (the document is multi disciplinary and thus even “professionals” is a limiting term, since each one is a professional in his field, but is as the “public” out of his subject matter expertise, like myself). I have tried to write with humility and I do not pretend to present myself as someone whose academic studies have dealt with all the areas that are required for such a topic. I expect from those who read this small booklet, to act in the spirit I have tried to build in its writing, meaning to take part in a process that will cause the preparation, that will lead to preventing a wide Islamic Empire. During this time, we need to start to talk with the Islam world, so the outcome of the process will be – the existence of an Independent Jewish State in the land of Israel, in spite of the existence of a greater Islamic entity. Zionism has sprung into life on the eve of the decline of the Islamic empire that controlled Israel (the Ottoman Empire). We must ensure that Israel will not end on the morning of the coming into being of the Islamic Empire of the 21st century. Words of Thanks I would like to thank my family for their advice and patience and to all those who have dedicated their time, experience and ability to comment and enlighten the many drafts. 23