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Why Are You Attracted to That Person?

It's too confusing to define love, but some classic social psychology studies can help explain the feeling of attraction.

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Why Are You Attracted to That Person?

  1. Why Are You Attracted to That Person?
  2. Some social psychologists have conducted studies to explain factors that lead to interpersonal attraction. IT’S TOO CONFUSING TO DEFINE LOVE.
  3. BEAUTY People tend to associate physical appearance with quality, morality and intelligence. You tend to like people who have pleasing physical qualities.
  4. Male and female college students were asked to look at photos of different men and women. The students said the beautiful or handsome people were more attractive, had more desirable personalities, and could get better jobs. Source: Laws of Attraction
  5. “Your personality is what makes you sexy.” -Mollie King- PERSONALITY People tend to like others who have a warm, kind, or exciting personality.
  6. A research study asked married couples what characteristics they found attractive in their partners. Results showed that the 10 most valued characteristics were related to having a warm personality. Source: Laws of Attraction
  7. You tend to like people who are close by. PROXIMITY In general, the more time you spend physically close to people, the more comfortable you feel being around them.
  8. In 1950, randomly selected MIT dorm residents were asked to name their three closest friends in all the school’s dormitories. Results showed that two-thirds of the friends named lived on the same floor, in the same building. Source: Laws of Attraction
  9. People tend to like others who are similar to them. SIMILARITY Having similar characteristics, interests, and preferences reduces conflicts in a relationship.
  10. Source: Laws of Attraction College students were asked to fill out an attitude survey. Then they were asked to read and rate the survey answers of some fictitious students. Results showed that participants gave more favorable ratings to those who agreed with their own responses.
  11. RECIPROCITY & GAIN-LOSS People tend to like others who like them. However, it feels more rewarding if you’ve won over a person who initially had a bad impression of you.
  12. Source: The Science of Relationships A study engaged college students in a series of meetings. In each meeting, one of the participants (secretly working with those conducting the study) told the others he/she had accidentally overheard the experimenter describing them in one of these four ways: All positive 1 All negative 2 Initially negative but becoming positive 3 Initially positive but becoming negative 4 Participants gave the experimenter a GOOD evaluation Participants gave the experimenter a BETTER evaluation
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