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What Millennials Want?

What makes millennial customers tick?
What is it that’s separates Generation Y from all the others? How does this generation think especially when it comes to buying decisions? How do you appeal to the customer in them? How do you reach them in this day and age especially when traditional forms of advertising don’t work on them as effectively? 2016 is the year of Millennials as customers. Millennials are altogether different generation with different sorts of preferences.

Here are some valuable insights that will help your business stay young and appeal to Millennials.

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What Millennials Want?

  1. What Millennials Want? Entering into 2016, all that bus inesses need to know about Mi llennials as Customers.
  2. Did you know 2016 is the year of the millennial customer?
  3. It is estimated that millennials will be spending $200 Billion annually, by 2017.
  4. As consumers, millennials are expected to spend $10 Trillion over their lifetime.
  5. Let’s put these facts into perspective…
  6. There are about 80 Million millennials in the USA alone.
  7. Millennials make up some 25% of the US population and thanks to immigration, they’re on rise.
  8. And do we need to mention that Millennials are highly commanding with influence on b uying decisions of different demographic c ohorts?
  9. Meaning it's time to learn and u nderstand What Millennials Want?
  10. 1. Millennials love automation.
  11. 2. Millennials are least loyal to brands.
  12. 3. Millennials crave personalized experience.
  13. Find out what your Millennial Customers crave. CREATE A SURVEY TODAY
  14. 4. Millennials appreciate the ease of tech.
  15. 5. Millennials prefer experiential environments.
  16. 6. Millennials are mobile shoppers.
  17. 7. Millennials care about causes.
  18. 8. Millennials want to collaborate with the brand.
  19. 9. Millennials hate gumming up due to old or ineffective processes.
  20. 10. Millennials are more informed.
  21. 11. Millennials express online. So, social decision making is a norm.
  22. Is your customer experience ready to serve millennials?