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Quantum Technologies 2021

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Industrial interest in quantum technologies continues, leading to major investments and a large market in 5-10 years.

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Quantum Technologies 2021

  1. 1. From Technologies to Markets © 2021 From Technologies to Markets Quantum Technologies 2021 Market and Technology Report 2021 Sample
  2. 2. 2 2 2 ADMET: Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion,Toxicity APD: Avalanche Photo Diode ASIC: Application Specific Integrated Circuit BLA: Biological License Application BOM: Bill Of Materials BU: Business Unit C2W: Chip to wafer CADD: Computer-Aided Drug Design CAPEX: Capital Expenditure CCD: Charge Coupled Device CD: Critical Dimension D2W: Die to wafer FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Arrays FTTH: Fiber to the Home GPS: Global Positioning System InGaAs APD: InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode Detector LOQC: Linear Optics Quantum Computation Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 GLOSSARY AND DEFINITIONS (1/3) MEMS: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems MT: Magneto Resistance NFS: Number Field Sieve NISQ: Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum NME: New Molecular Entity NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NV: NitrogenVacancy O(n): Big O Notation (how quick the run-time grows relative to the input, N) OPEX: Operational expenditure PIC: Photonic Integrated Circuit PNT: National Positioning, Navigation, andTiming PQS: Programmable Quantum Simulator PSM4: Parallel Single Mode 4-channel QaaS: Quantum As A Service QC: Quantum Computer QCCD: Quantum CCD QCL: Quantum Cascade Laser QEC: Quantum error correction QKD: Quantum Key Distribution
  3. 3. 3 3 3 QML: Quantum Machine Learning QPU: Quantum Processor Unit QRNG : Quantum Random Number Generator QTRL: Quantum Technology Readiness Level RF: Radio Frequency RNG: Random Number Generator ROI: Return On Investment SERF: Spin-Exchange Relaxation-Free SME: Small and Medium Enterprise SNSPD: Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detector SPAC: Special Purpose Acquisition Company SPD: Single Photon Detector SQUID: Superconducting Quantum Interference Device SQIF: Superconducting Quantum Interference Filter SSB: Solid State Battery TLS: Transport Layer Security TSV: Through SiVias WDM: Wavelength Demultiplexing WG: Waveguide UTe2: Uranium Ditelluride sensing Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 GLOSSARY AND DEFINITIONS (2/3)
  4. 4. 4 4 4 Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 GLOSSARY AND DEFINITIONS (3/3) We use the following definitions in our forecast: •Quantum computing hardware: market value excluding services •Quantum computing: includes hardware and services (QaaS) •Quantum technologies: includes quantum-related technologies for computing, communication and sensing
  5. 5. 5 5 5 o Quantum computing is a long- term business o Only cryptography and sensing have market value today.And the latter a small market o Quantum is not a flash in a pan but it will probably take 10 to 20 years of R&D more o End applications and use-cases are still unclear o We overestimated quantum sensors market o Driven by Covid-19 and demand for more secure communications, QKD market will grow faster than previously forecasted Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 WHATWE GOT RIGHT, WHATWE GOT WRONG
  6. 6. 6 6 6 TABLE OF CONTENTS • Glossary and definitions 2 • What we got right, what we got wrong 5 • Table of contents 6 • Scope of the report 7 • Report methodology 8 • About the author 9 • Companies cited in this report 10 • Report objectives 11 • Who should be interested by this report? 12 • Three-page summary 13 • Executive summary 16 • Context 49 • Quantum computer 60 o Architecture o Quantum software • Quantum cryptography 88 • Quantum sensors 105 o Quantum magnetometers and gravimeters o Atomic clocks o New developments • Market forecasts 117 o Computers o Cryptography o Sensing/timing • Market trends 135 o Pharmaceutical o Energy and chemistry o Transportation o Banks and finance o Defense and aerospace • Market shares and supply chain 165 o Fund Raising o Collaborations o Players o Market shares • Technology trends 192 o Superconducting o Quantum annealer o Photons o Silicon o Quasi particles o NV centers o Trapped ions o Cold atoms o Others o Quantum accelerators • Outlook 235 Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  7. 7. 7 7 7 This report covers quantum technologies for: oComputing, including: • Quantum emulators • Quantum annealers • Quantum accelerators • NISQ • Universal quantum computer oQuantum-based sensing and timing solutions oQuantum key distribution SCOPE OFTHE REPORT Your needs are out of scope of this report? Contact us for a custom study: Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  8. 8. 8 8 8 METHODOLOGIES & DEFINITIONS Market Volume (in Munits) ASP (in $) Revenue (in $M) Yole’s market forecast model is based on the matching of several sources: Information Aggregation Pre-existing information Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  9. 9. 9 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Biography & contact Dr. Eric Mounier With more than 25+ years’ experience within the semiconductor industry, Eric Mounier PhD. is Director of Market Research at Yole Développement (Yole). Eric provides daily in-depth insights into current and future semiconductor trends, markets and innovative technologies (such as Quantum computing, Si photonics, new sensing technologies, new type of sensors ...). Based on relevant methodological expertise and a strong technological background, he works closely with all the teams at Yole to point out disruptive technologies and analyze and present business opportunities through technology & market reports and custom consulting projects. With numerous internal workshops on technologies, methodologies, best practices and more, Yole’s Fellow Analyst ensures the training ofYole’sTechnology & Market Analysts. In this position, Eric Mounier has spoken in numerous international conferences, presenting his vision of the semiconductor industry and latest technical innovations. He has also authored or co-authored more than 100 papers as well as more than 120 Yole’s technology & market reports. Previously, Eric held R&D and Marketing positions at CEA Leti (France). Eric Mounier has a PhD. in Semiconductor Engineering and a degree in Optoelectronics from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (France). Contact: Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  10. 10. 10 10 10 1QBit,A*Quantum,A.P.E.,Alibaba,Alice&Bob,Alpine Quantum, Amazon,Ankh.1,Anyon Systems,ApexQubit, AppliedQubit,ArQit,,AtomComputing,AtomSensors,Atos,Aurea Technology,Aurora Quantum Technologies,Automatski,AxionTechnologies,, Black Brane System, Bleximo, BlueFors Cryogenics, Bosch, Boxcat, Bra-Ketscience, BraneCell, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Coax Co., ColdQuanta, Cryoconcept, Cryomech, Cryptalabs, Cryptomathic, CryptoNext Security, D slit technologies, Delft Circuits bv, DeutscheTelekom, D-wave, EeroQ, Elyah, Entanglement Partners, EntanglementTechnologies, Entropica Labs, EvolutionQ, Fathom Computing, Fujitsu, Google, GTN LTD, h-bar, Honeywell, Horizon, HP, HQS, Huawei, HyperLight, IBM, ID Quantique, imasenic, InfiniQuant, Intel, Intelline, IonQ, IQM, Isara, Jos Quantum, Ketita Labs, KETS Quantum Security, KETS Quantum Security, Kiutra, Labber Quantum, LightOn, Lockheed Martin, Luminous, MagiQ, MDR, Microsoft, M-Labs, M Squared, Multiverse Computing, Muquans, Netramark, NQCG, Nu Quantum, NuCrypt, ONERA, Origin Quantum Computing, Orolia, Oxford Instruments, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Pasqal, Phase Space Computing, PhaseCraft, Photec, PhotonSpot, Post Quantum, ProteinQure, PsiQ, PTB, Qandi, Qasky, Qbitlogic, Qblox, QCWare, Q-ctrl, QEYnet, Qilimanjaro, Qindom, Q-Lion, QLM, Qnami, Qontrol Systems, Qrithm, Qrypt, Qu&Co, Quandela, Quantastica, QuantFi, QuantiCor Security, Quantika, Quantopo, Quantum Benchmark, Quantum Benchmark, Quantum Brilliance, Quantum Circuits Inc, Quantum Communications Hub, Quantum Factory, Quantum Impenetrable, Quantum Machines, Quantum Motion Technologies, Quantum Phi, Quantum Xchange, QuantumCTek, QuantumX, Quartiq, Qubalt , Qubit Reset LLC, Qubitekk, Qubitera LLC, QuDot, Quintessence Labs, QUiX, Qulab, Qunasys, Qunnect, Qunulabs, QuPIC , Quside, QuSpin, QxBranch, Rahko, RayCal, Raytheon, Rigetti Computing, Riverlane, Scontel, Seedevices, SeeQC.EU, SHYN, Silicon Quantum Computing Pty. Ltd, Single Quantum, SK Telecom, SoftwareQ, Solid State AI, Sparrow Quantum, SpeQtral, Strangeworks, Supracon, Syrlinks,TMD,Tokyo Quantum Computing,Toptica,Toshiba,Trustis,TundraSystems Global ltd,Turing,TwinLeaf, Universal Quantum,VectorAtomic, Xanadu, Xofia, Zapata Computing, ZY4 and more COMPANIES CITED IN THIS REPORT Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  11. 11. 11 11 11 2020 – 2025 – 2030 QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES MARKET FORECAST After 2025, the emerging of QaaS and universal quantum computers will boost quantum computing market. Cryptography will be boosted by new use cases such as 5G. Compared to our previous edition, we delay the use of quantum computers. Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 $38M $218M $84M $160M CAGR 33% $317M CAGR 8% $313M CAGR 30% $598M CAGR 14% $1,163M CAGR 30% $1,147M CAGR 48% Computing Sensing & Timing Cryptography 2020 $340M 2025 $791M 2030 $2,908M CAGR 18%
  12. 12. 12 12 12 Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 THE 4 BENEFITSTO BE QUANTUM EXPLOITED FOR COMPUTING, CRYPTOGRAPHY AND SENSING. Superposed states: a quantum register exists in a superposition of all its possible configurations of 0's and 1's at the same time*. This allows superposed calculations and decreasing computing time. * It is not until the system is observed that it collapses into an observable, definite classical state. For example, the electron spin can be up and down at the same time. ** Quantum computation is performed by increasing the probability of observing the correct state to a sufficiently high value so that the correct answer may be found with a reasonable amount of certainty Probabilistic system: any given state will be observed if the system is measured. The result is an evaluation of the qubits’ final state**. Entanglement: used to link the qubits (2 or 3-qubit logic gate) in computing and synchronize them. Wave-particle duality: every particle or quantum entity may be described as either a particle or a wave. Possibility to interact with qubits through interference.
  13. 13. 13 13 13 Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 WHY QUANTUM COMPUTING? Because they could solve multiples complex problems in multiple markets! MEDICAL/ PHARMA ENERGY MATERIALS TRANSPORTATION FINANCE MARKETING DEFENSE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY CONSUMER Cybersecurity Catalyst & enzyme design Drug discovery Patient diagnostics Genomics Trading strategies Portfolio optimization Asset pricing Risk analysis Market forecast Fraud detection Smart grid Oil well optimization Cryptography A few examples of applications for a quantum computer New materials Radiotherapy optimization Traffic simulation E-charging station & parking search Autonomous driving Advertising strategies Weather forecast Consumer behavior Logistics, planning, distribution IC manufacture & design Materials for airplanes Ascending phase simulation Earth observation Batteries Most likely application today Radar Cryptography
  14. 14. 14 14 14 Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF QUANTUM COMPUTERS Definition Type Qubits Players Quantum emulators they are classical computers, simulating quantum algorithms.They are slower than quantum computers. Ising machines used for optimisation none Quantum annealer they use “average quality” qubits and only part of quantum algorithms are processed. Ising machines used for optimisation Superconductors NISQ « Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum » 50-100 qubits – more performing than HPC but still limited Quantum processor – can solve any problem Superconductors Universal quantum computer > 100 qubits Quantum processor – can solve any problem Superconductors Photons Spin qubits Quasi particles NV centers Trapped ions Cold atoms
  15. 15. 15 15 15 Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 THE DIFFERENT TYPE OF QUANTUM COMPUTERS 2021 MID-TERM LONG-TERM Quantum annealer Quantum emulators Using digital circuits (Strong Japan focus) NISQ 50-100 qubits Hybrid solution requiring classical computing components as well Quantum-gates based QC «The Quantum Grail » Quantum accelerators can also be used with CPU / GPU / FPGAs to distribute the calculations according to usage on one or the other chip.
  16. 16. 16 16 16 Graph below shows physical qubits roadmap (to be remembered: for a quantum computer, 50 logic qubits minimum are required  it means 50 000 physical qubits) PHYSICAL QUBIT ROADMAP FOR QUANTUM COMPUTER – HISTORY AND FUTURE 1 (Institute for Quantum Computing, Perimeter Institute forTheoretical Physics, MIT) 2 (Los Alamos National lab) 3 (TU Munich) 4 (Oxford University, IBM, UC Berkeley, Stanford,MIT) Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  17. 17. 17 17 17 QUANTUM PUBLIC INVESTMENTS: MORE THAN $22BWORLDWIDE USA: $1.2b Canada: $766m UK: $1.3b FR: $2.2b EU Quantum Flagship: $1.1b Netherlands: $177m Germany: $3.1b Israel: $360m China: $10b India: $1b Australia: $94m Singapore: $109m Taiwan: $282m Japan: $470m Korea: $37m Russia: $663m Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  18. 18. 18 18 18 The breakdown of investments by technology of qubit for startups working on hardware shows that: o Photonics has the largest share due to PsiQ fundings o Trapped ions technology is 30% as IonQ raised $350 (as of March 27, 2021) with an IPO o The 20% share is mostly from Rigetti o Annealing is « only » 15% that makes D-wave no longer being the largest funded quantum company Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 QUANTUM COMPUTING FUND RAISING TOP 4 funded companies
  19. 19. 19 19 19 QUBITS APPROACHES Many qubits technologies are developed. Scalability is key to success and Si or photons-based qubits would benefit from the CMOS infrastructure. Principle Number of qubits - 2021) Scalability Pros Cons superconductors 53 (Google, IBM) Possible but limited in qubits size and miniaturisation • Most developed technology • Quantum supremacy (Google, 2019) • Mastering of cryogenic, electronics and cabling technologies • Low coherence time • Sensitivity to noise • Very low temperature required (15-20mK) • Complex cabling • Limited gates connectivity Quantum annealers 5640 (D-Wave’s Pegasus) Yes • Wide development tools offer • Many software startups (Japan) • Cloud access • Numerous tests and experiments • Only D-Wave has a solution • Error rate • Not yet a widely deployed commercial application Photon qubits 20 (China) Yes with Si photonics • Stability • Ambient temperature operation • Wafer scalable • Avaialbility of unique photons sources/detectors • Photons are alreday used in telecom and datacom • High error rate in qubits reading • No possibility to store photons • Still need cooling Silicon (SOI, SI, Ge) 2 Yes – spin qubits are 100x100nm² • CMOS scalability • 1K operation • Can be hybridized with control chips • Can be coupled with optical fibers for long distance communication • Fast quantum gates • Only tow intricated qubits so far • Si28 isotope • Require large volume to take benefit of cost scalability Quasi particles (anyons, fermions de Majorana) - Possible (close to Si qubits) • Theoretically very stable • Long coherence time and fast gates • Low error • 1 minute lifetim • Does it exist? • Few labs working on this approach. • Only Microsoft • Cryogenic temperature required (<15-20mK) NV centers - • Could work at room temperature (actually 4K) • Long coherence time • Mechanical resistance (diamond) • Can be used as quantum memory • No industrial investment so far • Needs complex laser manipulation  complex scalability Trapped ions 121 (University of Maryland), 11 to 79 (IonQ, depending on performances) Difficult > 50 qubits • Ions are perfectly identical • Good stability • Long coherence time • 4K-10K working temperature • Possible entanglement with photons for long distance communication • Scalability • Slow quantum calculations • Ultra high vacuum required Cold atoms Optics and lasers are not scalable • Stability • Long coherence time • Identical atoms • Uses trapped ions set up • Use standard tools • Cross talk between qubits • More adapted to simulation • Difficult to scalable beyond 1000 qubits (optics and lasers) Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021
  20. 20. 20 Contact our SalesTeam for more information 20 Contact our SalesTeam for more information 20 Contact our SalesTeam for more information Neuromorphic Computing and Sensing 2021 Silicon Photonics 2021 Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 YOLE GROUP OF COMPANIES RELATED REPORTS Yole Développement
  21. 21. 21 21 21 The Yole Group of Companies, including Yole Développement, System Plus Consulting, Knowmade and PISEO, are pleased to provide you a glimpse of our accumulated knowledge. Feel free to share our data with your own network, within your presentations, press releases, dedicated articles and more. But before that, contact our Public Relations department to make sure you get up-to-date, licensed materials. We will be more than happy to give you our latest results and appropriate formats of our approved content. Your contact: Sandrine Leroy, Dir. Public Relations Email: Quantum Technologies 2021 | Sample| | ©2021 HOWTO USE OUR DATA?
  22. 22. 22 About Yole Développement | | ©2020 CONTACTS Western US & Canada Steve Laferriere - + 1 310 600 8267 Eastern US & Canada ChrisYouman - +1 919 607 9839 Europe and RoW Lizzie Levenez - +49 15 123 544 182 Benelux, UK & Spain Marine Wybranietz - +49 69 96 21 76 78 India and RoA Takashi Onozawa - +81 80 4371 4887 Greater China MavisWang - +886 979 336 809 +86 136 6156 6824 Korea Peter Ok - +82 10 4089 0233 Japan Miho Ohtake - +81 34 4059 204 Japan and Singapore Itsuyo Oshiba - +81 80 3577 3042 Japan Toru Hosaka – +81 90 1775 3866 FINANCIAL SERVICES › Jean-Christophe Eloy - +33 4 72 83 01 80 › Ivan Donaldson - +1 208 850 3914 CUSTOM PROJECT SERVICES › Jérome Azémar, Yole Développement - - +33 6 27 68 69 33 › Julie Coulon, System Plus Consulting - - +33 2 72 17 89 85 GENERAL › Sandrine Leroy, Public Relations - +33 4 72 83 01 89 › General inquiries: - +33 4 72 83 01 80 Follow us on REPORTS, MONITORS &TRACKS About Yole Développement | | ©2021
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    Jun. 14, 2021

Industrial interest in quantum technologies continues, leading to major investments and a large market in 5-10 years. More information:


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