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Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge

Calling all HealthTech start-ups. Are you looking to connect with top tier life sciences and healthcare companies to help tackle some of the world’s key digital health challenges? If so, apply now for the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge.

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Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge

  1. 1. Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge Accenture Life Sciences Rethink Reshape Restructure…for better patient outcomes Overview
  2. 2. Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge Why we are doing this Digital disruption is fundamentally changing the health & life sciences industries. New health digital players from within and outside the ecosystem have the potential to make a massive impact to the way the world approaches healthcare. But with all of the noise across the startup space, how do you decide which innovators are best? Who can best solve our industry challenges? Who has the substance to survive and become a viable partner? Accenture will act as a catalyst for identifying and engaging with emerging innovators and disruptors with the launch of the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge. This is a global innovation program from Accenture’s Life Sciences and Health practices that brings together curated startups and top tier life sciences companies and healthcare providers to tackle some of the world’s key digital health challenges.
  3. 3. Together, We will Shape the Industry Once launched in September, the search for the top startups in the healthcare space begins. Using our extensive network with startup incubators and accelerators, dedicated support from StartUp Health and our proprietary database, entrants will be invited to complete an online application. Top startups will participate in a pitching challenge – providing a live opportunity for access to our incredible panel of judges. Regional rounds will convene in Europe (London) and the United States (New York) in in November and December to review and select the top applicants by region and for each challenge question. The final judging round will recognize the top entrants from the regional competitions at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in January 2017. The top entrants will be awarded the opportunity to present live during this unpredicted festival – and participation in StartUp Health’s Launchpad program. Accenture is the Lead Innovation Partner at the StartUp Health Festival, where more than 2000 of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders, scientists, doctorpreneurs, investors and healthcare transformers participate.
  4. 4. The Questions We will Ask Startup entrants will be asked to share how their idea helps address business critical issues related to… Help ME have easier access to healthcare: how can underserved or remote populations be better supported in their health and lifestyle needs? Help keep MY information private & secure: how can the privacy and security of a person’s health and lifestyle information be improved while enabling information sharing and improved experience? Help ME better manage my health: how can consumers (patients, caregivers or families) get the right health information and services at the right time in their journeys? How can people’s lifestyle needs be better understood to inform optimal care? Help ME get better faster: how can services be provided to support care plan adherence and improved outcomes? How can real world evidence and/or non-traditional data streams be used to improve patient outcomes?
  5. 5. Summary Timeline September Launch October Regular Media Promotions and Application Reviews November Review Applicants, Downselect for Regional Pitch Days Dates for Regional Sessions EALA Pitching Round Friday, November 25th US Pitching Round Thursday, December 1st December Review Finalists January Judging, Awards and Gala Event at StartUp Health Festival
  6. 6. Apply now! If you have questions contact us at Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Accenture, its logo, and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture. www.accenture.com/healthtechinnovation healthtechinnovation@accenture.com Follow the Conversation #healthtechchallenge