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#TECHVISION2020The I in Experience Technology Accenture Tech Vision 2020 - Trend 1

#TECHVISION2020The I in Experience
Technology Vision 2020 | accenture.com/technologyvision
Looking ahead, emerging
technologies like 5G and
AR will enable ubiquitous
experience customization.
Consider how Huawei is using
these technologies to change
what people see as they navigate
daily life. Their “Cyberverse”
technology integrates
augmented reality (AR) with
physical reality, using spatial
computing, 3D and ultra-high
definition maps, ultra-realistic
immersive rendering and 5G
to build AR map overlays
that users can view through
their mobile devices.
But as businesses' ability
to provide customized
experiences grows, so does
the risk of overstepping
customers' boundaries.

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