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An Electric Future is a Resilient One

Uncover the innovations in products and services that are fueling industry growth.

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An Electric Future is a Resilient One

  2. 2. Uncover the innovations in products and services that are fueling industry growth, from the autonomous drones making mining safer, to the supercomputers accelerating driverless technology. 2
  3. 3. Action in uncertainty is survival, innovation is revival and growth Eric Schaeffer, Senior Managing Director, Global Industrial Sector Lead, Accenture 3
  4. 4. Johnson Controls brings buildings online The 135-year-old building controls company has launched OpenBlue, an artificial intelligence platform it says gives buildings memory, intelligence, and their own unique identity. "The launch of OpenBlue reflects how we think buildings are evolving from inflexible assets to dynamic resources,” said George Oliver, chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls. The system combines traditional hardware and IT systems with cloud solutions and AI to connect all parts of a building. From airflow and elevator movement, to lighting and building access, everything can be managed in one system. This kind of granular control is vital in the time of Covid-19, and will enable more efficient contact tracing and social distancing, as well as an estimated 20-60 percent in energy savings. Read full article 4
  5. 5. Mitsubishi Electric’s AI can discuss scenes Mitsubishi Electric has developed an AI that can interpret the scenes around it, place them in context, then talk naturally to humans about the potential implications. In one potential use case, it means the AI can give specific guidance or warnings to drivers. The company says it can, for instance, ask drivers to 'follow that gray car turning right', or alert them to a pedestrian crossing a road. The Scene-Aware Interaction technology uses the company’s Maisart AI to analyze static and moving objects within a scene, along with audio. The ability to translate that data into natural language could dramatically transform human-machine interactions across multiple settings, from vehicles to buildings, healthcare to surveillance. Mitsubishi Electric believes the pioneering technology is a world first that will ensure automated systems are safer. 5 Read full article
  6. 6. JR East unveils station sanitization robots East Japan Railway has developed an autonomous robot that sprays disinfectant on handrails, benches and other areas of the Takanawa Gateway Station where the technology is being trialled. Built in conjunction with Nippon Signal and Cyberdyne, the Clinabo CL02 robot uses cameras and sensors to avoid objects while sanitizing the station. It could also be used inside trains in the future. In addition, JR East demonstrated robots that can serve food, drinks and carry luggage for passengers. The railway company aims to introduce the new models to stations by March 2025. 6 Read full article
  7. 7. Sandvik + Exyn robots make mining safer Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has joined with drone makers Exyn Technologies to develop a new autonomous mining system. Sandvik’s OptiMine technology is used to make mining operations more efficient by collating data on everything from assets to people. With Exyn’s help, OptiMine will now be able to integrate visual data captured by drones. It can then map underground mines and their surroundings, making daily operations safer and more efficient. "For the first time, customers will be able to map the entirety of their underground operations, even in dangerous GPS denied environments,” said Exyn’s CEO and co-founder Nader Elm. 7 Read full article
  8. 8. Ossia brings wireless power to vehicles The US startup has joined with Toyoda Gosei, part of Toyota Group, to apply its wireless power technology to vehicle interiors, smart cities and more. Toyoda Gosei manufactures rubber and plastic automotive parts, safety systems such as airbags, and LEDs. The company will join with Ossia to transform vehicle cabins for the connected age. Ossia’s technology - Cota(R) Real Wireless Power - can power multiple devices simultaneously from a distance of a few metres, using targeted microwaves. Toyoda Gosei has invested in Ossia as part of the joint venture, following a series of previous strategic investments in artificial intelligence and robotics companies. 8 Read full article
  9. 9. Continental and NVIDIA accelerate driverless tech Continental is harnessing the power of a supercomputer to accelerate its autonomous driving technology. The automotive parts manufacturer says the 50 NVIDIA DGX systems that make up the supercomputer enable 14 times more experiments to run simultaneously. Autonomous driving AIs are trained on thousands of hours of driving data, so the supercomputer will speed up that process enormously. Moreover, it can generate driving simulations for the neural network to learn from, so it does not have to rely solely on real world driving data. Continental estimates that the NVIDIA supercomputer will reduce the time it takes to train a neural network from weeks to days. 9 Read full article
  10. 10. Alibaba partners on smart factory solutions Alibaba Cloud has partnered with MMI Planning & Engineering Institute IX Co.,Ltd in China to develop the next generation of smart factories for the automotive industry. The project will initially launch with a workshop management platform that uses manufacturing data collected with millisecond accuracy to improve decision-making. Alibaba Cloud, part of the Alibaba Group, will store and analyze data covering human and machine activities, materials and the environment, with everything displayed in a real-time 3D visualization. The partners will also develop a cloud-based manufacturing platform and launch a laboratory dedicated to smart automotive manufacturing. 10 Read full article
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