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Digital Identity: The What, Why and How.

Digital identity protects & controls access to companies' data, systems, services, buildings and computers. https://accntu.re/3sKjsSB

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Digital Identity: The What, Why and How.

  1. 1. Copyright © 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved. The What, Why and How Digital Identity
  2. 2. The What Physical Enabling face‐to‐face transactions among entities. Digital Enabling transactions in the digital world and offers improved functionality for its user. Emerging Requiring a new approach to emerging topics and advancements in digital technology Digital identity protects and controls access to companies' data, systems, services, buildings and computers.
  3. 3. The Why Most security breaches occur because of problems with digital identity processes, tools and reach. Organizations say staying ahead of the attackers is a constant battle and the cost is unsustainable. Source: Accenture CybersecurityReport, 2020 69% 40% of security breaches are a result of indirect attacks, even higher with COVID-19. Source: Accenture CybersecurityReport, 2020 of organizations have cited security and risk compliance as a top concern for cloud adoption. Source: Accenture Cloud Outcomes Survey, 2020 65%
  4. 4. Understand current capabilities and map them to organizational risk, using AI, machine learning and automation. 01. Work closely with business stakeholders to align digital identity capabilities to the business needs and vision. 02. Leverage digital identity SaaS solutions to reduce total cost of ownership, align to digital technologies and position the organization for a secure future. Almost all digital identity vendors have a SaaS solution. 03. Integrate fraud/risk decision-making processes and tools, in real-time, with digital identity processes and tools—while walking a careful line between useful and invasive. 04. The How
  5. 5. It’s not just about security A robust digital identity solution enables organizations and individuals to interact securely and easily, and provides a good user experience while reducing time and costs.
  6. 6. Good digital identity unlocks value and experience Better User Experience Reduce Time and Costs Reduce Risk Learn more about our digital identity capabilities at www.accenture.com/digitalidentity