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High Performance BPO Infographic

Automation, analytics and talent are driving greater value in today’s BPO. In this year’s High Performance BPO Report, we examine what the leaders are doing to drive greater value from their BPO relationships.

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High Performance BPO Infographic

  1. 1. High Performance BPO and the Value Multiplier Effect According to this year’s Accenture High Performance BPO Report, about 1 in 5 companies have found the key to extracting the most benefits from their outsourcing engagements. What are the secrets of these high performers? They share a common mindset that sees BPO as a value multiplier rather than a process substitute. Two traits rose to the top in this year’s survey: technology and talent. Technology A provider’s ability to bring specialized technology solutions and expertise is becoming a critical factor in unlocking new forms of value from BPO. Talent BPO providers and buyers alike are finding that talent—both in the retained organization and among providers—is becoming a critical success factor in BPO. Technology advancements such as automation and analytics are altering the balance between talent and technology in the top-performing BPO relationship. Transaction Processing and Automation Bottom layer: Automation technologies replace task-based transactions. Deliver industry insights and expertise Automate repetitive transaction processing Identify trends and opportunities Analytics Middle layer: Analytics identify trends and opportunities to predict and capture business benefits. Talent: Insights and Expertise Top layer: Providers need people with different skills due to new technologies and innovations. In high-performance BPO relationships, the company and its service provider work together to multiply the potential business value of the relationship. High performers also target more strategic outcomes than do their peers. BPO is in the midst of a dramatic and rapid evolution—from a commodity and transaction-based focus to one centered on insights and business outcomes. Ultimately, it is the right blend of technology and talent that will separate the winners from the also-rans in the rapidly changing arena of BPO. 69% 27% 78% 19% 76% 38% Access to technology is an important priority for high performers. Access to industry and process expertise is an important priority for high performers. High performers say that the BPO relationship enabled the augmentation of the talent pool. THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY AND TALENT IN HIGH PERFORMANCE BPO THE PYRAMID OF WORK BPO CREATING VALUE 67% of HIGH PERFORMERS include business benefits beyond cost in making their business case 65% of HIGH PERFORMANCE BPO relationships consider competitive advantage to be an important priority business case 65% of TYPICAL PERFORMERS consider low cost of service in top 3 sources of value © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. #BPO 23% compared to just 23 percent of TYPICAL PERFORMERS Speed Analyze and interpret the data analytics Apply industry and functional knowledge to deliver actionable insights and outcomes Increase StandardizationAccuracy Productivity Identified ways to use data from the service provider to capture additional benefits Consider the analytics provided by the service provider as an important component of the BPO relationship 65% high performers of high performers typical performers high performers typical performers 75% 22% Automation Talent Analytics