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Trend  1:  
People  First:    
The  Primacy  of  People  
in  the  Digital  Age
People  First:  The  Primacy  of  People  in  the  Digital  Age
Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 3
Unprecedented  data  volumes:  By  2020,  there  will  be  more  than  44  zettabytes  of  data,  
35%  of  which  will  b...
In  tandem,  businesses  are  facing  a  number  of  new  challenges.  
Increasing  awareness
85%  of  execs  use  autom...
Artificial Intelligence  (AI)  is a  sub-­
field of  computer  science.  Its  goal  
is  to  enable  the  development  of ...
As  artificial  intelligence  advances,  enterprises  are  harnessing  
intelligent  automation  to  redefine  their  busi...
Intelligent  Automation  is  being  used  across  multiple  industries  
to  create  new  value  for  businesses  and  soc...
Copyright © 2016 Accenture. All rights reserved. 9
By changing what can
be done, intelligent
automation has the
potential ...
Artificial  Intelligence  &  Intelligent  Automation  offer  the  
potential  to  address  previously  intractable  challe...
The  platform  provides:
Physicians  with  actionable  information  to  
recommend  efficient  and  safe  treatment  pathw...
Intelligent  Automation  thrives  when  it’s  paired  with  people  to  
drive  better  outcomes.  We’re  starting  to  se...
Advances  in  robotics  and  proliferation  of  IoT devices  are  
expanding  the  contexts  in  which  people  work  with...
From  analytics  to  the  applications  themselves,  intelligent  
automation  is  enabling  enterprise  to  do  more,  fa...
Control4  is  a  robust,  scalable  home  automation  
system  that  can  be  hardwired  or  wireless,  
depending  on  co...
Intelligent  Automation  gives  enterprises  a  competitive  
advantage  that  goes  way  beyond  cost
16Copyright  ©  201...
Best  Practice:  Putting  people  first  and  evolving  
their  roles  and  skills  to  seize  advantage
17Copyright  ©  2...
Intelligent  Automation:  100-­Day  Plan
18Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
1. Identify  the  artifi...
Intelligent  Automation:  365-­Day  Plan
19Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
1. Implement  artificial...
Age  of  Avatars:
We’ll  see  widespread  use  of  avatars  
and  robots  who  we  will  send  to  be  
Intelligent  automation  isn’t  an  option,  it’s  mandatory.
3  high-­level  takeaways:
AI  as  a  core  competence:
Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
Thank  you
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Intelligent Automation - Tech Vision 2016 Trend 1

Rapid technological advancements are opening up new possibilities for innovation, intelligence and automation. Intelligent Automation is being used across multiple industries to create new value for businesses and society alike.

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Intelligent Automation - Tech Vision 2016 Trend 1

  1. 1. Trend  1:   Intelligent   Automation
  2. 2. People  First:     The  Primacy  of  People   in  the  Digital  Age
  3. 3. People  First:  The  Primacy  of  People  in  the  Digital  Age Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 3 Intelligent   Automation Liquid   Workforce   Platform   Economy Predictable   Disruption Digital   Trust The  Accenture  Technology  Vision  2016  identifies  five  technology  trends  fueled  by  the   people  first principle  and  that  are  essential  to  business  success  in  the  digital  economy.  
  4. 4. Unprecedented  data  volumes:  By  2020,  there  will  be  more  than  44  zettabytes  of  data,   35%  of  which  will  be  considered  useful  for  analysis  in  2020.1 Decreasing  cost  of  storage:  Over  the  past  30  years,  the  cost  per  gigabyte  of  hard  disk   data  storage  has  halved  every  14  months,  from  $3,488,630  in  1980  to  $0.03  in  2015.2 Virtually  unlimited  computing  power:  Public  cloud  computing  will  reach  almost   $70  billion  in  2015  worldwide.3 Advances  in  Artificial  Intelligence  technologies:  AI  startups  in  the  US  alone  have   increased  20-­fold  in  the  past  four  years.4 Broadening  IT  scope:  88%  of  executives  agree  the  IT  organization  needs   to  broaden  its  scope  and  keep  pace  with  evolving  IT  needs.5 Rapid  technology  advancements  are  opening  up  new   possibilities  for  innovation,  intelligence  and  automation 4Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Sources:  1“EMC  Digital  Universe  Study,”  with  data  and  analysis  by  IDC,  April  2014;;  2“Disk  Drive  Prices  (1955-­2015)”,  John  C.  McCallum,  2015;;  3“  Public  Cloud  Computing  to  Reach  Nearly   $70  billion  in  2015  Worldwide,  According  to  IDC,”  IDC,  Press  Release,  July  21,  2015;;  4”Artificial  Intelligence  Startups  See  302%  Funding  Jump  in  2014,”  CB  Insights,  February  10,  2015;;   5 “Calibrating  Multi-­Speed  IT  for  the  Varied  Demands  of  a  Multi-­Speed  Business,”  Accenture,  2015.  
  5. 5. In  tandem,  businesses  are  facing  a  number  of  new  challenges.   5 Increasing  awareness 85%  of  execs  use  automation  to   improve  their  business  process. Accelerating  pace  of  change 28%  of  business  and  IT  execs  in  our   survey  say  the  pace  of  technology  change   will  increase  at  an  unprecedented  rate   over  the  next  three  years. Budget  pressure A  majority  of  IT  executives  (55%)  cited   their  IT  Budget  change  from  2014  to   2015  remained  flat  or  decreased. (““2015  CIO  Agenda:  An  Asset-­Centric   Perspective,”  Gartner,  June  2,  2015) Early  cost  savings 43%  of  execs  in  our  survey  achieved  cost   savings  of  greater  than  15%  from  intelligent   process  automation  in  the  past  two  years.   Shift  of  IT  spend   By  2018,  35%  of  IT  resources  will  be   spent  on  supporting  the  creation  of  new   digital  revenue  streams,  according  to  IDC. (“IDC  FutureScape:  CIO  Agenda  2016  Predictions,”  IDC,   November  4,  2015) Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  6. 6. Artificial Intelligence  (AI)  is a  sub-­ field of  computer  science.  Its  goal   is  to  enable  the  development  of   computers  that can  do things normally  done  by  people -­-­ in   particular, things  associated with  people  acting  intelligently. As  a  result,  there  is  a  renewed   focus  and  attention  on  artificial   intelligence  technologies,   giving  rise  to  an  era   of  Intelligent  Automation.   Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 6 Expert   Systems Computer   Vision Inference   Engines Machine   Learning Robotic   Process   Automation Deep   Learning Sensor   Processing Knowledge   Repre-­ sentation Mini  Bots Facial   Recognition Gesture   Recognition   Leap   Learning Neural   Networks Biometrics Natural   Language   Processing Video   Analytics Artificial   Intelligence   Technologies
  7. 7. As  artificial  intelligence  advances,  enterprises  are  harnessing   intelligent  automation  to  redefine  their  business  by  reimagining   the  art  of  the  possible. 7 Intelligent  Automation:  Building   better  workers  (digital  and  human) Creating  the  essential  new  co-­worker   for  the  digital  age. Leaders  will  embrace  automation  not  simply   to  take  advantage  of  the  breakneck  pace   of  digital  change,  but  also  to  create  a  new   digital  world  where  they  hold  competitive   advantage.  Machines  and  software   intelligence  will  be  the  newest  recruits  to  the   workforce,  bringing  new  skills  to  help  people   do  new  jobs,  reinventing  what’s  possible. Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  8. 8. Intelligent  Automation  is  being  used  across  multiple  industries   to  create  new  value  for  businesses  and  society  alike. 8 Natural  Language  Processing: Finance  companies  apply  NLP  to   compliance  and  fraud  prevention   by  monitoring  electronic   communications  at  financial   institutions  to  identify  relationships   and  entities  across  threads. Reasoning  &  Planning: Automated  planning  and  scheduling,   typically  for  execution  by  autonomous   robots  and  unmanned  vehicles,  from   warehouse  to  retail  store  to  household. Knowledge  Representation: Healthcare  provider  uses  system  to   analyze  massive  amount  of  data  to   extract  useful  sections,  such  as  doctor   names,  costs,  and  number  of   complaints,  in  order  to  create  a  clean   and  easy  way  to  find  the  root  cause   of  declining  clinic  performance. Computer  Vision: Law  enforcement  uses  computer  vision   on  facial  recognition  systems  to  identify   or  verify  a  person  from  a  digital  image   or  a  video  frame  from  a  video  source. Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  9. 9. Copyright © 2016 Accenture. All rights reserved. 9 By changing what can be done, intelligent automation has the potential to reshape entire industries. V ehicle Vehicle Robot Vision Information Intelligent Robots casting Aut onomous Search Retrieval Pricing Detention Fore- Autonomous Smart W riter Fraud Slyce: Consumers search through images Walmart: Real-time recommendations Airbnb: Dynamic pricing based on demand and supply PayPal: Machine learning technology detects fraud Infinite AI: Real-time visibility in supply chain operations with forecasting and inventory Fetch Robotics: Affordable autonomous robots that move boxes in the warehouse DHL: SmartTrucks can communicate with other vehicles to optimize routes CATERPILLAR: Autonomous machines can navigate prescribed mining areas & accomplish tasks without human presence SearchBlox: System analyzes customer reviews and automatically generates reports Intelligent automation takes over the heavy lifting and liberates humans to perform high value tasks. An automated process can provide higher accountability, deliver more accurate forecasts, and achieve higher customer satisfaction. REVIEW SEARCH DELIVER ORDER The Next Generation of online Commerce
  10. 10. Artificial  Intelligence  &  Intelligent  Automation  offer  the   potential  to  address  previously  intractable  challenges 10 Potentially  helping  millions Artificial  intelligence  has  halved  the  time  it  has   taken  to  bring  a  cancer-­combatting  drug  to  market. Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Today,  it  takes  12  to  14  years  and  $2.6  billion  to  develop   one  drug.  With  AI  technology,  it  could  take  only  half  of  that. “Cancer  Drug  Development  Time  Halved  Thanks  to  Artificial  Intelligence,”  The  Telegraph,  October  9,  2015
  11. 11. The  platform  provides: Physicians  with  actionable  information  to   recommend  efficient  and  safe  treatment  pathways. Insurance  companies  with  health  economics   analyses  to  develop  more  relevant  formulary. Governments  with  a  data  ecosystem  for  financial   modeling  of  healthcare  needs  of  the  population. Best  Practice:  Interrogative  Biology   identifies  predictive  patterns   11 “Cancer  Drug  Development  Time  Halved  Thanks  to  Artificial  Intelligence,”  The  Telegraph,   October  9,  2015;;  “How  Artificial  Intelligence  Can  Make  Drugs  Better  and  Faster,”  Popular   Science,  July  29,  2015 Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  12. 12. Intelligent  Automation  thrives  when  it’s  paired  with  people  to   drive  better  outcomes.  We’re  starting  to  see  it  appear  in  every   area  of  our  lives. 12Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 7:00 Gesture  Alarm  Clock:  Alarm  clock  wakes  you  up  15  minutes  early   because  it  detects  traffic  delays 8:30 Tesla  Autopilot: Model  S  automates  steer,  turn,  speed,  park,  and  data   is  transmitted  to  the  fleet  to  help  system  learn  and  improve 10am Charles  Schwab’s  Robo-­Advisor:  Allocates  stocks   and  investments  based  on  a  completed  questionnaire 2pm Enlitic:  Turns  large  amounts  of  medical  diagnostic   data  into  deep  insights  and  finds  subtle  patterns 4pm Cubic:  Suggests  a  movie  when  you  ask  “What  should  I  do  tonight?” 5pm Automated  Insights:  WordSmith finishes  writing  a  news  article   to  be  published  on  Associated  Press  news  in  just  two  minutes 8pm X.ai:  Ask  virtual  assistant,  Amy,  to  schedule   a  meeting  with  CEO  at  2pm  tomorrow 2am Keeker:  While  you  are  sleeping,  smart  robot  keeps   your  home  secure
  13. 13. Advances  in  robotics  and  proliferation  of  IoT devices  are   expanding  the  contexts  in  which  people  work  with  machines 13Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 2015-­2018  Robot   Sales  Forecast Professional   Service  Robots: • 152,400  units • $19.6  billion Personal   Service  Robots: • 35  million  units • $12.2  billion (“Service  Robot  Statistics”,   International  Federation  of   Robotics,  2015) Robotic  Surgery:   Da  Vinci enables  a   surgeon  to  operate   with  enhanced  vision,   precision  and  control.   Robot  Butler:   The robotic  butler   at  Aloft  hotel   delivers  amenities   to  guest  rooms. AI  Kiosk:   The  Furo-­S  Smart  Service   Robot can  interact  with   Furo-­S  to  help  people  buy   tickets,  ask  for  directions,   and  even  sit  through   annoying  advertisements. Retail  Service  Bot:   OSHbot can  answer  simple   customer  questions,  identify   items,  search  inventory,  act   as  a  guide,  and  even   summon  hardware  experts   for  a  video  chat.
  14. 14. From  analytics  to  the  applications  themselves,  intelligent   automation  is  enabling  enterprise  to  do  more,  faster  than  ever. 14Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Data  Preparation Paxata uses  machine  learning  algorithms  from   consumer  search  and  social  media  to  create  a   better  way  to  clean,  normalize,  and  prepare  data   for  analytics. Software  Development Queue  Software  Inc.  provides  Dropsource,  an   application  development  platform  that  automates   all  the  programming  required  to  build  mobile   applications. Content  Generation Using  WordSmith,  an  automatic  content  generation   system,  AP  now  produces  nearly  4,300  quarterly   earnings  stories,  over  14  times  the  number  that   AP  reporters  and  editors  produced  manually. Architecture Docker is  an  open  platform  for  developers  and   sysadmins  to  build,  ship,  and  run  distributed   applications,  whether  on  laptops,  data  center   VMs,  or  the  cloud. Quality  Testing Worksoft automates  the  functional  testing  of   mission-­critical  processes  end-­to-­end  across   complex  application  landscapes. Applications Amelia,  a cognitive  knowledge  worker  who  learns   as  she works,  is  a virtual  agent  who  understands   what  people  ask  and feel when  they  call  for  service.
  15. 15. Control4  is  a  robust,  scalable  home  automation   system  that  can  be  hardwired  or  wireless,   depending  on  consumers’  needs.  It  offers   customization  to  include  the  home  automation   features  that  matter  most  to  individuals  -­-­ from   whole-­house  audio  to  a  secure  network  of   cameras  to  door-­locking  mechanisms  and  light   and  temperature  controls.  Consumers  can   use  a  touchpad,  computer,  or  tablet  device   to  control  the  system  from  their  home  or   via  a  smartphone  for  remote  access. Results/Impact: Simple,  easy,  intelligently  automated. Customer  Automation:  Your   home,  your  preferences,  but   not  your  job  anymore. 15Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  16. 16. Intelligent  Automation  gives  enterprises  a  competitive   advantage  that  goes  way  beyond  cost 16Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Sources:  “Germany  Develops  ‘Smart  Factories'  to  Keep  an  Edge,”  Marketwatch,   October  27,  2014;;  “Manufacturing:  Self-­Organizing  Factories,”  Siemens,  2015. Lights  Out  Manufacturing Siemens  automated  some  of  its  production  lines  so   that  they  run  unsupervised  for  several  weeks.  Now   its  1,150  employees  mostly  operate  computers  and   monitor  the  production  process. Results: This  effort  is  one  step  in  a  larger  effort  that  Siemens   and  others  are  pursuing  to  create  the  fully  Self-­ Organizing  Factory  (aka  industries  4.0)  in  which  the   machines  largely  organize  themselves,  supply  chains   will  automatically  link  themselves  together,  and  orders   will  be  directly  converted  into  manufacturing  information   that  is  incorporated  into  the  production  process.  
  17. 17. Best  Practice:  Putting  people  first  and  evolving   their  roles  and  skills  to  seize  advantage 17Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Evolving,  not  replacing Arizona  State  University  (ASU)  now  has  an  adaptive   learning  platform  built  by  Knewton and  Cengage   Learning  as  their  tutor  for  introductory  courses,  rather   than  the  more  familiar  teaching  assistant.   ASU  is  not  replacing  instructors;;  they  are  working   with  them  to  offer  students  a  personalized  curriculum   that  adapts  in  real-­time.  After  implementing  these  bot   tutors  in  select  courses,  pass  rates  rose  from  64%  to   75%,  withdrawal  rates  fell  by  56%  and  students  were   able  to  progress  at  their  own  pace. Students  in  the  math  class  at  ASU Pass  rate 11% Withdrawal  rate 56% Sources:  “Arizona  State  U  Teams  with  Private  Partners  on  Adaptive  Learning,”  Campus  Technology,  April  8,   2015;;  “Success  for  Every  Student:  Knewton's Tool  Improve  Student  Achievement”,  Knewton,  2012;;  “Knewton Technology  Helped  More  Arizona  State  University  Students  Succeed”,  Knewton case  study,  2012.
  18. 18. Intelligent  Automation:  100-­Day  Plan 18Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 1. Identify  the  artificial  intelligence  and  analytics  capabilities  your   company  uses  today  to  provide  a  capabilities  and  gap  analysis.   2. Take  an  inventory  of  labor-­intensive  business  processes   and  identify  appropriate  opportunities  to  invest  in  automation   and  machine-­learning  capabilities.   3. Identify  specific  applications  that  require  frequent  and  manual   updates,  rapid  scaling,  data  extracts,  and/or  a  high  degree   of  personalization.   4. Map  these  examples/use  cases  against  your  current  business   processes  and  corporate  strategy  to  prioritize  specific  opportunities. 5. Cultivate  your  data  talent:  develop  a  plan  to  build,  buy,  and/or   partner  to  support  your  data  and  your  automation  know-­how. 6. Map  the  implications  of  tasks  being  automated—the  changes   to  roles,  organization,  processes  and  skills.   7. Create  the  ‘People  First’  strategy  for  transitioning  the  organization,   training  on  new  skills  and  implementing  the  changes.
  19. 19. Intelligent  Automation:  365-­Day  Plan 19Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 1. Implement  artificial  intelligence  technologies  that  address   one  of  these  use  cases  from  your  100-­day  plan.   2. Create  the  impact  and  transition  plans  required  to  scale  the   automation  project.   3. Develop  machine-­learning  skills  internally  by  implementing  a  machine-­ learning  software  solution  that  utilizes  a  defined  data  set  for  a  very   specific  use  case.   4. Pilot  a  machine-­learning  solution  that  discovers  new  data  associations 5. Set  up  a  quality  assurance  process  to  support  or  refute  the  conclusions   being  drawn  from  the  machine  learning  solution  and  subsequent   actions  taken.   6. Create  a  training  program  to  ensure  that  your  data  scientists  and  software   engineers  are  educated  in  the  latest  deep-­learning  and  AI  technologies. 7. Establish  a  top-­down  strategic  commitment  to  artificial  intelligence  and   data  science,  including  R&D  investment,  innovation  programs,  and   production  development.
  20. 20. Predictions 20 Age  of  Avatars: We’ll  see  widespread  use  of  avatars   and  robots  who  we  will  send  to  be   where  we  can’t  be  and  do  things  we   can’t  – or  don’t  want  to  -­ do. Apps  by  me: Consumers  will  be  able  to  build  simple,   custom  apps  through  voice  commands,   gestures  and  more  to  their  devices.  Soon,   every  person  will  become  a  programmer. Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  21. 21. Intelligent  automation  isn’t  an  option,  it’s  mandatory. 21 3  high-­level  takeaways: AI  as  a  core  competence: Pervasive  capability  for  every   aspect  of  your  business. Power  to  drive  change: Drive  change  through   automation. People  first: Successfully  driving  change   means  adapting  the  enterprise:   organization,  culture,  skills,   experience. Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  22. 22. Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Thank  you #techvision2016 www.accenture.com/technologyvision