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M&A: From art to science – United States

Digital technologies help U.S. C-suite leaders transform M&A from an art to a science, to increase its capabilities as a driver of innovation and business growth. To learn more, please visit:

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M&A: From art to science – United States

  2. 2. COMPANIES CAN’T PIVOT TO DIGITAL FAST ENOUGH THROUGH ORGANIC MEANS ONLY As a result, digital deals are on the rise in the U.S. Traditionally, U.S. companies that have acquired others or merged have done so to drive synergies, acquiring targets similar to their own organization. Digital deals are different. In a digital deal, the acquiring company pursues technologies or capabilities it does not possess.
  3. 3. DIGITAL ACQUISITIONS, DIFFERENT APPROACH While traditional deals will always have an important place in M&A, digital needs are fast rivalling traditional reasons in spurring M&A events. 81% of U.S. executives agree companies cannot rely on their current M&A capabilities for digital deals.
  4. 4. U.S. COMPANIES ARE EXPANDING THEIR M&A CAPABILITIES A digital deal needs to be approached differently—from target scoping and valuation, to playbook and integration— thus complicating the overall M&A landscape. 61% 57% 50% use a different pre-deal team and evaluation criteria follow different valuation and cost models use a different playbook
  5. 5. INTERNAL DIGITAL CAPABILITIES CAN ACT AS THE SWISS POCKETKNIFE The true victors in M&A will be those who apply digital technologies to their own processes, giving them a competitive advantage from strategy to playbook, for both digital and traditional deals. They will be able to get better insights faster, run a smoother process and extract more value from their M&A.
  6. 6. NEW TECHNOLOGIES ARE ALREADY HELPING U.S. COMPANIES EXTRACT MORE VALUE FROM M&A Achieve targets and captures value faster 59% Take advantage of M&A events to transform to digital 55% Exceed targets for synergy or integration 57% Accelerate the deal process57%
  7. 7. TECH-LED M&A: AN EMERGING SCIENCE Digital technologies help C-suite leaders transform M&A from an art to a science, to increase its capabilities as a driver of innovation and business growth. Leading companies develop a distinct process that best suits digital investments. From target screening to valuation, discovery and negotiation, leaders see a modified playbook as an advantage. Successfully acquiring a digital disruptor is just the starting point. Leading companies spread that digital savvy across the broader organization to help scale new business growth. Forward-thinking companies leverage analytics and applied intelligence to vastly improve their end-to- end capabilities for all acquisitions—both traditional and digital. TREAT DIGITAL DEALS DIFFERENTLY SPREAD THE JOY GREENLIGHT DIGITAL INTERNALLY
  8. 8. Applied effectively, digital technologies help the C-Suite transform M&A from art to science, to increase its capabilities as a driver of innovation and business growth. Learn more by reading our full report: M&A:FROMARTTOSCIENCE @AccentureStrat Follow us on LinkedIn