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Predictable Disruption - Tech Vision 2016 Trend 4

Digital ecosystems will be the next big wave of enterprise disruption. Traditional boundaries between industry verticals are fading. The result? Unexpected newcomers are creating market power shifts.

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Predictable Disruption - Tech Vision 2016 Trend 4

  1. 1. Trend  4:   Predictable   Disruption
  2. 2. People  First:     The  Primacy  of  People   in  the  Digital  Age
  3. 3. The  Accenture  Technology  Vision  2016  identifies  five  technology  trends  fueled  by  the   people  first principle  and  that  are  essential  to  business  success  in  the  digital  economy.   Intelligent   Automation Liquid   Workforce   Platform   Economy Predictable   Disruption Digital   Trust People  First:  The  Primacy  of  People  in  the  Digital  Age Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 3
  4. 4. Digital  ecosystems   come  from: 3rd  party  contributors   to  an  industry. Adjacent  industries  directly   associated  with  the  area   of  interest. Digital  ecosystems  will  be  the  next   big  wave  of  enterprise  disruption Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 4 Connected  Car   ecosystem  crosses   boundaries:  infotainment,   insurance,  car  share The  Connected  Car   ecosystem  overlaps  into   Smart  Home  Ecosystem  that   overlaps  into  Energy,   Appliances,  Online  Retailing
  5. 5. Why?  Building  digital  ecosystems  has  gotten  much  easier Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 5 Digital  Technologies: SMAC  &  IoT technology   is  driving  the  transformation.       Interoperability: More  M2M  standards  then  before,   but  – more  companies  leveraging   the  upper  echelon  of  these   standards  (Wifi,  Bluetooth  +   Zigbee,  Zwave,  NFC). Platform  Strategies: Companies  are  exploring  more   robust  digital  platform  strategies,   including  opening  up  data  and  API   to  partners.  
  6. 6. Digital  ecosystems  are  already   blurring  industry  boundaries Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 6 To  what  extent  is  your  industry  experiencing  the  following: Implication:  more  than  ever,   expect  the  unexpected Industry  boundaries  are  being  erased  and  new  paradigms  are   emerging,  every  industry  is  being  significantly  impacted. Significantly Moderately Slightly Not  at  all Don’t  know 39% 43% 15% 2% 1%
  7. 7. And  as  industry  boundaries  blur,  the  power  of   the  ecosystem  disruption  scales  exponentially Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 7 Across  industries,  environments  or   products  that  used  to  be  seen  as   isolated  and  singular  in  purpose  – a  factory  floor,  a  car  – are  becoming   focal  points  for  complex  networks   of  machines,  software,  and  people,   working  in  concert  and  radically   changing  how  businesses   deliver  value. Digital  disruption  is  hitting  everywhere: Automotive Logistics Energy Consumer Healthcare Media
  8. 8. Traditional  boundaries  between   industry  verticals  are  fading Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 8 Disruptions  which   may  have  began   isolated  in  a   disparate  industry   are  now  quickly   rippling  out  to   affect  how  every   business  operates.
  9. 9. Beyond  tech  industries:  large  incumbents  are  also   using  digital  ecosystems  to  cross  industry  boundaries   Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 9 In  the  new  digital  landscape,  ecosystems  are   forming  across  industries  as  the  unlikeliest   partners  come  together  to  deliver  innovative   services  and  products  to  their  customers.   Accenture  research  reveals  that  44  percent   of  insurers  intend  to  pursue  digital  initiatives   with  partners  outside  of  insurance  over  the   next  two  years. One  is  example  is  Microsoft  and  American   Family  Insurance.    They  have  launched  a   home  automation  business  accelerator  for   startups  to  nurture  advances  that  can  help   lead  to  safer  and  smarter  homes.   of  insurers  intend  to  pursue   digital  initiatives  with  partners   outside  of  insurance  over  the   next  two  years.
  10. 10. The  result?  Unexpected  newcomers   are  creating  market  power  shifts   Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 10 UberHealth: With  its  existing  network  of  cars   and  customers  and  a  new  set   of  skilled  workers  – registered   nurses  – Uber  has  been  able  to   provide  on-­demand  delivery  of   flu  shots  and  similar  vaccinations.   Neither  hospitals  nor  major   pharmacy  chains  in  the  United   States  would  have  ever  previously   seen  Uber as  a  competitor.
  11. 11. No  industry  change  will  remain  truly  isolated Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 11 The  result? Reshaping  of  industry   boundaries. Disruption  felt  on  a  large   scale,  where  the  impact  is   widespread  and  pervasive.
  12. 12. The  opportunity?  Predicting  digital  disruption Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. 12 Using  the  power  of  their  industry  knowledge,   companies  can  map  out  ecosystem  scenarios   and  unveil  the  disruptive  opportunities  and  threats. Smart  appliances   emerge Cars  support  wireless   connectivity Robotics  on  the   factory  floor
  13. 13. Predictable  Disruption:  100-­Day  Plan 13 1. Appoint  a  C-­suite  sponsor  to  oversee  a  team  that  is   responsible  for  championing  your  new  ecosystem  and   digital  partnership  strategies. 2. Take  an  inventory  of  the  ecosystems  related  to  your   business  and  prioritize  the  list  according  to  those  with   the  greatest  potential  for  impact  on  your  organization.   Talk  to  external  industry  experts. 3. Ask  your  team  for  innovative  ideas  for  how  to use  emerging  digital  ecosystems.  Envision  your   competitive  position,  new  value  chains,  and  new  use   cases  for  the  ecosystems  where  you  plan  to  compete.       4. Craft  the  strategy  that  will  bring  these  ideas  to  fruition.   Start  to  line  up  the  resources,  stakeholders,  and   investments  necessary  to  forge  this  new  path. Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  14. 14. Predictable  Disruption:  365-­Day  Plan 14 1. Build  the  partnerships  that  will  support  your   ecosystem  strategy.  Identify  the  key  players   in  digital  ecosystems,  choose  your  preferred   alliances,  and  have  initial  discussions. 2. Pilot  an  initial  foray  into  a  digital  ecosystem.  Pick   the  one  business  process,  product,  or  service  that   can  benefit  from  existing  and  new  partnerships. 3. Create  new  metrics  to  determine  success  in   digital  ecosystems.  Develop  these  by  tracking   the  progress  of  your  pilot. 4. Identify  new  skills  demanded  to  support  the   expansion  of  your  digital  ecosystem  strategy.   Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.
  15. 15. Predictions 15Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Industries  Go  Horizontal Traditional  industry  boundaries   disappear,  leading  to  the  birth  of   entirely  new  industry  segments. Leaders  Game   the  Ecosystem Strategy  teams  use  gamification  to   play  out  and  predict  disruptions.
  16. 16. 3  high-­level  takeaways 16Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved. Industry  boundaries   are  already  blurring,   shifting  market  power   to  newcomers. Digital  ecosystems  are   becoming  the  foundation   for  the  next  wave  of   enterprise  disruption. Enterprises  can  gain  visibility   into  the  disruptive  forces  of   ecosystems  and  take  action  now   by  developing  strategies  to  forge   new  roles  and  new  paths.
  17. 17. Thank  you #techvision2016 www.accenture.com/technologyvision Copyright  ©  2016  Accenture.  All  rights  reserved.