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A new era for media and entertainment companies

Discover how technology and changing consumer behavior are transforming the delivery of video content.

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A new era for media and entertainment companies

  1. 1. A new era for media and entertainment companies Cloud computing changes the game
  2. 2. 2Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. A new era for media and entertainment companies Cloud computing changes the game • Challenges facing media and entertainment industry • Cloud solutions gain momentum • Cloud enables broadcasters to change the game – four benefits • Next steps into the cloud
  3. 3. 3Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Technology and changing consumer behavior are transforming the delivery of video content. A shift to digital distribution is triggering three major disruptions for broadcasters: Consumer demand for more choice in video consumption:  Providing a range of options, including on-demand and interactive viewing, requires more computing power and resources than traditional broadcasting.  Meeting the requirements of multiple devices and channels requires more flexible business models and systems to engage an increasingly fragmented audience. Challenges in today’s media and entertainment industry Broadcasters need to change their technology culture and mindset
  4. 4. 4Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Challenges in today’s media and entertainment industry Broadcasters need to change their technology culture and mindset Time pressures in bringing new offerings to market:  New over-the-top (OTT) providers are entering and disrupting the video distribution marketplace. To keep pace, broadcasters need to accelerate their solution development and take them to the market faster. Cost pressures on technology sourcing and operations:  Rising prices for content rights, intensifying competition and over-dependence on legacy technologies are driving broadcasters to align costs with usage and revenues. Broadcasters need to give their technology operations a software orientation, with a mindset focused on software engineering and architecture as a way to develop new solutions and capabilities.
  5. 5. 5Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Cloud solutions gain momentum Key trends  Cloud spending is increasing--more than a third of media and entertainment industry respondents in a survey1 plan to purchase cloud solutions.  Most cloud initiatives by broadcasters involve private cloud solutions. However, ongoing improvements in cloud security mean a shift towards hybrid models, involving both public and private clouds.  As cloud use increases, companies trend toward greater use of transcoding in the cloud, repurposing content for different devices.  A driver of cloud adoption in broadcasting: The latest generation of industry software platforms such as Accenture Video Solutions (AVS)2 can leverage cloud seamlessly as part of the overall solution.
  6. 6. 6Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Cloud enables broadcasters to change the game Potential benefits Cloud solutions enable broadcasters to stay abreast of industry developments and compete with OTT providers by helping them to realize four potential benefits 1 Faster speed to market closes the gap on the faster service delivery cycle of the OTT entrants  To take on the challenge from cloud-enabled competitors, broadcasters need to roll out new services in weeks or months rather than years.  Cloud-enabled offerings such as the Accenture Video Solution (AVS) can help broadcasters achieve this faster service delivery cycle.
  7. 7. 7Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Cloud enables broadcasters to change the game Potential benefits Provides scalability to handle spikes in workload, including live events, and surges in the popularity of new services  Today’s environment of unpredictable and volatile demand for video experiences plays directly to the pay-per-use pricing of cloud solutions, together with the ability to dial them up and down in line with need.  Leveraging cloud computing video providers can seamlessly support an online audience which surges from a few to millions within minutes.  Cloud enables a shift to usage-based operating expenditure (opex), while also reducing the risks of constrained capacity that can result when a service’s popularity exceeds expectations.  Cloud computing can have a transformational effect on the type and reach of popular events such as sports events being covered – effectively ‘democratizing’ the market beyond top-level professional sport. 2
  8. 8. 8Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Cloud enables broadcasters to change the game Potential benefits The ability to collect, store and conduct analytics on vast amounts of data, generating insights to drive personalization, service development, customer experience and one-to-one relationships  Data analytics and mining can be used to test out hypotheses and refine the customer experience down to the individual level.  Consumers’ concerns over privacy can be allayed by applying opt-in consent processes and using data with the personally identifiable components stripped out. 3
  9. 9. 9Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Cloud enables broadcasters to change the game Potential benefits Driving ongoing service innovation through agile development, constant iterative experimentation and a culture of “fail fast and fail cheap – then move on”  Cloud computing helps broadcasters to pilot and experiment with different types of services to test their potential to engage consumers and drive revenues, without putting significant investment at risk.  Through the one-to-one customer relationships facilitated by the cloud, broadcasters can also involve their audiences in product development and innovation through ongoing feedback and input. 4
  10. 10. 10Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Future of the cloud Next steps The use of cloud solutions will progress on several fronts in the coming years as they become ever more prevalent in video delivery operating models. 1) Consumer cloud solutions will continue to advance.  A report from Juniper Research forecasts that over 3.6 billion people worldwide – half the global population – will be accessing cloud-based consumer services by 2018, up by 50 per cent from 2013.3 2) Cloud will be increasingly used to underpin video content delivery, including catch-up services.  Broadcasters can use cloud solutions to power offerings such as catch-up services, with metadata relayed directly from the cloud when a consumer clicks on a particular date or piece of content.
  11. 11. 11Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Future of the cloud Next steps 3) Cloud will complete the positive business case for “digital end-to-end” tapeless workflow from production to delivery.  The fully digital workflow can be realized by leveraging the cloud’s cost and scalability benefits and advances such as cloud-based transcoding —repurposing content for different devices.  Accenture has helped Warner Bros. Entertainment build a completely digital supply chain termed “digital end-to- end (DETE).” 4) Video distribution may cease to be an industry in its own right and become a function across industries.  With cloud solutions continuing to lower the barriers to entry, the stage is set for stronger brands, ranging from retailers to consumer goods, to move into video distribution.  Red Bull TV54 is an early manifestation of this trend.
  12. 12. 12Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Future of the cloud Next steps 5) Access to video coverage of live events will become ever more democratized, global and social.  As opportunities for cost-effective streaming of events at different levels of quality, latency and reach continue to grow, rights holders will increasingly select and blend different types of cloud solution to achieve the appropriate balance for their content and audience at low risk.  Providers will increasingly mine social media streams in the cloud to integrate with their live coverage, harvesting event information, statistics and social messages that they can then pair and match with the video feed.
  13. 13. 13Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Cloud computing for media and entertainment A critical enabler for transformation  Cloud computing is now ushering new entrants to the industry, and is helping broadcasters to keep pace with the disruptive and game-changing advances taking place all around them.  Without the cloud, it would be extremely difficult to achieve the blend of low costs, high scalability, constant experimentation and speed-to-market required to compete in the digitally disrupted world. Put simply, video content is the future of media and entertainment – and the cloud is the future of video. It’s time to embrace it.
  14. 14. References 14 1) Devoncroft, “Largest Ever Study of Broadcast Market Reveals Most Important Industry http://blog.devoncroft.com/2013/06/18/largest-ever-study-of- broadcast-market-reveals-most-important-industry-trends-for-2013/ 2) Accenture website, “Accenture Video Solution: Video Services Over AnyNetwork, Anywhere, Anytime”, 2013. Accessed on 03 June 2014 at http://www.accenture.co.uk/Microsites/software/accenture-video- solution/Documents/pdfs/Accenture-Video-Solution-Overview.pdf 3) FierceCIO.com, “Half of world’s population headed for the cloud”,19 May 2014. Accessed 21 May 2014 at http://www.fiercecio.com/story/half-worlds- population-headed-cloud/2014-05-19 4) RedBull.TV website, accessed 03 June 2014 at http://www.redbull.tv/Redbulltv Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. 14
  15. 15. Appendix 15  Accenture at a glance  Accenture cloud services  Accenture technology vision Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Accenture at a glance 16 • More than 293,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries (Aug. 31, 2013) • We deliver services and solutions through 17 focused industry groups in five operating groups. • A network of more than 50 delivery centers around the world with over 122,000 resources • NYSE (ACN), Revenue US $28.6 billion for fiscal year ended Aug 31, 2013 • Accenture was added to the S&P 100 in March 2012 • Ranked No. 1 in the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals' (IAOP) list of the world's top outsourcing service providers for the fifth year in a row. • $800+ million in training annually • $500+ million on R&D • 99 of our top 100 clients have been clients for 5 years; 92 have been clients for at least 10 years • Clients include 92 of the Fortune Global 100 and three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 Summary Investments Enduring relationships
  17. 17. Thought Leadership Journey to the cloud 17 How Cloud Computing Changes the Game in Media and Entertainment The Future of Broadcasting, Issue IV: A New Era of Optimism Pulse of Media: Mastering Disruption in the Digital World The Four Keys to Digital Trust: Don’t Be Left Behind All the Right Connections: A New World of Opportunity for Broadcasters with Digital TV, Connected Screens and High- Speed Broadband
  18. 18. Services and thought Leadership Accenture cloud 18 Using an IT resource no longer depends on having the capital to own that resource, thanks to cloud computing. As competitive dynamics shift, Accenture can help your organization to map its path to the cloud. www.accenture.com/cloud
  19. 19. Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. 19 From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disrupter Accenture Technology Vision 2014 Digital- Physical Blur Architecting Resilience From Workforce to Crowdsource Data Supply Chain Harnessing Hyperscale Business of Applications • Video • Exec Summary • Trends Summaries • Full report 19Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Cloud computing can enable this digital transformation www.accenture.com/technologyvision