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The Industrialist: Sparks

Innovation in action - July 2020

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The Industrialist: Sparks

  2. 2. Action in uncertainty is survival, innovation is revival and growth Eric Schaeffer Senior Managing Director Global Industrial Sector Lead Accenture
  3. 3. Know more about the latest announcements impacting industry, from investments in autonomous robotics to advancements in remote monitoring and innovations that are fueling growth for the industry.
  4. 4. 4 Bosch Sensortec has developed a system that can transform ordinary spectacles into smart glasses. “Light Drive” uses a combination of tiny electromechanical mirrors, optical elements and sensors to generate bright, high resolution images directly on the surface of the retina. Navigation routes, call and chat notifications, memos, reminders and more can be delivered clearly and discreetly, even in direct sunlight, via lightweight hardware that is imperceptible to others. Read full article Tiny system makes glasses smart
  5. 5. 5 Smart tyres connect to 5G Italian tyre company Pirelli has developed smart tyres that detect and transfer road data via 5G. The Pirelli Cyber Tyre is fitted with sensors that continuously monitor road conditions for a safer drive. For instance, if the tyres detect a risk of aquaplaning the car will automatically adapt to the conditions and transmit a warning to nearby vehicles. In the future, the tyres will keep the car updated on everything from kilometres clocked to potential dangers, while also sharing vital information with the infrastructure network and other cars on the road. kRead full article
  6. 6. The German industrial company Thyssenkrupp now uses neural networks in the quality control and development of new products. An example of this is for ball screws, which are used for steering gears. After being changed, the screws have to be rotated on a test stand to measure new limits for the resulting vibration frequencies. The neural network is capable of detecting these limits. All parts of the frequency spectrum are analyzed and connections between the properties of the components are identified in an effort to improve production. Artificial Intelligence analyses components Read full article
  7. 7. 7 Phantom AI raises $22m in funding for self-driving tech The autonomous driving startup has now raised a total of $27m to develop its vehicle-agnostic road safety platform. The Series a funding round was led by Celeres Investments and joined by Ford Motor Company and Korean telecommunications giant, KT Corporation. Founded by former Tesla and Hyundai engineers, Phantom AI’s mission is to democratise autonomous driving safety technology. The funds will be used to accelerate product development and scale operations in Europe and Asia, where the startup is working with automakers and parts suppliers. kRead full article
  8. 8. The Finnish firm’s new platform connects marine equipment and systems to ensure 95% of errors can be fixed remotely. The global Smart Support Centre provides a virtual engineer service to Wartsila’s Voyage business customers, to aid in the maintenance of ship handling solutions, simulation, training systems and ship traffic control solutions. The platform manages system health, updates software and flags up any system deterioration, reducing the need for physical engineer visits. Wartsila launches fast remote monitoring Read full article
  9. 9. One of the world´s leading automation companies will collaborate with MassRobotics’ community of startups and scientists to build the next generation of manufacturing robotics. The Boston-based MassRobotics innovation hub is a non-profit, collaborative space where startups can learn and grow. As a world leading expert in manufacturing applications and automation technology, Festo Corporation plans to join with the hub to explore, develop and ultimately commercialize new autonomous manufacturing solutions. Festo partners with innovation hub Read full article
  10. 10. 10 ZTR and Blackberry create remote railcar solutions The locomotive technology and hardware experts have joined forces to create an end-to-end remote monitoring solution for railcars. The system will feature an easy to navigate online dashboard where users can harness data on location-based services, mileage, cargo capacity and more, to make better decisions and drive efficiencies. ZTR has combined its leading IoT rail technology with Blackberry’s expertise in security and hardware to deliver a solution that has extended battery life and the strength to operate in tough conditions, all while delivering detailed insights. kRead full article
  11. 11. Rise Robotics raises $3m in funding to turn heavy machinery electric RISE Robotics, a leader in electric linear actuation solutions, raised the investment in a funding round led by venture firm, The Engine. The funds will help accelerate RISE Robotics’ transformation of the heavy machinery industry from diesel- run hydraulics to electric. The company’s mechanical motion technology makes the retrofitting of old hydraulics machinery cost-effective, helping to dramatically reduce emissions in a heavily polluting industry. The funds will support RISE Robotics’ ongoing efforts to electrify a major forklift manufacturer’s machinery. kRead full article
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