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The Industrialist: Sparks

Innovation in action - August 2020

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The Industrialist: Sparks

  2. 2. Know more about the latest announcements impacting industry, from investments in autonomous robotics to advancements in remote monitoring and innovations that are fueling growth for the industry. 2
  3. 3. Action in uncertainty is survival, innovation is revival and growth Eric Schaeffer, Senior Managing Director, Global Industrial Sector Lead, Accenture 3
  4. 4. Carrier launches IoT platform Carrier Global Corporation has launched a new platform aimed at maximizing connected equipment uptime at a low cost. The BluEdge service platform offers a tiered suite of services across the three Carrier segments and can be tailored to a customer’s unique needs across : Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration and fire & security. At the highest tier, Elite, BlueEdge can prevent issues from ever occurring by automatically extracting insights from data and deploying the right solution. Enhance tier customers can create a custom package of on-demand services, while Core customers will receive expert advice and services when needed. Carrier’s launch customers include Marioff Marine and EcoEnergy Insights, with a wider rollout expected in late 2020. Read full article 4
  5. 5. GE aims to half design time with AI GE Research has been awarded $2.1 million by ARPA-E’s DIFFERENTIATE program to build an AI-based framework that will half the time it takes to design complex, aerodynamic components. Typically equipment such as gas turbine blades take more than a year to design and require cost versus performance compromises. GE is working with the University of Notre Dame to develop an invertible neural network that will reduce design time to a matter of months. The network will be able to translate the desired performance metrics into the ideal design required to achieve them. In the future it could be used to design hydro turbines, wind turbines and much more. Read full article 5
  6. 6. Daikin launches subscription service The Japanese air conditioning firm has developed the subscription service with clean energy company WASSHA. Baridi Baridi Inc. customers will be able to rent air conditioners on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and pay for subscriptions via a smartphone. The joint venture will benefit from WASSHA’s expertise in renting LED lanterns to off-grid areas in Tanzania, and Baridi Baridi will initially launch in the East African country. Daikin will have an 80% controlling share of the subscription service, and Baridi Baridi will launch with an initial investment of JPY100 million. Read full article 6
  7. 7. Alstom’s AI enables social distancing Alstom has launched an updated version of its Mastria digital mobility tool, designed to predict and optimise passenger flow. The tool monitors passenger activity on trains and at stations, and the enhanced version will give operators greater abilities to ensure movements abide by social distancing rules. Mastria combines data from train sensors, ticketing machines, traffic signalling, management systems, surveillance cameras and mobile networks to provide a real time snapshot of passenger flow. It uses that data to provide recommendations, such as increasing train frequency or restricting entry to stations. The system is already being used to reduce train load to 40% capacity to abide by pandemic-related regulations. Read full article 7
  8. 8. Caterpillar buys Marble Robot As part of the acquisition, Caterpillar has hired Marble’s robotics experts in order to boost its own automation strategy. Marble makes delivery robots, and its expertise will be applied to Caterpillar’s current automation systems in the construction, quarry, industrial and waste industries. In a further sign of its commitment to advanced automation, Caterpillar is now using the MineStar Edge technology platform. Edge uses machine learning and AI to recognize patterns and automate decision-making. According to MineStar, a phosphate mine using the technology was able to increase the average tons per load by 15%, while a limestone quarry increased production by 20%. Read full article 8
  9. 9. China develops 5G hydrogen tractor China has launched the first 5G-enabled, self-driving, hydrogen fuel-cell electric tractor in the Henan province. The ET504-H tractor - which can be controlled remotely or use a self-driving mode - was developed by the country’s National Institute of Agro-machinery Innovation and Creation (CHIAIC) and experts from Tsinghua University's Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment. A lithium battery helps increase the tractor’s power supply when it’s carrying a heavy load, while the 5G technology enables real time monitoring of the immediate environment and of the vehicle itself. Read full article 9
  10. 10. Doosan Infracore speeds up surveys The South Korean machinery manufacturer has launched Site Cloud, a solution aimed at completing construction surveys and earthwork calculations in one or two days, rather than weeks. The platform enables 3D drone surveys, earthwork volume calculations and construction planning to be managed within the cloud platform, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Everything from analysis of rock formations to construction management can be controlled within Site Cloud by multiple parties. The company plans to use 5G to expand Site Cloud for use in large-scale construction equipment operations. Read full article 10
  11. 11. Bridgestone tyres get Microsoft Tech The tyre and rubber manufacturer has joined with Microsoft to develop a tyre damage detection system. While aspects of tyre safety such as inadequate pressure already have alert systems, physical damage to the tyres can often go undetected and put drivers at risk. Bridgestone’s Tyre Damage Monitoring System uses the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and existing car sensors to detect anything impacting the tyre surface and carcass. Algorithms process that information in real time and alert the driver to any risk, along with exactly when and where the damage occurred. Road agencies can also be alerted to any damage on the roads, and future autonomous vehicles would automatically receive the same warnings. Read full article 11
  12. 12. Disclaimer: This document makes reference to names, marks, and domains/websites owned by third parties. All such names, marks, and domains/websites are the property of their respective owners. No sponsorship, endorsement or approval of this content by the owners of such materials is intended, expressed or implied. Copyright © 2020 Accenture all rights reserved. Accenture, its logo, and new applied now are trademarks of Accenture. 1. Carrier launches IoT platform https://ir.carrier.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carrier-launches-bluedge-service-platform-differentiated-tiered/ 2. GE aims to half design time with AI https://www.ge.com/news/press-releases/ge-integrating-ai-enable-performance-informed-gas-turbine-inverse-design-0 3. Daikin launches subscription service https://www.daikin.com/press/2020/200616/ 4. Alstom’s AI enables social distancing https://www.alstom.com/press-releases-news/2020/6/alstom-offers-artificial-intelligence-solution-ensure-passenger 5. Caterpillar buys Marble Robot https://www.caterpillar.com/en/news/caterpillarNews/customer-dealer-product/robotics-expertise-marble.html 6. China develops 5G hydrogen tractor http://www.china.org.cn/china/2020-06/16/content_76170225.htm 7. Doosan Infracore speeds up surveys https://www.doosaninfracore.com/en/company/media/news-view/20174922 8. Bridgestone tyres get Microsoft Tech https://www.bridgestonenewsroom.eu/brandportal/bridgestonepr/default/news-detail/1092?lang=eu References