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The Smart Way to Use Data

We’re putting data and analytics in the hands of Accenture people for business insights and action.

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The Smart Way to Use Data

  1. 1. STORIES We’re putting data and analytics in the hands of Accenture people for business insights and action The smart way to use data View full case study
  2. 2. Copyright © 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved The smart way to use data Every area of Accenture relies on data to make decisions and take action. Knowing the power of data combined with the ingenuity of our people, Accenture is moving toward a data-driven culture where every process and person is enabled with applied intelligence. Applied intelligence is the application of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and automation to derive insights from Accenture’s vast amount of data to help empower our corporate functions, teams and leaders to make data-driven decisions. To advance Accenture to this state, our global IT organization has been leading a applied intelligence program. We built an analytics organization and enabled core technologies like our data lake to serve as the foundation for the business. This foundation enabled quick but also secure access to data that was typically siloed and in disparate systems. Demand for data insights soared. We also saw that corporate functions and client account teams had varying needs and their processes were at different stages of maturity for analytics. This led us to evolve our approach so that we could deliver more analytics solutions to more of Accenture more quickly. We are teaming with all of Applied Intelligence’s services to set up Finance for self-service analytics and standard datasets. This will let us do all kinds of analysis on our own without deep expertise.” RACHAEL BYRD Director, Finance Accenture Call for change
  3. 3. Copyright © 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved Industrializing analytics When tech meets human ingenuity Today, we have industrialized and operationalized the delivery of analytics solutions while cultivating innovation. Our IT professionals, data scientists, software engineers, user experience experts, change specialists and others collaborate globally with business users to deliver the program’s services. Our teams deliver five major services: business advisory, analytics agency, product engineering, platform and operations, and customer success. Business users come for such needs as advanced analytics/AI, curated datasets, the design and build of dashboards, analyses on specific processes, and support and maintenance of dashboards and AI models. We work with creative agility, incubate new analytic capabilities and IT, and embed analytics into the core of Accenture’s business processes and dialogues. We ask the right questions, create appropriate experiences, provide guidance and support change. Our teams also perform projects to support our services as well as build solutions for data management and analytics, including everything from a new platform powered by Google cloud, use cases, processes and support. Additionally, automation and report rationalization are key areas of ongoing efforts. We are working toward a future of putting applied intelligence in the hands of all Accenture people, when, where and how they need it. To do that, we’re partnering with our business teams to enable them to develop their own analytics solutions, leaning on global IT as experts.
  4. 4. Copyright © 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved Analytics for insights and action A valuable difference Our Applied Intelligence program is moving Accenture leaders and teams across functions and geographies away from siloed data, disconnected online and offline reports, and past-looking information to data insights in the hands of users. It is transforming how Accenture works. Business teams are using analytics to make decisions in real- or near real-time, creating their own outputs supported by the right guardrails and security, and drawing from a single source of data. The long-term intent is for Accenture people to gain insights into business activities in ways previously not possible and in ways yet to be uncovered. The Applied Intelligence program continues to evolve and support Accenture’s analytics journey. The journey to date has delivered more than 100 analytics solutions, bringing analytics and visualizations to such areas as Finance, Treasury, Human Resources, Legal, Sales & Pricing, Internal Audit, Marketing, Digital Technology Support Service Desk and Geographic Services. Manage myBusiness Provides self-service analytics for business unit and client leads to improve business performance Sales win probability predictor Scores and predicts the probability of winning business opportunities in the sales cycle Insight-driven internal auditing Transforms internal auditing with digitized risk models, analytics platform, data lake, full population testing, and tools ALICE: Accenture Legal Intelligent Contract Exploration Identifies keywords in specific clauses with full-text search and clause extraction solutions Procurement general ledger recommendation Uses predictive analytics and automation to recommend GL accounts to Accenture buyers Expense compliance Augments rule-based analytics in Accenture’s expense reporting system with anomaly detection