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Summit 2 - workbook
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summit 1 unit_3_lesson_1

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Text lesson 1 unit 3 presentation

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summit 1 unit_3_lesson_1

  1. 1. Summit 1 Lesson 1 unit 3
  2. 2.  Vocabuylary 1. Put aside 1. Save 2. Down payment 1. Pay a credit 3. Loan 1. Money borrowed from a bank 4. Drawning in debt 1. Be heavily in debt (different creditors)
  3. 3. name David Su-jin Robin Andreas Short-term goal Long-term goal
  4. 4. name Short-term goal Long-term goal David Start living within his means Put aside enough money for a car Su-jin Get a job as a financial consultant Reach financial independence Robin Find a job and begin a payment plan Pay off her debt Andreas Save enough money to spend a year traveling
  5. 5. 1. How similar are you to any of the people in the grammar snapshot? 2. Do you share any goals they mentioned? 3. What are some of your goals?
  6. 6. I She  expect hope intends plans to make to finish to graduate to travel a good leving. learning English. from university. aroun the country. Task  Find, in the grammar snap shot, expressions of general future plans
  7. 7. Plans before a specified time in the future By the next year Once After I She I She expect hope intends plans have has To have saved…., finished…., I graduated, She traveled …, saved ….. Finished….. Graduated….. traveled ….. will ……
  8. 8.  By 2015 Joe will have paid his debt now Pay off bebts 2015 1. 2. Once Joe has paid his debts, he will start saving. Once Joe has paid his debts, he is going to start saving.
  9. 9. After completing. Imagine future plans for these people 1. Brenda has worked very hard this year. 2. Alison is not pleased with the job she ha´. 3. Matthew got into huge debt. 4. Stephen is tired of taking the bus to work.
  10. 10.  In my opinion it is better to save the money you earn than spending for three important reasons.
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Text lesson 1 unit 3 presentation


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