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Caught in the Act (draft 5)
Caught in the Act (draft 5)
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The leaves are golden



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keynote at HCI 2016, Bournemouth , July 2016

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The leaves are golden

  1. 1. The Leaves are Golden putting the periphery at the heart of information design Alan Dix Talis and University of Birmingham
  2. 2. my first HCI paper  @ First British HCI Conference 1985
  3. 3. Tiree Tiree Tech Wave 8–12 Oct2016 University of Birmingham
  4. 4. detailed interaction widgets CSCW, social information systems ethical, political HCI people and technology
  5. 5. HCI CSCW, social information systems ethical, political data Human-Data Interaction
  6. 6. data people and information
  7. 7. first paper on privacy in HCI @ Interact’90 (with British HCI) Cambridge 1990
  8. 8. REF analysis concert data island & community data Wales walk data data people and information learning analytics
  9. 9. tradition information systems the centre is golden edges are views of centre core values: integrity consisten cy control single defined schema / ontology
  10. 10. … but … ‘parallel systems’ local spreadsheets, paper systems, etc. hated by central IT often ‘get the job done’
  11. 11. … the cloud … wonderful sometimes long-lost friends on FB access everywhere sharing data, photos maps everywhere but with cost … privacy, hyper-targeted ads, loss of community content and control even semantic web often ingest-based
  12. 12. traditional issues (but still current) efficiency and currency “ownership” and organisational knowledge newer issues (although not totally new) personal data and privacy empowerment core issue: central control not central storage
  13. 13. so what can we do about it? design that values the periphery
  14. 14.
  15. 15. office information systems
  16. 16. some heuristics don’t enforce consistency instead highlight inconsistency don’t impose ontologies infer semantics through interaction
  17. 17. meaning is use semantics through interaction respect user’s semantics data before semantics external semantics
  18. 18. academia
  19. 19. learning analytics over half of UK universities cloud storage but individual control challenges: individual ‘ownership’ students & academics network synergies respecting distributed ownership
  20. 20. In Concert with Huddersfield, Goldsmiths, Illinois, British Library Concert ephemera 1750–1800 Calendar of London Concerts 1815–1895 Concert Life in London 1894–1944 Concert Programme Exchange (BL)
  21. 21. In Concert central academic value: authority and quality so … protect original spreadsheets and databases central portal is cache/view of these wrappers and external semantics then query, visualise, augment, anotate
  22. 22. communities
  23. 23. Open Data everyone is doing it Governments, Cities, local gov. In C21 Data is Power
  24. 24. why not an island?
  25. 25. island data flows Community groups and individuals rest of the world other communities 1 2 3 4
  26. 26. island data flows from community to world Community groups and individuals rest of the world 1 • visibility and control • identity and empowerment • level of detail • local knowledge
  27. 27. island data flows from world to community Community groups and individuals rest of the world 2 • making the most of open data • local decision making • lobbying and negotiation
  28. 28. island data flows within the community Community groups and individuals 3 • gossip is not enough! • sparse, dispersed population • social cohesion and economic benefits
  29. 29. island data flows between communities Community groups and individuals other communities 4 • sharing best practice • brand presence • interlinked data
  30. 30. benefits to … the community empowerment and control availability of information communication within and between communities the world improved quality of data level of detail of data local knowledge and understanding
  31. 31. Fusion … research heterogeneity, semantics through interaction, the cloud – network benefits without centralisation? teaching sensitivity to existing practice – make the computer work don’t just reach for the database! practice real problems for real users
  32. 32. value the periphery the leaves are golden