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Social Media Audit Example

Markitors aggregates the top social media audit tools to evaluate your social media marketing performance. Here is a social media audit example. For more information and to learn what tools we use in our audits, please visit: http://markitors.com/social-media-audit/

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Social Media Audit Example

  1. 1. WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THIS AUDIT? The Social Media Audit we’ve performed for ABC Co. evaluated the most important factors that impact your social media marketing performance. In the evaluation process we determined which issues would be most important for your consideration as it relates to a prioritized action plan. In this report we only present the issues we believe will likely bring the most efficient results moving forward. The report is organized by the sections we believe have the most impact on your social media results. At the end of the report you’ll find our prioritized action plan and strategy to improve the social media marketing efforts for ABC Co.. OVERVIEW // SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT + STRATEGY // COMPETITOR RESEARCH - Competitors’ Social Media strategies. // LISTENING - What people are saying about you online. // CUSTOMERS - Where your customers spend their time online. // SOCIAL ADVERTISING - Fan growth and engagement with paid ads. // COMMUNITY - How fans engage with and support your brand. // COPYWRITING - Tone and personality of your brand. // IMAGE - Look and feel of your brand. // FREQUENCY - How often you share connect with followers. // SEND TIME - Best times and days to share content. // AUTOMATION - How automation tools incorporate into your strategy.
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: COMPETITOR RESEARCH HERE ARE THE KEY TAKEAWAYS: » Top competitors on average are on 4 social media platforms - ABC Co. is on 8 platforms » ABC Co. is the only organization to have a presence on Slideshare, Instagram or Pinterest » Top competitors post daily to social media - as does ABC Co. » Although some organizations do, most competitors do not post jobs as social media status updates » Most popular content from competitors are quotes and articles » ABC Co. is the only organization optimized for search on Flickr » ABC Co. has an opportunity to separate itself from competitors with images and marketing them on the sites where competitors are not - Instagram, Flickr, Slideshare, Pinterest and Visually.
  3. 3. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Com petitor 1Com petitor 2 Com petitor 4 Com petitor 3 # of YouTube Subscribers # of YouTube Videos # of Instagram Posts # of Instagram Followers # of Twitter Followers # of LinkedIn Followers # of Slideshare Presentations # of Pinterest Followers # of Google+ Views # of Pinterest Pins # of People They’re Following On Twitter # of Flickr photos # of Tweets # of YouTube Views 205 10 464 1,073 990 N/A 491 N/A N/A # of Facebook Fans # of People Talking About This ABC Co. Com petitor 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1,324 14 807 654 1,195 N/A 806 2 578 N/A N/A 316 51 15,386 112 1,794 221 5 1,206 1,508 1,680 341 168 N/A N/A 37,005 71 N/A N/A 10,205 N/A N/A 1,545 17 9,404 2,791 2,307 N/A 2,006 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 107,089 N/A N/A 6,640 20 5,944 1,317 2,844 N/A 1,710 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 7,324 N/A N/A 498 15 670 505 886 29 1,267 N/A 1,278 15,000 92 N/A N/A 9,539 N/A N/A
  4. 4. COMPETITIVE RECOMMENDATIONS » ABC Co. has an opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors on social media by creating and promoting images on platforms where there is no competition. Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Visually and Slideshare are all visual social media platforms where competitors do not have accounts, but ABC Co. has a presence. We recommend creating content specifically for these platforms and promoting that content through traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Content that would work well include visual elements like infographics and powerpoint presentations that provide the “ABC Co. take” on hot topics in INDUSTRY NAME. In addition, the only popular social media platform that ABC Co. does not have a presence is YouTube. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine online, and since ABC Co. is highly invested in securing organic traffic to grow it’s brand and business, we would recommend creating optimized videos and posting them to YouTube.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: KEY FACTORS HERE ARE THE KEY AREAS OF FOCUS ON THIS NEXT SECTION: » Listening » Customers » Social Advertising » Community » Copywriting » Image » Frequency » Send Time » Automation
  6. 6. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // LISTENING You are listening to what’s being said about your brand, but you’re not listening to what your stakeholders are talking about. The people that talk about ABC Co. online are thought leaders, leadership publications and organizations. ABC Co. monitors, responds and retweets in a timely manner to each of these inquiries that mention ABC Co.. What ABC Co. does not do well is listen to what stakeholders are saying. In other words, you’re not being very “social” on social media, and starting conversations with thought leaders who are accessible via a simple tweet about their work. RECOMMENDATION: Identify key stakeholders and send a friendly tweet to show that you’re listening to them. In turn, these key influencers just might start listening to ABC Co..
  7. 7. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // CUSTOMERS Your customers prefer LinkedIn, but also spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook. There are 1,700 Facebook user IDs that matched your email list from MailChimp, meaning about 50% of your audience has the same email address as their Facebook address. Using MailChimp, we identified that 20% of your audience has Twitter accounts, and 55% of your audience has LinkedIn accounts. Looks like you’re on all the right platforms. RECOMMENDATIONS: // Create custom content that is tailored to each social media platform and then market this content via email to the subscribers on that platform. For example, you currently have content around “How to improve your LinkedIn profile to be found by recruiters.” Using MailChimp, you can share this content via email with the segment of subscribers who are on LinkedIn. This targeted email campaign that leverages the power of your social media data will increase engagement around your content while helping grow your social media following.
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // ADVERTISING You have not ran ads on social media platforms and have not begun building advertising audiences. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: ABC Co. has not ran a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter ad in over a year. Establishing advertising audiences on social media platforms gives you an additional asset and tool to use if you ever need to get the word out quickly about news or content. RECOMMENDATIONS: // We recommend create tailored audiences for future remarketing on Facebook and Twitter (LinkedIn does not currently offer remarketing). Install a custom audience pixels from Twitter and Facebook to begin building your audience. If you ever need or want to advertise to people who have previously visited your site, social media remarketing will enable you to run a targeted advertising campaign at a low cost.
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // COMMUNITY People aren’t clicking or sharing your content in a meaningful way. Perhaps it’s time to engage more with your community. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: Community is how fans engage and support your brand. Right now, there is not much community or engagement around the content you’re sharing. The majority of your content are links that point back to articles, and the discussion around these articles just isn’t happening. LinkedIn is the platform with the most engagement, with 2% of your following engaging with your content. On Facebook, 0.7% of your fans engage with your content. On Twitter, there has been one mention of your brand in the last two weeks. RECOMMENDATIONS: // Mix up the content for people who follow you online. People are not clicking on the content - you’re averaging about one visit per day from social media outlets, or about 0.85% of your traffic - so try getting a discussion going by asking questions within your content schedule. // Initiate the engagement by commenting on other posts, asking questions to key influencers, and by being social online.
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // COPYWRITING Your copywriting on social media is not consistent with the language used on the website, and instead mirrors article titles. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: The majority of copy on the ABC Co. social media sites is under 140 characters and mirrors the title of the article that’s being shared. This is a safe way to provide copy, but doesn’t necessarily mirror the inspirational tone that people get after first coming across ABC Co.. RECOMMENDATIONS: // The copy on the ABC Co. social media accounts should be an extension of your mission. Copy should be inspiring, thought provoking, and challenge someone following the account to learn more about ABC Co.. When in doubt about whether copy is “good,” see if the copy is inspirational and moves the reader to want to take action on your mission.
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // IMAGE Your images are a collection of thumbnails pulled from various sources that do not align with the ABC Co. brand image. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: Your images on social media are primarily thumbnails from articles. Since ABC Co. shares articles from a variety of sources ranging from the Business Journal to Forbes, most of your social media feed includes the same stock imagery that ABC Co. wants to stay away from. These thumbnails provide inconsistent imagery that do not support the ABC Co. brand. RECOMMENDATIONS: // When sharing articles from other sources, either provide your own image or do not include an image at all. The images that appear on your social media feed are ones you should feel comfortable putting on your website.
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // FREQUENCY Your content frequency is a mile wide and an inch deep. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: ABC Co. currently shares one article every day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Instagram has not received a new post in 6 months, and Pinterest hasn’t been updated since the ABC Co. “What’s Your Why?” tour. Slideshare only has 2 presentations that have been uploaded, and Visual.ly also shows that ABC Co. has uploaded 2 infographics. RECOMMENDATIONS: // Consider reducing your frequency from “daily” to “weekly” to focus on posting content with a much greater impact. // Rather than posting articles from a variety of sources, which isn’t being engaged with, consider revising your posting strategy to being an inch wide and a mile deep. Not only will your content be better and more engaging, but you can execute an actual content marketing strategy with each post instead of just posting.
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT // SEND TIME You need to diversify your posting times across all your different social media platforms. SUMMARY OF AUDIT FINDINGS: The majority of your social media posts go out Monday through Friday between 8am and 10am PST. All social media posts are shared at the same time across all platforms. RECOMMENDATIONS: // Diversify your posting times to reach your audience at different times. Your best times to post, based on data, are: // Monday 8am PST // Tuesday 4pm PST // Wednesday 12pm PST // Thursday 9am PST // Friday 3pm PST // Post content at different times for different platforms. For example, if a post goes to Facebook at 9am, try posting to Twitter at 12pm. // Post content multiple times to Twitter with different teaser text.
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: HIGH PRIORITY NEXT STEPS » Create social media content schedule that includes highly visual infographics, high level presentations and videos on nonprofit leadership / recruitment - then post on platforms like Slideshare, Visual.ly, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and YouTube...as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter » Reduce frequency to post 1-2 times per week to ensure content quality and to focus on content promotion
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: MEDIUM PRIORITY NEXT STEPS » Create tailored audiences to develop social media remarketing lists on Facebook and Twitter » Create ABC Co. YouTube account » Identify a list of key influencers and schedule tweets to show that you’re fans of their work » Mix up social media content strategy by asking questions to your followers » Make sure images shared on social media are ones you’d feel putting on your website » Post content at different times to different platforms
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: LOW PRIORITY NEXT STEPS » Create custom content that is tailored to specific social media platforms and market that content to subscribers who have profiles on the platform » Comment on other posts or ask questions to other influencers to initiate social media engagement » Make slight adjustments to the copy so it better reflects the ABC Co. brand » Post content multiple times to Twitter with different teaser text

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Markitors aggregates the top social media audit tools to evaluate your social media marketing performance. Here is a social media audit example. For more information and to learn what tools we use in our audits, please visit: http://markitors.com/social-media-audit/


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