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Describing people
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Describing people

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Describing people

  1. 1. WHAT DOES SHE/HE LOOK LIKE? HEIGHT BUILD AGE frail, stocky, slim,  young, elderly,  tall,, short, thin, plump, fat,  middle-aged,  medium  teenager, in 20s,  skinny, well-built  30s, 40s  FACE HAIR EYES CLOTHESround, oval,  bald, straight,  big round  casual, scruffy, square, with  curly, spiky,  blue eyes,  shabby, smart, scares,  wavy  large, small,  tidy, messy wrinkles,  bright, freckles, sun- narrow tanned, 
  2. 2. DESCRIBING PEOPLE1- HEIGHT Tall Short Medium
  3. 3. DESCRIBING PEOPLE2- BUILD Stocky Well-built Skinny Fat Thin Plump
  4. 4. DESCRIBING PEOPLE3- AGE Young Elderly Middle –aged Teenager
  5. 5. DESCRIBING PEOPLE4- FACE Round Square Diamond Triangle Heart
  6. 6. DESCRIBING PEOPLE5- EYES Bright Eyes Brown Eyes Small Eyes Large Eyes
  7. 7. DESCRIBING PEOPLE6- HAIR Bald straight curly spiky wavy
  8. 8. Here are some other examples of adjective for describing people :::careful hard-workingworried cheerfulbroadminded activecurious secretiveaggressive toughcareless practicalsensible independentStrong-minded stupid
  9. 9. EXERCISE 2 The following adjectives describe people’s physical characteristics. LIST THEM HEIGHT BUILD AGE FACE HAIR EYES CLOTHESBlue, oval, tiny, medium-height, dark, slim, upturned, brown,wavy, freckled, overweight, blond, almond-shaped, long, plump,wrinkled, shabby, crooked, elegant, fashionable, slanting, curly,medium-built, shoulder-length, high forehead, low forehead,thick eyebrows, thick/thin lips, double chin.
  10. 10. EXERCISE 3Now, you will try to find opposites of the adjectives given below the pictures. beautiful/ ...... Fat/ ...... Good/ ...... Handsome/ ...... Heavy/ ..... Long/ ...... Married/ ...... Old/ ..... Rich/ ..... Straight hair/ ....
  11. 11. EXERCISE 4 Whats he like? Is she nice?aghast amiable apprehensive angry despodent devout drunkhappy fuming ill melancholic pensive sorrowful
  12. 12. EXERCISE 5 Watch the movie and describe the persons involve in the movie
  13. 13. EXERCISE 6Ask your partners the following question abouthis/her best friend. Make sure to listen carefully towhat your partner has to say.1- Is your friend usually in a good mood?2- Is it important for your friend to be successfulin whatever he/she does?3- Does your friend notice your feelings?4- Does you friend often give presents,or pay for lunch or a coffee?5- Does your friend work hard?
  14. 14. EXERCISE 6 6- Does your friend become angry or annoyed if he/she has to wait for something or someone? 7- Can you trust your friend with a secret? 8- Does your friend listen well when you are speaking? 9- Does your friend keep his/her feelings to him/herself? 10- Is your friend usually not worried by things, no matter what happens?
  15. 15. EXERCISE 6 11- Does your friend think the future will be good? 12- Does your friend often change their opinion about things? 13- Does your friend often postpone things he/she has to do? 14- Is your friend happy one moment and then sad the next? 15- Does your friend like to be with people?
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